The 42nd chapter

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Be like a Shu Cong to sit down begin a piece of cold face, fury still burns in his wind, the manner that is not from Cheng Yu can see, it is him complicity for certain Qi Feng that child, it is more in the heart angry ashamed.

He the behavior that this kind of wanton absurd is offends angry really he, qi Feng had been had pity on quite, be treated so even however, cheng Yu was not will too much individual feeling adulteration to be in the job, affected him not only more affected others, xiao Hangshu cannot bear this, he does not have the esteem of at least to oneself!

Poplar what deputy total conference chairs is gingerly, because of Cheng always apparent complexion is very ugly, everybody does not think picky, conference process is very so speedy, can do not have what see of purpose not to start to talk, everybody of be sensible do not go having a stroke of bad luck.

"Financial department the job of this quarter is current with respect to these, be like a manager to there is need additional opinion? Be like a manager to there is need additional opinion??

Everybody changed the look to same look bad Xiao Hangshu.

Be like an easy is cold face sneer: "My where dare have what opinion, what thing makes Cheng total decide good, is Cheng always the most decisive? My never mind is good say. My never mind is good say..

White manager was irritated by the about that he makes fun of strength: "Unreasonable! Be like a manager what manner is this? " a forsaken plaything just, what qualification is here enigmatic, he also too aggressive!

"Here can be a company, be like a manager to make fun of strength defiantly is too beyond the mark, is nobody teaching like director post field too formal? Is so big disposition whose be used to is gotten? inordinate simply! inordinate simply!!

Blare, cheng Yu blame throws the file in the hand heavily to to his growl to the desktop: "My be used to is gotten! How? ! !!

Everybody one shake, of stare tongue-tied look at Cheng Yu to be not, what does he say? Why are we understood not?

White manager also stays, pale face does not become redder and redder a little while, go up completely go up from blushed neck.

Xiao Hangshu pulls open a chair to stand up directly went, this place did not have a law to stay.

Cheng sunlighting blame was chased immediately aft南京梧桐夜雨网FDGerwards lived in doorway cut he, after pulling him the office, bearing fury explanation: "Good, this thing considers me wrong, but do you feel I am the sort of brutal person? Is Qi Feng interesting to you do you know? Is Qi Feng interesting to you do you know??

Xiao Hangshu sneers: "Everybody is opposite in your eye I am interesting! "Everybody is opposite in your eye I am interesting!!

"Is what I arrive soon in person good? He kisses your coat in your office! He kisses your coat in your office!!

Xiao Hangshu opens big eye: "Be impossible! "Be impossible!!


Cheng sunlighting blame sighed heavily at a heat, before going up, him cuddle enters a bosom in: "I kiss what arrive soon, so he does not suit to stay again was here, I know you are softhearted, had let Zheng Bai Lian arrange a new job to him so, pay is not as low as here, are you satisfactory now? Are you satisfactory now??

Xiao Hangshu leans in his bosom slowly the news that is digesting him to bring, although he still believes Qi Feng has idea to oneself hard, but since Cheng Yu blame has helped him arrangement is appropriate the job, the rational that says again has according to, this thing also can like this, xiao Hangshu has fire to do not have the ground send.

"With respect to this, next time again occupied should discuss with me first, we are solved together. " Xiao Hangshu puts delay mood.

"Good, are then you still born not to get angry? " Cheng Yu is not the hair that is stroking him gently.

"What to enrage? Evildoing favour was finished by you, what can I still say? What can I still say??

Cheng sunlighting blame is low the forehead that the head kisses him gently: "Then we calculate become reconciled, attend a meeting then now. Attend a meeting then now..

"What to still attend a meeting, you know not to know what you just said, let me return how of as if nothing happened go back. Let me return how of as if nothing happened go back..

"Breathe out. . . . . . " Cheng Yu is not quietly giggle: "Be in charge of them, I always cannot look at him daughter-in-law to be bullied, be opposite is this white manager to think dead? Be opposite is this white manager to think dead??

"Who is your daughter-in-law? " Xiao Ha江宁大学城足疗攻略ngshu strabismus sees him.

"I am daughter-in-law, are you my husband still is no good? I seek the account with that white surname now! I seek the account with that white surname now!!

"Can not go mad again, forgot what just promise me? The mouth that I just am gas not choose character, you are fastened again make trouble, attend a meeting well! Attend a meeting well!!

