Fictitious fistfight field

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Look together be without power speed however its are fast ray of clinking beam of light goes to to using fictitious keyboard the rib of white hair male side of absorption input code is shot, that man was not aware of the charge that this flank receives it seems that, after all this ray is too small too fine, as stythe eye of a needle kind, cannot be aware of with naked eye almost

I am to say, that ray meets if it were not for if glow shines

As expected, in each of big netizen look attentively at below, white hair male it is body form only easily, abdomen in the future shrinks, the ray like this needlework by him clever had avoided, and by only then to eventually, he is done not have look look crosses Na Mei ray, look at repeatedly did not look at

And his pace, one pace also had not been stridden

"Rabbi, 长沙喝茶的高质量妹子his ability, so fierce before? So fierce before??

In battle of numerous netizen view, a teenager is gone to the little companionate ask a question beside, and be called " rabbi " young associate double eye is opened greatly, one face not dare believe

"I also do not know. Entered data world to be accepted for the first time provoke open fistfight, do not say the rule of fistfight field first, this first time is entered accept fistfight, who can do average person get? Who can do average person get??

Say two people to be 南京喝茶的地方你懂immersed in silent, just Xiao Mo avoids the charge like that needlework, body form is a little familiar, the feeling is training orderly, as the great soldier with old battlefield of go on an expedition, it is after all how return a responsibility

Now can be peaceful time, unless he is,pass through from in the past come

But passed through in the past if coming, these high-tech data products, he thinks broken head does not know its principle, can be familiar with outer still head to be written quickly quickly how again give a code

Netizens of in a twinkling hurrah rise from all directions, scan widely looked at Xiao Mo to avoiding a medium-sized light to shoot with the attitude of person or event associated with evil or misfortune, just then so launch an offensive of the size like stythe eye of a needle is theory action only, the key is to lean from the back enrol medium-sized ray repeatedly, the head that what aim at this is Xiao Mo is thinking biff to be killed surely

And nerve of dawn end reaction is real too good, whole body in the future carries, both hands cent combines Ren Youguang line to go to into fluctuation among had attacked, it is this only, he turns the head come over, gaze at that aggressor

Rabbi and type demon foreword not by one Jing, xiao Mo present attitude, both hands places put pose up and down, beautiful degree as pianist, although that upgrade is raised the head curves next appearing to do an individual in the waist some ghost cultivate

But on his both hands, the clavier that the data after saying departure normally forms will be sticky amid on a hand, but his clavier cent became two paragraphs, single-handed a paragraph, and had not stopped to input code

More barpque is to come only then to eventually, he had not left place one pace

Say really, clavier divides two paragraphs, and had not stopped to input code, this who can do arrive!

Emerge in two people head a magical existence, tacit to looking at each other, rabbi starts to talk first

"You say, can be a master... "

Type demon foreword shakes his head hunch

"It's hard to say, a so mysterious legend..魔都新茶论坛. "

And Xiao Mo here, he can watch this challenger that launchs attack first to him later, because he is rushing toward Xiao Mo,be, on the hand many coagulate service data the strip data knife that go out, pound at the same time at the same time toward his clamour

"Can you hide so? Will try the knife of father, let you feel next real senses that are cut by the knife "

Before the word just cried to already arrived at dawn end body, long knife is broken off toward the head, just had not broken off be issued by Xiao Mo with arm crotch, and that hand that is left by crotch makes completely not energetically, knife also within an inch of drops from the hand

"You... "

Challenger just speaks a word to be gone to on the side a side, bifurcation of a foot and his cheek brush an edge and pass, can experience that attack slightly, wind- driven and enough, in be being kicked, this wants can not be joking

Challenger is wanting attack, however gangmaster one crooked, escaped below one to kick attack, time interval is normal person also reacts almost come nevertheless, and issue a again, xiaxiayi, be escaped by him, kick together finally attack, xiao Mo one whirly kick, challenger happen to goes to the knife block before the body, be kicked to turn over in ground in the future to slipped to chafe all right however

Watched netizens cheer already, so wonderful decisive battle is really god-given see, have more very person issue this paragraph of fistfight early with respect to the record, after thinking fine fine aftertaste, but so wonderful fistfight can regard as the kinescope of baby ah

