Fiftieth 8 chapters

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The follows in Cheng Yu to be not back that Zheng Bai distresses even one face went from the room.

"Cheng Zi, how do you return a responsibility after all? Do you know not to know how many effort I expended to capture him? His skill you also experience passes, but I looked for 10 bodyguard company's very fierce people to go to those who block him up, was afraid of the leather bursa with his that beautiful body again, moved anaesthetic to just capture him finally, are you done not have readily so those who eat give put? Are you done not have readily so those who eat give put??

Cheng sunlighting blame stops offal pace to answer a body to take the hand on his shoulder: "What do you know, with his disposition, I am like today moved him really if really, is you think you spend money can you solve? Is you think you spend money can you solve??

"How cannot? The problem that how much全国凤凰楼信息网站 is only stopped! The problem that how much is only stopped!!

Cheng sunlighting blame pats the face that pats him gently with the hand: "Say you wriggle so! "Say you wriggle so!!

"You! " Zheng Bai Lian subdues cry.

Cheng sunlighting blame is laughing at conciliation: "Nevertheless -- I like this today's gift very much, wither! Wither!!

Zheng Bai connects vinegary frowsty frowsty say: "What to like, feel did not feel. Feel did not feel..

Cheng sunlighting blame laughs to his evil evil spirit: "Irrespective, I like this gift to be torn open slowly. I like this gift to be torn open slowly..

"? " water of mist of Zheng Bai Lianyi head, ponder the meaning that does not appear him.

"Let a person be in eat prepare, deliver a dot to eat, I should be here to the family well apologize. I should be here to the family well apologize..

"Go all right! You are a longlived person you are the biggest, you want how to be worn how be worn, waste my pains. " Zheng Bai connects Nang of toot mutter to oneself go the kitchen arranges dinner of offer an apology.

Cheng sunlighting blame relies on in the doorway to waiting, open Xiao Hangshu to go from inside till the door.

Cheng Yu is not all over the face pair of his say of apology: "I this lets a person go the boat answer send you, you had not had dinner certainly, ask you to eat a meal, accompany a blame to you first when me. Accompany a blame to you first when me..

"Need not, send my draw close the shore to go. " Xiao Hangshu depends on face of old cold move.

"Go, look to go up in the portion that today is my birthday, travel? " Cheng Yu is not one face to looking at him cordially.


Xiao Hangshu hesitated to nod stiff, followed him to arrive on board.

Xiao Hangshu did not think of he crosses a birthday to be done unexpectedly so costly, still pass on houseboat, he never has gone up so big so luxurious houseboat.

Action of Zheng Bai Lian is very quick, after Cheng sunlighting blame is taking Xiao Hangshu to visit circuit simply, come to eat when dinner has been placed, there is big dinner on white table linen, a high white candlestick is holding 6 candles that engrave full carve patterns or designs on woodwork in the palm, still hold out romance it seems that.

Cheng sunlighting blame can'ts help giving Zheng Bai Lian to nod an assist in the heart, speak of small step of the person, zheng Bai Lian is ace!

Be like a Shu Que fact is already hungry bad, to now from afternoon his water had not been drunk, returned those who try to escape to struggle so long, physical strength is already extinct, was ticked off to have taste bud by the cate before now, also no longer evade sat.

Cheng Yu is not the tall foot before him the fruit juice with sweet acid enters in the cup: "Drink bit of thing to complement first energy. "Drink bit of thing to complement first energy..

"Thank! "Thank!!

Cheng sunlighting blame is him affably to placing dish, pare good seafood is put into his bowl, take care of in what he shows consideration for in a subtle way below, xiao Hangshu loosened a mood gradually, stretching tight to him no longer face.

"Today your birthday? "Today your birthday??

"Be, annual birthday is these a few brother accompany me to pass, they frolic be used to, just lost sense of property this so. Just lost sense of property this so..

"Where is your pa Mom? Do not accompany you to pass? Do not accompany you to pass??

"They ah. . . . . . They are busy business, do not know in full world which country flies, won't spend birthday designedly, I also do not like to follow them one case, too not free. Too not free..

"They. . . . . . They all the time so pass to you? They all the time so pass to you??

Cheng sunlighting blame stopped chopstick, the look that looks at him to explore is pondering how to should start to talk.

"Yes, probably you can feel we too. . . . . . Say candidly nevertheless, I begin second year in high school and they together so played, can you feel we are too bad? Can you feel we are too bad??

