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Compared with a variety of sacrifice that Jiang Chen makes, my fact difficult heart is installed. Without doubt, the amour of I and Shen Yingying, it is aggravate more Jiang Chen's anguish. Jiang Chen's extremely gaunt now appearance, follow her sunshine is lovely 3 years, changed completely a person. If not be place of saw with one's own eyes,see, who can think of once the Jiang Chen like happy fruit, can you become present model? And this among them, I praise oneself this all the time affectionate person, it is a culprit.

When knowing a reason, I am met insomnia, checked now after the whole thing comes to light, my insomnia is gotten fiercer. Full one in the evening, I am thinking me, a variety of things between Shen Yingying and Jiang Chen, regain consciousness in brain confused. But a bit can affirm, jiang Chen and Shen Yingying, I can choose only. This to me character, it is the most painful choice undoubtedly, but I must choose. Although mathematical teacher once told me the triangle is the stablest, but I know, trigonometry is loved is the most dangerous however. Common saying says well: "3 people go, have my division surely; And trigonometry is loved, have one injury surely. Have one injury surely..

Eventually, after day break, I made a decision: Choose Jiang Chen.

Because Jiang Chen had lost fecundity, a good love at her character, solemned to become luxury. And, have in our country traditional culture " disobedient have 3, after notting have, be big " argument, the pressure that faced each field wants after Jiang Chen cans be imagined. Besides me, I believe very hard to there still is other person to be able to break through traditional bonds and domestic pressure on this earth, bring her happiness. And Shen Yingying, with her condition, all along hunter is numerous, among them more there is no lack of young in that way like their director promising and of money looks complete in both respects advocate, happy at her for, should get easily than Jiang Chen much.

So, I decide to choose Jiang Chen.

I do not want to boast I have here how great and divine, I make such choice, because I still am loving Jiang Chen really,be above all, next, calculate me not to love Jiang Chen, I also can choose her, because of me must him not let sb down conscience. More what is more,the rather that, what I do these, everything what what sacrifice for me with Jiang Chen is compared rise, calculate again what to get?

After making a decision, what I want the nature that do to part company with Shen Yingying namely next, go after Jiang Chen next, treat Jiang Chen intently in the following day.

I sit in the office, every other can see watch a few minutes. I am in the hope next time come immediately, still hope not to come forever? Be opposite this before is not the problem of the problem for me, think broken head also cannot find the solution however now. I hope to come off work quickly, do with Shen Yingying next break, but fear to face Shen Yingying again at the same time. The ashamed regret of those disappoint, the unwilling, still has Shen Yingying disappointment eyes that miss... I dare not think greatly, was full of fear even.

But in fact, after come off work, I or hit a phone to give Shen Yingying for a short while. Should face, want to face sooner or later.

"Hello. " that sound that transmits Shen Yingying to be familiar with, although this sound follows to be without distinction before, but still listen so that my mind tightens.

"Did shadow glume come off work? " I ask.

"Fell, fell early, what thing is there? What thing is there??

"Have a meal, if doing not have, I ask you. If doing not have, I ask you..

"Good, today you that nerve sends fork, think of suddenly to ask me to have a meal. " in the e南京场子全部关闭2020xcitement that Shen Yingying is enmeshed in me to ask her to have a meal, muddy does not know catastrophe befall like that.

The sound that she is full of joy is highlighted even more those who give me is cruel. But besides, I have no alternative. Since harm is destined inevitable, so my only hope is Shen Yingying can adamancy is faced.

Pretty good, I hope Shen Yingying loves me intently all the time, as far as possible love me more a few. But now, I hope she never has loved me, be in all the time with my join in the fun on occasion, such harm that she gets are met a few less. But very regretful, this is my hope only, reality however rather.

"Your spirit how so poor? Did not sleep good last night? " Shen Yingying sees me ground of right on the face asks.

"Hum, saw ball game late last night, how to sleep. " I scattered a lie.

"Do not look so late later, go to work original very tired, little hotspot ball game won't the dead. " she blames li of be mingled with to wear the mood of care, deepened my Babylon sense further.

"Good, I look less as far as possible later is. " my Mumude replies.

Subsequently I take her went around highest grade hotel, nodded one desk to eat and drink besides public money beyond the course that very few somebody chooses, because too expensive.

Shen Yingying is opening an eye partly, beguiling path: "Wow, today how so spend money, do you bu上海419桑拿会所论坛y lottery get the winning number in a bond? Do you buy lottery get the winning number in a bond??


She still does not have a heart to do not have lobar ground to talk in that way, resemble a dot, one lets a person cannot bear the dot of harm. But I harm her.

"My where comes so lucky, think corruption just. " I say calmingly.

Have a meal the mouth of the Shen Yingying in the process does not have at a loose end all the time, or has a thing, or talks. For instance she ate a beef, feel taste is good, say: "Wow, this taste is good, you also eat " , place in my bowl next. She ate a shrimp to feel delicious, can pare one feeds my mouth again in... the one act before looking at an eye, want to take the issue that this will produce after the meal suddenly again, I break down nearly.

