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Probably after a hour, we are successful the head was bumped in door of north of city of the Milky way, the decision after the brief discussion that what pass 50 seconds goes south lake amusement park swims.

The entrance ticket of lake amusement park is 70 yuan south a piece, when I draw out 140 yuan to be about to pay be checked in time by Shen Yingying, she insists to ask AA is made, and the manner is determined, I am forced to obey the order.

After when our heart flat energy of life enters amusement park staticly, this renown not the visual concussion that the amusement park of classics brought our expect to be less than however, inside desolate and uninhabited 100 useless wait for promote, among them the You Le project of 2/3 remains debris to pile only, additionally 1/3 also already the disease is not curable, now is to be on one's last legs nevertheless stopped. I feel to ought not to call amusement park, should call amusement park relics.

This affection this scene, let me must be in the heart just now the ceremony of stand in silent tribute that 70 yuan of ocean of brave sacrifice held ** . 70 yuan of money do not calculate really on what, but make this kind of meaningless sacrifice, even if be,a minute of money also shou南京夜网梧桐客栈ld be not advocated. If I contribute it to hope project, others perhaps can praise me a few, I also can be met in the heart the exalted sentiment little ground that is oneself is proud; If I send the beggar of roadside it, he can appreciate the ground to see me probably, say sound is thanked sincerely. But I take these 70 yuan of money the entrance ticket that bought amusement park of one Zhang Na lake, ground of their one is assured and bold with justice closes, the likelihood still mocks secretly in the heart: This foolish than.

I and Shen Yingying sit acedialy below a large tree, look the amusement park of this at death's door up and down. In a few minutes, seeing eventually " tourist " , have two girls day nearby we here go, when they go closer more, I look up preparation sees fragrant look, which makings two girls at once exypll一品楼江苏pert block is worn face, apace went away. Did the person of hooey commonly, be afraid of be recognized by others, this is completely understandable.

Fall in the tree all the time so dry sitting also is not method, I and knock off of the plan after Shen Yingying analyses advantages and disadvantages go person. When going out, we picked a devious trail designedly, because do not like to see same view, do not like the road back to one's former position more. Outside going to come to an enclosure before long, fruiter of a big awn is inside enclosure, hang on every tree full the mango with yellow green olivine, look the person is greediness very.

"Go, we steal mango. " abrupt agitato says Shen Yingying.

My appreciably one Jing, say: "Want to eat mango, it is good that I buy you a little while. It is good that I buy you a little while..

"Those who buy is not delicious, the ability that steal is delicious. " Shen Yingying one face is bad bad expression.

I hear Yan Mao to fill in to leave suddenly, I often also work the hour steal peach to pick plum business, deep know well among them fun. What the fruit that comes secretly comes than buying really is much more delicious, that 交流论坛南京桑拿梧桐论坛plaything still can satisfy his achievement feeling while alarmingly dangerous is exciting, let a person always enjoy it as carry on a clandestine love affair.

Then I and Shen Yingying had turned over the top of a wall, plunge mango garden, inside the edge picks an edge to eat have say to have laugh, excitement must forget Chun Xiaqiu winter almost.

Playing arisenly, transmit suddenly after one's death berate. We are flurried ground face about looks, one old man is carrying day of a stick we here quickness rushs. Apparent, he is the watcher of this mango garden. I and Shen Yingying know well greatly " stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn " truth, see shape drops mango to cross the top of a wall to sneak away immediately trot, at one's convenience that old man stamps with fury at the back stamp points to tongue-lash.

Do not see Shenying glume face the appearance of a pair of extremely delicate, the activity rises and rude the forward that at me this great period fastens football team.

"Shenyang girl skill returns pretty Jiao Jie. " my unfeignedly is complimentary.

"Ran is in charge of overpraise, in one's childhood practice comes out. In one's childhood practice comes out..

"Want to exchange the word in ancient time, then you are one female a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs definitely. " I begin to speak.

"You do not say I am beautiful magnolia how. " she not show respect for.

I cannot find a word to cope with her unexpectedly temporarily.

