Bewitching fist

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"Want a habit, want adamancy, want hard to come down alive "

Bear by force cry antrum, hold the post of a tear to asperse fall

"Do not suffer redundant pain, do not bring too much feeling, not a few pure broken living "

Desperately enduring, be close to the state of min江宁大学城足疗攻略d that break down

"Do not have too much contact with anybody, do not generate overmuch sentiment, be in this cruelty world alive alone, for living become the employ assassin that fights black way only, even so, even so... "

Like rainstorm pear flower, show fully however in desolate mood another beautiful, beautiful your will of people aches

"Why you should are such I block next deadly biff "

How bears the limit eventually, affection is broken through between a gleam of and Ao Ao cries greatly

Appear however the teardrop that a hand is her efface face to go up

"Love feline schoolgirl, can do not have feeling how "

Frighten? The person that just blocked next deadly biff to only to let her the opportunity escapes for her appears suddenly in her to brush a tear for her after one's death, he is not to had gone out bureau

"You grow so that resemble again with her, but I am clear, you are not her. Although be to think so, I or cannot disregard at the choice when quicksand to a life "

His mood, without a pain, obviously by perforative whole chest

"My gene does not allow me faulty I also do not have method, go a feline Mi people protection is good, give next I "

The girl is pushed suddenly forth by him, backside noise has his voice

"Mood of · of millions upon millions million is angry "

Is this bewitching fist, how can be this fellow used

The fury of the carry secretly in my soul already was appeased, also will enrol boxing law without this again henceforth, thank, you brought a dream. Thank, you bring me the hope, make me new have, see new ray

After this, the person that assumes fury of hundred million soul won't have again, allow this fist law, from me this last action, disappear forever

He raises fist, infuse breath, expression is done not have before anger, what era takes is to as if release all, remain calm mind syncretic only

The last time that this will be law of this kind of fist sends force, let the fury of how many soul, accompany you leave and disappear, also do not have not not be bad final result

Hair is strong!

One fist goes down, different foetal hair goes ou南京性价比高的场子90分钟t to cry quite, the echo is almost oscillatory whole world, in nearby insensible she medium is waked by this one sonic boom, look toward the day, he is hitting one type to weigh a fist toward different embryo body, return what can be clear about to see there is the transparent breath combination in disturbed element on the fist

That is, bearing the weight of incorporeal fury introduces his the南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 boxing way that attack power enhances in him hand, this fist way is too weird fist of the bewitching that be by insider draw

This also is to because of,have of reason. Use law of this kind of fist to be able to create certain burden to the body, serious still can leave sequela, no matter much more powerful body is not exceptional also

Add the fury that applies the soul to turn to atttack force, the soul that says Orphean dot is applied did not have fury can metempsychosis reincarnation sets foot on 6 road. Do not say Orphean, a person bears fist of hair of angry open fight between factions of a soul has surpassed body limit greatly, more never mention it he is bearing the weight of at the moment hundred million soul is additional fury

Do bad, can be turned over bite, explode body and die, was infected with eternal life of hundred million fury not to enter metempsychosis

But, differ again to divine body human body told, this fellow can give me the surprise really, think formerly he, be a can be counted on one's fingers only the puny mankind in cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, 10 thousand had not thought, his constitution from but,reach our world, already was divine human body

She paused to fall, sink momently thought, did not restore a little while unvarnished, contin全国南京君临国际炮楼凤凰楼信息网站ue to receive on just solilo-quize

Probably, probably he had surmounted foregone divine human body

It is this paragraph of solilo-quize only, he ethereal did not hear, assaulting with all one's strength instead different embryo, the light in his heart, be ignited afresh before she is insensible

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