Of military spirit child

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Learn younger sister to sign up together with the & of be close friends green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse that plays as a child taekwondo, geminate and didymous the appearance that attends class together, and the time that be together becomes much, right small abstruse will tell, it is the happiest thing on the world

Before adding him, to Mo glad confess passes, mo glad does not have the front to reply he, all sorts of limbs acts that pass the body nevertheless bright in dark in express to accept small abstruse

Since after signing up, though lacing wire, exercise and study pose do not fall, the performance when fighting each other namely is average, do not be defeated not to win, end with draw normally and should have only small abstruse won't appear always to shiver to get hurt accidentally incident

Return it doesn't matter originally, just time is long, human curiosity so be opened silently, mo glad is unable to bear doubt to ask about small abstruse, small abstruse the response is big send a meaning to be: Fight harmful body and mind is healthy

Had asked a few times, mo glad also loses patience. How to ask to also do not ask to go out after all former by, those who answer is not clear not Hunan answers at doing not have equally, flat no longer bother about, the life restores with past condition

This day, taekwondo turns into an elder, allegedly actual strength can hold the position of a coach already completely, it is champion of tounament of whole town teenager after all, fame is enough, ability also Oh, still hanging understanding send 南京喝茶交流群BGout be full of hormonal smile

We should like to ask, who can be kept out so a sunshine is handsome and lofty brilliant send the boy that sweet juice smiles to you

Just as one would expect, elder arrives, look up at powerful posterity people surround this boy immediately all round revolve

"Elder you are very fierce " " elder has what tricks of the trade " " elder you are very handsome " " elder your what blood type " " elder is what constellation " " elder has a girlfriend " " elder we date " " elder my announce you " ...

Wait the Eight Diagrams that wait a moment a moment. Hum? Just that my announce is your phonic source male?

Do not have contrast to was not climbed really force, with respect to Lian Moxin, the government old team of bump of fart of bump of insufferable also fart goes, blend in everybody with happy happy and harmonious, a happy and happy greeting elder his family

Also so compare, the schoolboy in path house is degraded to be completely small suffer

But Mo glad, seemingly special and happy, have lower primary school abstruse also did not care about

Just time is long, the time that Mo glad is together with him by many and cut, majority is to be surrounded beside elder to send the charm of love to turn forcibly circle

With respect to the time that is together even two people, mo glad also is talking about elder. And the manner that elder serves numerous woman student, be just as 100 Hua Qunzhong passes, the habit touchs nectar kind, tick off a shoulder to build a back, also confiscated hand evidence, be opposite especially Mo glad almost practice fraud, mo glad enjoys all these silently also, hanging on the face never be in small abstruse before has shown excitement

Small abstruse numerate that intention between deputy expression

She also oestrus

Small abstruse never also see that so called elder in the affair, and every time the girl with different move is in cuddle in the bosom

To this, small abstruse try to had been told with Mo glad, one face answers Dan Moxin disapprovingly rancor

"How? Elder can be his skill in that way, he has that capacity. And he does not cross elder is friendship sex hug others, want him one day to did not announce him formal girlfriend only, he is a day lone "

The side of good aggressive is solved, small abstruse still the word wants to tell, next a word lets Mo glad his heart grey meaning is cold

"Obsequious, be without power, picture small suffer what do you take to be compared with elder? Picture small suffer what do you take to be南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 compared with elder??

Hear this word, small abstruse complexion a little sadness, look tend somewhere else, hold back having a word does not say however in the heart

"Thing of it doesn't matter? That is not blocking me to seek elder ask for advice, I do not have time "

Mo glad drops this word to leave, small abstruse watch sb go away her back, understand to cannot have been persuaded to stay in the heart, also be not persuaded to stay, also did not know to stand how to long just remember should come home h南京个人spa联系方式FDGave dinner

That paused that day dinner, eat saltier more. Because tear does not take care to mingle,went in

"Be lovelorn? "Be lovelorn??

Oneself accompany between meal bureau have an elder brother only, how had not parents returned the home from business

" Suo... "

Small abstruse refute, tear is poured out of sneakingly again

"Cry return cry, v/arc true man can be bent can extend not humiliating. Do not do drivel into the bowl namely, look at sapid "

Through the elder brother so one period is dialed, small abstruse instant of full mouth meal erupts...