Xiao Hangshu lowers his head artificially stamp wears the shrimp flesh in dish: "Won't, that is your lifestyle, I do not have the right to go critically what. I do not have the right to go critically what..

"Actually, I also feel bad, had gone out to play rarely now so, otherwise -- also won't let off you today. . . . . . ..

Xiao Hangshu by choke, face at a draught red, knowing is by hold up still is enrage: "You! "You!!

"I am sorry, open a fun! " Cheng Yu is not at once round in the past.

Be like an easy or was worn by gas, frowsty head just eats a thing to follow his talk at random about anything under the sun no longer.

Fetch shape Cheng Yu is not the station that is not flavor to be on the side of Xiao Hangshu, he can experience this Cheng Yu to be not the heart that having against the law to Xiao Hangshu apparently, although he does not have expression to come out, but sunlighting blame of fetch shape Cheng feels he can understand him again scarcely, he resembles the earlie南京爱约派吧Est period oneself, meet to the thing that is interested particularly the nibble of little, maintain one's composure have, when waiting for prey to be aware of already by firmly caught a net in.

The thing that can allow him to be willing to expend idea nevertheless is not much.

Look in this spatio-temporal Cheng Yu is not and Xiao Hangshu also has an evil reason surely, just do not know they can develop which one condition, forced smile of sunlighting blame of fetch shape Cheng sighs oneself, compare oneself certainly strong, otherwise oneself can get such end how. . . . . .

After play knife and fork, cheng sunlighting blame is taking Xiao Hangshu to lie on board to see tiny spot.

Xiao Hangshu first time is so quiet stay on offing to see sky, did not think of those who was far from city is blatant, the sky on offing is so dazzling and dazzing unexpectedly, eyeful is the Milky Way of bright, black sky and sea become repeatedly, if place oneself thes vault of heaven,lie in the copy on fluctuant boat, the hand carries can pick Yin Xing.

"Did not think of here can see so beautiful sky. " be like what travel easy cannot refrain from to plaint.

"What don't this calculate, organic meeting takes you to go desert sees tiny spot, than the grander shock here. Than the grander shock here..

Xiao Hangshu did not receive a sentence, go together with him desert sees tiny spot this proposal should be unlikely to come true, after all they are not ripe also, more what is more,the rather that apparently the person that they are two worlds.

When getting on for midnight, the boat just relied on a bank, cheng Yu is not and a few brothers not, with Xiao Hangshu car of one step aside answered the school, not very confounded is the school had locked up a gate, hold the post of two people how to be installed pitiful, security personnel uncle also did not put in them.

Do not have method, shack to lodge for the night below the proposal that Xiao Hangshu is forced to be not in Cheng Yu together, go up on the way Cheng Yu blame still jockeys went drugstore.

A room two piec南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路es of beds, xiao Hangshu and Cheng Yu are not everybody to hold a piece, peaceful peaceful coexistence one room.

Originally two schoolboys live a mark also it doesn't matter, but the accident that produces tonight lets Xiao Hangshu nearly break a body at him, this lets Xiao Hangshu be in alone with him again from time to tome more or less psychological shadow, always feel exceedingly uneasy.

Cheng sunlighting blame washs gargle to be over what to think suddenly when preparation goes to bed: "Was opposite, within an inch of forgot this! Within an inch of forgot this!!

He goes in his dress pocket one time to fumble, draw out an ointment.

"Handle gives me! "Handle gives me!!

"Dry, what to do? " what Xiao Hangshu has some of guard is regressive two paces.

"Brush medicine to you, your artifice and crural wristlet are worn-out, how to besmear medicine goes? How to besmear medicine goes??

When helping his unhitch, he notices Xiao Hangshu sufferred an injury, although not be very serious but he still is written down was in on the heart. The hand that before going up, Cheng sunlighting blame plays him is crowded gave a bit ointment, cautious daub go up.

Xiao Hangshu has bit of be ashamed into anger: "Myself besmear goes! "Myself besmear goes!!

"You make my many thing that make a point condonable, otherwise I am met tonight restless, these injuries are after all rise because of me, I am very self-condemned, it is good that you saw here defeat big together, ache? Ache??

Cheng Yu is not one face magnanimous absorption applying medicine, the expression that made fun of fun is done not have, xiao Hangshu was smoked a few times did not take out come hand, be forced red face lets him besmear rapidly.