"Shadow glume, enjoy this last supper well, this is we have a meal together for the last time probably. " thinking so in my heart, tear should flow almost. If you never abandon bitterly, what then you cannot experience me forever is painful, without answer in order to add.

After eating a meal, we go downward along a long market.

I encourage a few times to oneself, encourage oneself to be spoken bravely to Shen Yingying " part company " two words, but brewed a long time, cannot start to talk from beginning to end.

"You today how? So silent. " Shen Yingying asks.

I am asked a god unbearably at a draught by her, answer hesitatingly: "Not, not how, did not sleep good last night, a bit giddy. A bit giddy..

"Does dizziness go back with respect to breakfast had rested? " Shen Yingying says.

"Good, good. " I reply absently, do not wish however in the heart.

"Before is you send the car on me every time, it is good to let me this send the car on you? " sudden crank ground says Shen Yingying.

My loath inclination, the heart falls to planning however, how to start to talk to her? Should otherwise say with her tonight? My heart is shaking. If do not say tonight, when to say next time...

The sky that rents the car such as the move is become, I over and over sturdy in the heart confidence, the hope can be in if barring say this before the car, completely speaks out.

A taxi to us here quickness sailed come over, closer and closer, shen Yingying is preparing beck. I pull she, say: "Wait. "Wait..

Shen Yingying is surprised ask: "How? "How??

The taxi is very fast from had gone before us.

I am loose her hand, say: "Not how, I think the somebody in the car. I think the somebody in the car..

"Which have, empty wagons just prepares beck I see obviously, good not easy when, let you give let slip again. " Shen Yingying grouses.

Really, in Guangzhou this kind of person is the city that have completely, waiting for a car occasionally also is a very arduous thing.

A taxi sailed again come over, I pull Shen Yingying to prepare extended hand again.

"Alas, what do you do? " the mood inner tube that Shen Yingying indissolubles is worn some complain.

My manage feeling, say: "Shen Yingying, I want to say an important thing with you. I want to say an important thing with you..

"What thing, say. Say..


"You must promise me, no matter what did I say, you should live well. You should live well..

"Occupied you with respect to come to an agreement or understanding bad, the ink marks that fasten Chinese ink is slash. The ink marks that fasten Chinese ink is slash..

"I think us, we should part company. " gas of the bottom when I talk is devoid, there is a head after saying, dare not see Shen Yingying.

"Got, you come less. " Shen Yingying objects to my word, she thinks I am joking.

Really, I like to joke with her, open various fun. I also hope this is a fun very much, but in fact, it is true, absolutely true.

"I say really. " believe to let her, I as far as possible make him expression looks very earnest.

"Outfit, continue to install. " Shen Yingying still is not believed. At ordinary times in fun leaves much, let the other side had been been used to to say between us " the wolf came " , when so that follow her now,saying one's proper business, show the difficulty outside notching. Part company this what is more,the rather that without a bit omen, she does not have believed reason really.

"Shen Yingying, what I say is true, we part company! " I reiterate seriously.

"True? " she asks cautiously, voice is small exceptionally. Voice of for fear that is big, can let anguish more clarity, the fear of her heart, clearly.

I lost the nerve of the answer, just nod. And look at her muddled like that expression, my within an inch of chose to shake one's head.

"Why? " her sound becomes suddenly agog and loud and clear. If a moment ago was the inquiry of p reaper, so the ask in reply that frightens namely now.

"I feel... we are improper. "I feel... we are improper..

"I do not believe! You had said, you love me! You love me!!

"Not, I love Jiang Chen. " below my heart one horizontal stroke, say sturdy and chilly.

" , be to be in before you cheat me? " her sound begins some despair.

I did not reply.

"Do you become me all the time Jiang Chen's substitute? ? " she examines minutely.

I think the answer is not very much, also not be in fact such. But what did I reply to have to use again? Moreover, she wants why to be tasted again so is not a favour, only she feels I love her far from, she just can is opposite I am disappointed, abandon me then. Although can have brief anguish, but with long-term in light of, more be helpful for her accept one Duan Xin's feeling. So, ground of my against one's conscience nods.

What nod in me is flashy, shen Yin南京梧桐夜雨网FDGgying is covering facial face about ran away.

I did not chase after her, I think this moment should let him be behaved absolutely affection a bit, she just is met complete disappointment.

Shadow glume, I am sorry!

I stand in place, ill feeling presses the blame in the heart I am suffocatively to come. My thinking a disorder, the heart becomes unusual coma, the sort of painful gain and loss goes conscious coma. I dare be not moved even, for fear that easily under, the heart regained consciousness, I am right the feeling of door leaf of painful thorough heart after recovering consciousness was full of fear.