"We are one case! "We are one case!!

Petrifaction a long time everybody helplessly look at quarrelsome two departure people went like salutary influence of education all over the face again, who can tell them, is this after all how one and the same? How is the feeling so strange? Do not have the courage to think! Dare not think greatly!

Financial department is easy advocate hearsay eventually as be like an office of president of Shu Zhengchang discrepancy and vanish completely, a new hearsays stealthily spread to leave: Be like a manager to be elbowed out angry defection is discussed room, cheng always puts character of a person of extraordinary powers to safeguard chase after fool the person time, this is a paragraph of touching brother condition that cannot describe really!

Fang Mingqi is sneering to hearing talk of in-house the Eight Diagrams, what brother affection, this Cheng Yu is not really enough brazenly, enough aggressive! Did not plan even this kind of thing to conceal? He thinks let a whole world know, be like can travel easy be him only? Little imagine the more such, the risk that they face is bigger, received ill will can be jumped over much, it is difficult that to moment he wants to protect Xiao Hangshu.

The peak of Buddhist cloud mountain villa can be gotten on for, was like an easy to check the weather there is overcast and rainy nearly most, prepared a bit thicker dress to prevent to Cheng sunlighting blame cold.

Cheng Yu is not want Xiao Hangshu and him to go together originally, but evade of reason be lookinged for by Xiao Hangshu was dropped.

"My little sister should become the last operation this weekend, I had promised mom to go back accompany a little sister, this honest cent does not open a body, next time good? Next time good??

". . . . . . Good. " Cheng Yu blame agreed depressedly.

Xiao Hangshu arranges Fang Mingqi to accompany Cheng Yu to be not a person of the same trade one case, send them to go to the airport watch sb go away they board the plane after taking off, xiao Hangshu is in the airport of lose sat a few hours were not moved, cannot say comes is what kind of mood, unfixed? Agonized? Unwilling? Envious? All can't convey his complex mood.

such, oneself had been done already face treason preparation again, no matter ending has much cruelty, most at least this he is sober look at, need not resemble going up again generation in that way by figure goofy and same cheating, let oneself become a sad person.

Resemble so much good, oneself facilitate their treason single-handed, oneself understand the beginning of clear story and outcome from beginning to end, can hold a head high to exeunt haughtily eventually, the dictate that does him destiny. . . . . .

The was like a Shu Ye to answer his the following day home after they go sees family, already very long did not come back, the sureness with the breath that there is warmth everywhere in the home and particular home feels.

Xiao Hangshu scour off all the way exhaustion, loosen sit on sofa to accompany a little sister to watch TV.

The little sister basically had been distinguished with normal child it's nothing now, medicaments is maintaining her normal life, she can be mixed with age go to school happily like the child, amuse oneself, the load on maternal body is light also a lot of.

Xiao Hangshu family of these two days of for company sees a movie shop, experienced domestic warmth adequately.

Till Chen Bi the phone of the book was called.

"Be like a manager, cheng always the phone there puts through without signal all the time, do not know the reason that is the weather there, how to do? How to do??

"Where is someone else? Sponsor square? Where is Fang Mingqi? Where is Fang Mingqi??

"Do not contact, I look say on news there issued rainstorm, be like very insecure look. Be like very insecure look..

"Knew, I think way. I think way..

After hanging a phone hurriedly, xiao Hangshu inquired the information of Buddhist cloud mountain villa hastily, discovery is to have especially big torrential rain really, still caused the hill body coast of partial area, orderly scattered part personnel.

Xiao Hangshu is confused, how to meet such? Do not consider on want other, he ordered the plane that flies to Buddhist cloud hill quickly to fly directly from the home.

Arrived below hill just know, because fear hill system again the happening of coast and mud-rock flow, hill road has been blocked, car go up not to go.

"Where is the person above that? "Where is the person above that??

Stand in the answer that the guard inaccuracy of cordon decides: "Should scattered was over, calculate somebody to still be in, the person that there also are us on hill is being organized downhill, you are at ease. You are at ease..

Xiao Hangshu is dialing the telephone that Cheng Yu is not anxious, hint all the time however serving an area.

Rain still is falling in what keep, be like a Shu Lian is not to go up the person is flat flashlight and raincoat were bought below hill, taking the advantage of the dim light of night to go up hill.