"Are you understood colloquialism? " she is abrupt the topic of conversation turns, ask.

I shake shake one's head: "Do not understand. "Do not understand..

"Too good, we two understand not, what does he scold no use. " after Shen Yingying says mischievous laugh.


We take a taxi returned the place that meets in the morning -- door of north of city of the Milky way. I expressed the strong desire that wants to ask her to have a meal in time, shen Yingying jump at, recommended city of the Milky way to me the celestial being footprint of 2 buildings forest, she says to like the style of this kind o南京喝茶交流群FDf green.

Walk into celestial being after footprint forest, I looked for a position that relies on a window to prepare to sit down, shen Yingying is pointing to the swing chair there to say not to sit here, we sit over there go. Then we sit face-to-face to swing chair. I wanted an ox to gather up the meal is adscititious green tea of a cup of sweet shaddock, shen Yingying wanted range of a bowl of meaning adscititious pearl of a cup of blue berry.

Shen Yingying sits on swing chair to shake gently will shake, let me can'ted help remembering the picture that swings swing in one's childhood, regrettablly the sort of joy that is full of Tong Zhen, had not been returned. As the accretion of the age, the thing that should plan in our heart is increasing, experience the sort of pure joy again hard naturally. Did not think of today place oneself hereat in Fang Luyi's abundant sweet environment, it is under Shen Yingying's infection, I the Tong Zhen fun that this old man of 25 years old still can have favour to review an a thousand pieces of gold to be bought hard. Undeniable, shen Yingying has a kind of appeal really. Honest, kind-hearted, Tong Zhen a lot of what disappearing gradually on modern woman body is idiosyncratic, existing vast and mightily however on her body.

"Does Ran director feel how appearance? "Does Ran director feel how appearance??

"My feeling returned. "My feeling returned..

"You are to want to say I am babyish, pure still? Pure still??

"The sequel that sees you behaves cough up, for the moment counts pure. For the moment counts pure..


When buying sheet, when Shen Yingying holds to AA to make again be condemned strongly and be given overrule by me.

After a hour, subway sports center stands.

I and Shen Yingying await the arrival of 3 lines together, saying well and truly should be the arrival that I accompany Shen Yingying to await 3 clues.

"Ran director, say to do obeisance to with you ahead of schedule do obeisance to cough up. Say to do obeisance to with you ahead of schedule do obeisance to cough up..

"Do not call Ran to had been been in charge of. "Do not call Ran to had been been in charge of..

"Be what? "Be what??

"Not quite kind. "Not quite kind..

"Who should follow you kind ah, be about to call Ran the director. Be about to call Ran the director..

"You should call me Ran director again, I call you Shenyang housewife. " I am minatory.

"Be no good, I am not housewife, you are a director originally. You are a director originally..

"Housewife can be after you. "Housewife can be after you..

"The chairman still was not definitely after me, you do not call me Chairman Shen how. You do not call me Chairman Shen how..

"Chairman, I see you now is a chairman. I see you now is a chairman..

"This is about the same still. " she begins get dizzy with success.

"It is OK to go back tonight dictate the straw mat of your home. "It is OK to go back tonight dictate the straw mat of your home..

She hears character to hate the南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 goggle at that hate the ground me.

At this moment, 3 lines came.

"Do not say with you, go. " she was done with me do obeisance to the gesticulation that do obeisance to, took railroad car as getting of stream of people next.

Face about walks out of subway station, my heart seemed to be managed to find time at a draught, intense desolate feeling immediateness raids each pore of the whole body. As if to wade then carrying Shen Yingying far the subway that go, those who took away me is all.

Station of ground of my one face silent stands in the bus that time of car that waits to belong to me in multifarious crowd, myriad of the feeling in the heart.

Bus 5 minutes, the subway ten minutes, and my love, 25 years of ability.

Shen Yingying, what kind of woman is she after all? Having what kind of in the past?

Come 25 years, I had the idea that knows a woman actively the 2nd times, it is Jiang Chen for the first time.