"I had not eaten fertile day full ah! Suffer excrement, my foolish little brother oh! My foolish little brother oh!!

The next day, that caboodle does not know be ashamed foul smell why to be planted the oestrus personage of moral integrity round the interfuse in elder revolve group a lovely boy

Hear elder before long cry in fear, oestrus is round also abruptly scamper leaves and caky look at forward generation, open-eyed expression is full of in the eye, of one face not dare believe


Almost whole body is sticking the lovely boy in that infiltrate group elder, both hands is unusual disingenuous fumbles up and down

Diffuse member is not had dare make a sound, can silent watch, and fine the slight charming that listens to elder breathes heavily

"That, learn younger brother, although you do me very comfortable, but can tell me, what are you doing? What are you doing??

Comfortable? Everybody instant erupts

"Fetch is weak what are you doing to my elder " " below the light of day, still have the law? Give me scram " " elder is me, should be being profaned also is I am profaned, you dirty hand puts away " " ... "

A female voice is be high up in the air has delimited more

"Are you doing Aoteman what? Interfuse crowd is medium under the light of day forcibly wretched be about to be so of shameless "

It is Mo glad, vociferous move is small abstruse monicker is interrogatory he

"Elder, your body spirit contains marvellous stick oh, pardonable can mix city champion "

Small abstruse disregard Mo glad directly to elder in a low voice say, in the word enigmatic, hear an one filar praise however, elder also must smile obsequiously is enduring

"Elder, dare 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路you accept my challenge? Life and death definitely "

Hear, begin roaring restaurant originally inside immediately quiet a minute, below one second bursts into laughter however, return carry secretly to sneer at not less sound

Broken bits of a broken bits challenged great mind to still leave war of life and death, this what ghost?

"Small abstruse, did you become mad? Can be you hurt elder one root hair? Do not lose face again lose face idiotic nonsense, I am lost for you... "

Mo glad has not been told by small abstruse forcibly episode

"Be discreditably? The where that how I do not remember you is me? Want to be in charge of me, can present what qualification canal do you have? Can present what qualification canal do you have??

Mo Xin Yuyan stops again, she also is to just remember, oneself had not admitted she is mixed small abstruse it is lover relation

Although had had on limbs,express, but some things, do not have soundlessly breath, also be equal to an agreement not to hold water, so Cong Moxin adores and chase after elder that momently, the sort of acquiescent promises is already broken unceasingly, sweep repeatedly rise to give or take a lot of trouble

When to rise, pursuit slants formidably crooked became the opposite sex with powerful pursuit, the idea that wants to give birth to a monkey for him even shapes soundlessly from her brain

Looking at have one's mind stuffed with is small abstruse the person that becomes have one's mind stuffed with to have elder and be in heat only gradually with the Mo glad of breasts, small abstruse by every means help sb to get over his worries is regarded as frequently however obstruct,

"Are you affirmatory? You should pledge you are not crying to beg let off, I am accepted "

Elder mood is abrupt aggressive is madcap, small abstruse told gently

"Elder, just had felt your body spirit, need a foot only, the force cannot exceed 4 achievement to be able to solve you "

Everybody hear is be laughing and playing more, he what want to look at brave words in the heart is waited for can meet how be beaten dead by elder

Be to crying to die, still died to cry again

Holding the heart that watch the scene of bustle in the arms anyway

Elder extends watch to show clear field, groups big immediately brim of fall back on sits down view battle, elder salutes and say

"The word says Xiaobai, so long the name that does not know you. Say, let me mark next your gallant hour forever "

Small abstruse no hurry not to salute toward elder in disorder

"Rare Nai? Aotesi, give advice or comments please "

The introduction just was over, one leg is attacked arrive at already quickly small abstruse neck

This name, do not know with respect to Lian Moxin, that is the renown date that only the talent inside travel of real connecting with the boxing skill is informed

"Nonsense, dare make that name have my image only, be called the 2nd child of spirit of the military between humanness now, the 2nd Wu Di, and a mysterious Wuhang past master that had not shown true look euqally. Insult my God, go... "

Blare, it is skeleton ruptures sound, again however the noise that firm of firm of mashed vegetable or fruit of a meat bumps into to wall

On the stage one person lifts a foot to stand, the pose is maintaining kick hit record

"Right time is homicide skill, right time is biff deadly. If it were not for for you, I spend this early boxing embroider leg to regard as the to erase of broken eating house that actual strength trains is dropped "

Apparent, this word says Mo glad to listen, there also is Mo glad to know this tells her to listen only in the crowd regrettablly, can't help awkwardness arrives look is dark, the look is cast to be at a loss

Get along so long, do not know really small abstruse have so strong power, know his home has Qian Tu very much only...