"Does your boy leave is was being hanged? You this is to look for excrement, father I most be fed up with the person that register "

Challenger rises from the bounce on the ground immediately, stretch one's hand delimit in past sky, the knife on the hand became much, complete 2 knives shed attitude toward Xiao Mo there fly, rate is rapid also many

The audience on the stage breathes out greatly satisfy a craving, expect to close this time what can be guarded reversely, after all accept a challenge person a true · bud still is in data world new, the bud that accepts a challenge for the first time is met newly by cruel, the bud that who can think to cross this is new so fierce, just bring abo南京喝茶资源群ut this fistfight to be able to so much person is watched

And there are type demon foreword and rabbi to discover challenger has a problem only in the audience, also be in the master that hesitant Xiao Mo should not be them. Although they do not have the true face that has seen a master worker, but it is OK that the master has a kind of code the figure in adapting data world, so Xiao Mo can be the master of their conceal one's identity really

But conceal one's identity is for what

"Had been written eventually "

Xiao Mo will not know when incorporate both hands clavier be an organic whole and press carriage return key converts data abreaction, from use kick attack also did not stop to write code, taking double knife to run quickly to had been made up eventually toward oneself till challenger, that is the weapon that that fights to be made up at the same time at the same time

Look to Na Mei challenger, xiao Mo blurts out: "Take knife posture with respect to what you do not go up then, do you match? Do you match??

Challenger hear is irritated, shout abuse

"Grandchildren, father lets you what taste to call Ling Chi "

Still accelerated rate at the same time, and Xiao Mo slowly raise fist, ma Bu turns bend, grasp force of boxing heart labor, in numerous netizen in looking attentively at, fist float reveals an orange red fireworks, the center is small blue

Challenger sees shape did not shrink back, instead is one is mocked

The code that uses freely together, the course checks how many times and correct ability to be right code. The code that this kind of zero hour writes, the course checks and did not correct, flaw does not say 100 pieces first, still fight to be written at the same time at the same time, inside bad data is not little also, this can the data double sword that him aggrandizement crosses below c南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路rotch? True also fasten for fun so lose face lose face

"Wait for father to cleavage your fist "

Xiao Mo was not paid attention to completely, develop a fist toward challenger directly

"Fetch angry · exceeds rate "

After a glitter passes, netizens dare not believe his eye, xiao Mo gives the knife of challenger by the code that just wrote and fist only interrupt more than, still hurt challenger again

This ability discovers rabbi and type demon foreword, another fist of Xiao Mo, also sending out a fireworks, in fistfight field flame was in at 2 o'clock drift, feel sorry type starts to talk: "Hey duck, the force is a bit ham "

Challenger weighs an injury to fall down, carry state of half sitting position hard, the system has judged fistfight end

Ask a question of challenger reluctance mouth: "Is your renown date? "Is your renown date??

Xiao Mo is cold staring at him, hesitation just should start to talk one blast, one person jumps down however on the top, will return remnant the challenger of one blood grabs, in a stern voice ask a question

"Tell me, this code from which do you get? This code from which do you get??

Challenger opens pairs of big eyes, a twist in one's tongue

"Star... language person... "

Big Jing of rabbi and type demon foreword

"Master? Master! We are fast go down! The master is waited a moment, do not want to start work "

Undoubted, be apart from too far, fail to be passed, so that they must accelerate rate

What fistfight field does is too big, because be afraid of,watch the netizens of battle

"Stage of this elder brother, whether put down the person that hurt "

What Xiao Mo cannot bear this kind to appear suddenly is not courteous, right now this mysterious person also decides look lock Xiao Mo

"The code that writes temporarily? You also have suspicion very much. Tell me, your renown date? Your renown date??

After all foreword still does not have rabbi and type demon to give them the master worker Introduction Xiao Mo, was provoked one time by that challenger on the journey that go

Though bud is new,be this be sufferred going-over of bully and oppress of what. But his luck is not quite good, think those who meet is cowardly bud new, open discovery of the ability after hitting, the other side is in showing an extent is a skill certainly order the old driver that goes up completely...

This query dawn end did not hesitate, speak him name number directly

"The person that watch the cloud "

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