No matter whether they are safe now, always want to find person saw with one's own eyes to see ability be at ease.

Cheng sunlighting blame feels he has bad luck simply appeared, just came here to begin overcast and rainy to rain continuously, still do not feel in mountain villa, the configuration inside the meeting still won't get so luxurious after all summit weather influence is too much.

But he is in tiredly now mountain villa and who is not contacted, cloudburst is more outside breaking housetop, be fully bad really!

When rainstorm falls, periphery produced mud-rock flow, stopped a peak to meet for safe mountain villa, begin to organize personnel downhill.

But the slimy stone that travel of strong dri南京200——400的场子汇总ve car discovers to hill road has been slipped to fall to the half stemmed road, everybody is helpless be obliged to return mountain villa afresh again, all back-to-back signal and power source were damaged by rainstorm.

Do not have signal without report, they a flock of people by firmly was in tiredly here, the hot water that connect a mouth is not drunk on. Begin till today, eventually helicopter begins to come in receive a person to carry outside, but unluckily this moment Fang Mingqi did not see sign unexpectedly, cheng sunlighting blame is able to bear or endure strength is in of mountain villa outside and in searched a long time, wait for him to be in eventually of mountain villa hind when pediment garden finds the Fang Mingqi that threw a leg to cannot move, the day is already black.

The discovery that when Cheng Yu is not the Fang Mingqi that bearing a suit mashed vegetable or fruit to return gather hall, Bei urges南京喝茶资源群 personnel has withdrawn ended, tremendous manorial in remained them only two! Can be this to make do not answer every day really, ground making the land was ineffective.

"I am sorry, i. . . . . . " Fang Mingqi knows be in the wrong oneself, guilty path is worn apology.

"Say what these have to use now, can wait for somebody to discover we were not saved downhill again only. Can wait for somebody to discover we were not saved downhill again only..

Cheng Yu is not the bath that uses iciness face, begin to go to downstair supermarket collect food wraps an abdomen.

Rain issues bigger more, the person eye that is bungled gradually is not opened quickly, be like Hang Shushun to wear just what the native below hill points to is convenient alley is stepping on muddy hardship before going.

The night in hill stretchs his hand blackly not to see the five fingers, the heavy rain rinse that hill wind is wrapping iciness in his body, the raincoat basically did not have too big effect, the whole body that he still is irrigated is drenched, the lip freezes so that empurple.

Be described originally the hill road of two hours, xiao Hangshu walked along ability of 5 many hours to see the sign of mountain villa. When taking an in part of hill road the slimy stone with the high move returning lot intermediate, apparent this road is danger, had encountered mud-rock flow.

The hand turns over Xiao Hangshu apprentice cautiously climbed the past, return within an inch of to fall fall.

Xiao Hangshu sees a table, already before dawn at 1 o'clock, wrap on his body full turbid, there still is few points abrade on the palm, the appearance that a bit lamplight also does not have the mountain villa that sees far, his heart thinks coolly won't inside nobody!

Calculated, had gone to here, the after all goes in first search search to say again!

Mountain villa is very big, guest room more, xiao Hangshu is dripping all over water, whacked station is in downstair, do not know this therefrom to begin to search unexpectedly temporarily.

Double leg is already so tired that double leg begin to hit shiver, he is flat sit on the ground to admire a head to cry greatly: "Cheng Yu is not! Cheng Yu is not! Are you inside? Are you inside??

The Cheng Yu blame that relies on in the head of a bed to shut a catnap opened double eye suddenly, what dare not believe oneself is auditive! The phonism that is oneself? Why the voice that he heard Xiao Hangshu? Impossible, he goes out how possibly to be here now, it is oneself covet certainly!

"Cheng Yu is not! Are you inside? Are you inside??

Sound of this infrasonic sound was passed clearly, cheng sunlighting blame jumped down a bed to rush out suddenly, the faint light on the ground saw when running out from safe exit.

His Xiao Hangshu, his Xiao Xiao sits on the ground to resemble a clay figurine looking at him euqally really unexpectedly.

The cuddle before Cheng Yu is not control to did not live to rush excitedly holds him in arms, in the kiss on the forehead that he is mud completely: "Xiao Xiao! It is you really! It is you really!!

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