Panic is full of to sit in place immediately in eye of the person that the plan looks that caboodle oestrus of jest not dare move, notice a stage to go up at the same time small abstruse, at the same time the horrible elder below bleachers

"Still have at a heat, call an ambulance quickly "

Small abstruse reclaim kick strike a posture, look at Xiang Moxin, also not was reluctant to leave ferially again in the eye, also did not look how to long brush a shoulder and pass with her

"Because powerful so ask for advice? Is looking not to come out when me really the excuse that you adore vanity? This is me the hand takes in heart way is being fought below the last time, since you like him so, that follows his fare with respect to this lifetime "

Mo Xin Meng like that tear of eyeful violent wind, she answers the boy that recall plans to assiduously study biology to be sent her respects to suddenly to her, and because major is identical and arrive to become one with together a little

Plus discover his home and him home surprizingly after school actually such close quarters, only lie between, grow together up to now

Right, why can evolve now this appearance, oneself are not clear also, why to remember these suddenly, why feel from elder elder is more outstanding oneself think of to want to abandon he

And up to now, did not promise to interact with him, why muddleheaded is unidentified not white lose very clever and obedient lap a dog

"Elder brother, from ancient toward, to nowadays, it is sad beauty closes the hero. Begin today, I announce, I should do away with this to close "

"For father's reputation "

On funeral, there are a pair of couples in crystal inner and outer coffins, small abstruse rise today only the family member of remnant is his elder brother

"The mankind is too flimsy really, a traffic accident can deadly. I myself all should change this rothole forever hard "

Small abstruse be opposite with the elder brother inspect, shake without a bit seriously in the eye. The elder brother is aware the brain to him is considering a very critical issue

"What should you do? Rare Nai, although your name resembles a girl, but I cannot let your go astray, life has unripe have fall from the sky or outer space, together clean shipshape be an upright person well? Together clean shipshape be an upright person well??

"What doing not have is lasting, it is a god. But this world does not have a god at all "

Small abstruse push an elder brother to build the both hands on his shoulder, expression is exceeding detest

He discovers the elder brother just is standing by his clavicle secretly

"You specialize in physical enginery, but the person is not mechanical, and shorter than mechanical life, good machinery can be put not be a problem about a hundred years. I attack biology, this plan investment cultivates afforest to perhaps solve biology flesh kind grain ration problem. But through last night after parental sad news of the death, I discover biology can realize the thing that I need. Since this world does not have a god, that is become by me god "

Hear has a word in term word, what does the elder brother guess roughly, expression is rapid and severe

"Aotesi, no matter you want what to do "

The scenery begins change all round, originally indoor hall jib arrived in sky, that hand that the elder brother reachs does not know when to adhere to machine armour

Facial body leg of the elder brother also carries machine armour

"No matter you want what to do, I must prevent you! Fierce evil emperor? Aotesi! Aotesi!!

Back-to-back beam of light of a heat energy is broken off downward chop

"Wu Di arrives "

Small abstruse growl of as contrary as him meeting

"Hill, your prevent, it is infructuous nevertheless, of every human body the powerful motive force that you had not borne days to illuminate armor, you are met of own sudden death, is machine fierce magical? Aotesi... "

Below heat energy beam of light, fierce evil emperor was snatched poll, meanwhile, biochemical ** also erupts all over the world

One teenager sleeps lightly suddenly, discover oneself are stranded to be in one terrarium however, a few conduit maintain him to furnish in the respiratory system in the liquid and nutrition

"Eliminate his memory, he also is carrying my memory. Eliminate end to allocate to him the task, think in this everybody time of exanimate of fierce evil emperor, it is easier to slip into "

The teenager is confused goggle see a pair of face, very familiar seem to had seen which, it is fierce... the Supreme Being...

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