Cheng sunlighting blame does not have hijack of find an excuse, just admit to helped him go up really really medicine.

When be turn for ankle, Xiao Hangshu is pressing quilt anyway not to agree to reach a foot.

"Give me drug, myself besmear! Myself besmear!!

The idea that Cheng sunlighting blame coerces next ready to do sth handed medicine he, next of fix eyes on staring at his snow-white ankle to see his him Tu Yao.

Really regrettablly, do not have an opportunity to grasp that fine white ankle, those who be like the length of foot of an easy is very good-looking, finger it may not be a bad idea looks. . . . . . Cheng Yu was not what in staring at the Xiao Hangshu head on, had not controlled to want very a lot of more. . . . . .

Xiao Hangshu besmears medicine the quilt on face about lid slept, left Cheng Yu to be not an alienated back.

Sunlighting blame of fetch shape Cheng is very self-conscious those who sit in two people among defending Xiao Hangshu, in case that Cheng Yu is not the action that has what against the law, although his this action has bit of make an unnecessary move, but he still opened have sth in mind to stare at two people overnight.

The following day when Cheng Yu blame awakes, discover Xiao Hangshu had disappeared, should be to had answered the school, also did not wake oneself up! Really merciless!

Nevertheless Cheng Yu is not or the mood gets up very well, hum the song with ambiguous move brushs his teeth, really good, his life had new target again eventually, also need not worry again next the day is dull.

The breathing space that finish class, lu Xiaoguang bends over to ask Xiao Hangshu on desk: "Xiao Ge, do you plan what to mass organizations sign up for? A lot of mass organizations are in recently device is new. A lot of mass organizations are in recently device is new..

"It doesn't matter is interested. "It doesn't matter is interested..

"The belle elder sisters that hear of photography mass organizations are very much, I want to go a bit, we together how? We together how??

Xiao Hangshu looks at him comically: "Are you to talk about love? "Are you to talk about love??

Lu Xiaoguang blushed: "Also not be completely, the practice activity that hears of this mass organizations is quite much, I feel very pretty good, if you accompany me, I go! I go!!

"That if don't I want to go? "That if don't I want to go??

"Ah? . . . . . . Fasten such ah, together, anyway you also do not南京梧桐龙凤论坛 have a thing to do, good? Good??

Of Xiao Hangshu on the right side of arm was shaken again by him, agree helplessly: "Good, did not shake, accompany you! Accompany you!!

"Ye! "Ye!!

Sunlighting blame of fetch shape Cheng sits quietly in Xiao Hangshu beside see he and Lu Xiaoguang josh, canthus shoot a glance at arrived to be gone to in classroom doorway the Cheng Yu of li of look around is not, hum! He knows, this fellow scarcely will be frank!

Arrived to have a meal midday as expected when, cheng sunlighting blame is very natural appear before Xiao Hangshu.

He follows Xiao Hangshu enthusiasticly to making call: "Really artful, encountered inaccessibly, eat together? Eat together??

Xiao Hangshu sees Cheng Yu is not again today or feel at odds, always feel two have what thing to be worn in cough up between the individual, do not have method to resemble be opposite to him other classmate is natural in that way.

So he is deadlocked is laughing to nod only, what to say.

Cheng Yu was not Lu Xiaoguang at sight of to bare tooth of two small tigers: "Cheng elder brother! You also come the dining room eats, be to go out to eat before? Be to go out to eat before??

"The meal outside has dirt, how? Do not welcome? Do not welcome??

"Welcome of course, come! You sit on me. You sit on me..

Cheng Yu is not the arrangement that disregards him, carrying dish to sit naturally opposite Xiao Hangshu's, his probe saw Xiao Hangshu's dish.

"Eat so little ah? "Eat so little ah??

"Not be very hungry. "Not be very hungry..

"Is the body uncomfortable? " Cheng Yu is not care ask.

Xiao Hangshu is dodging his eye answers: "Without. "Without..

Lu Xiaoguang is affable the drumstick in dish clip gave Cheng Yu be not: "The old, this is the drumstick that I grab, eat to you! Eat to you!!

Cheng sunlighting blame was laughing to place drumstick Xiao Hangshu again: "You are so thin, ability should take a place more! Ability should take a place more!!

Aside the cold sneer of this one act before fetch shape Cheng Yu is not distained goggle at eye, dark scold: Be hypocritical!

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