Time outside (5) I and he is known on the net

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I and he is known on the network, male friend is detached before awaiting me to just was mixed in those days, be in Beijing alone drift in this city, when having a boy friend, always hoping he is had his heart filled with is 南京珠江镇spa会所AHme, just can know that is not actual later, I learn to won't be at ease, also was to know depart is inevitable about.

Parting company is very painful, come to the schoolgirl especially say, more what is more,the rather that I am to going straight towards those who talk about love to marry.

I know him on fabaceous valve, he starts to talk is: I call Qin Chao, this year 27 years old, stay in in sight Beijing, do IT, the hope looks for a schoolgirl marriage.

So straight white introductory instantly attracts me, answered as expected that his profession, thinking him should be a simple person, be in group in made a response, his instantly added me, ask me next: We can try to interact.

I responded to: Good.

He says: You live where, I have a big motorcycle, I looked for you in the past.

I am taking a mobile phone, roll about on the bed, still hold out in the heart happy, thinking, this rate is rapid also bit: I am in and here.

Qin Chao: That is very close, you send a fixed position to me, I went ten minutes.

I went fixed position hair immediately, rise to be cleared away personally next, comb the hair straight, changed a bull-puncher, sit on taboret to look at a mobile phone.

The thrill through in my brain him of a lot of kinds of styles, business suit change is walked on, grid shirt, the person that I am considering woman student of a pursuit should wear good a bit at least, but he, with respect to simple T-shirt, wearing a big underpants, dilatory slipper, it is a quite simple person as expected.

He is seeing my one side, grinning ground says: Hello, that南京君临国际炮楼's all right of my this individual asks, with respect to the hope you do my girlfriend, I like to do poineering work, did poineering work to solve all problems successfully.

I am laughing to nod say: Hum.

He lets me sit his big autocycle, take me to go big bridge of science and technology, go sweet hill, go ghost laugh stone, went to a lot of places, gallop in wind, the sense is very good.

The metropolis after he comes off work everyday comes over to look for me, take me to go out to go for a spin next, I am enjoying this kind to loosen, slowly on the waist that I try to buckle the hand in him, the head leans on his back, probably this is a kind of suggestion, such at least wanting in his heart.

He takes me to go 3 lis of collect, he is playing my hand, we stand in remote antiquity side by side below, I am holding a head high, those who look at bright look " in remote antiquity " 3 words, a sweetness rose in the heart, he kissed my cheek suddenly, I am blushing to look at him, say: Somebody.

He takes me to die trade day rank, our hand is pulling a hand to stand below big screen, it is at the moment: Complete Beijing looks up, look up, it is news broadcast, I can't help laughing, he says: Really foolish, if be like birdie on my cheek,pecked next.

He takes me to look at Beijing small waist, nodded of a lot of string, I like to eat hot, I am voracious, the chili that he stretchs his hand to remain in the erase on my face is drossy, I am looking at him, laughed, he rises abruptly the corners of the mouth that kisses me.

This day, he sends me to come home, open the door that one instant, he held me in arms, had crossed me the body next, both hands is holding my face in both hands, kissed me abruptly, this we people was together thoroughly.

His continuously ground is kissing me, affectionately is calling me, he says, engrave from now on begin, you are the person that I love most.

Schoolgirl and schoolboy are different, say heart of the most poisonous woman, it is affection nevertheless deep so far just.

The schoolgirl is in after parting company, treat love this thing will be more and more captious, because cannot be compared with him,that is, have be most willing to only, just be willing to be together thoroughly with a schoolboy, and the schoolboy is different however, go up in the main they just leave half-length animal really, I be at that time only do not know, I just know he likes me, more or he loves me, but old later, I just know to there is a place to wear an air in his heart, that is I enter what do not go, also cannot go in how many years.

This day, I bend over to be asleep smooth and steadily in his chest, he entered dreamland, I just dare be opened open one's eyes, I rise an upper part of the body, look at his face, his nostril is very big, there is black head on the face, white hair is quite much also, but I like him.

The schoolgirl likes a person easily because of the body, because touch,like a person easily, the schoolgirl is the most perceptual animal on the world about, this is in old later I did not think so however, the schoolboy is the most affectionate person on the world actually, if he likes a person really, even if be behaved to other woman in reality how ground arrow annals not change, satisfying that position in 南京桑拿第一体验网can be moved without the person, the man also is the person that the secret can defend most on the world, like a person to perhaps love a person, do not have a person to know, besides him himself, his verbal inadequacy is a letter, the each word that he says is sweet talk close words is sugar-coated bullet, the fact has him himself to know only, this is to be in old later the truth that I just know.

I and Qin Chao begin the life of real lover, he is done very reach the designated position, although not be dye-in-the-wood good boy friend, but also be to grant whatever is requested almost.

I discover he is the person of an aloof and proud, without what friend, I want to take care of him, he says to let me move the past, the 2nd day he drives come over to move to me.

The place that he stays in is dirtier, oneself also do not love to arrange, stopped, this is a schoolboy, after my thing put away oneself, begin to clean a house.

There are a lot of dirts on the floor, mop procrastinates clean without method, I take a penknife to be blown one by one clean, he comes back to see neat house says clean later from the supermarket: Too clean.

I think, this more than 10 little rooms of smooth rice are I and his home, we will run our small home jointly together here, early in the morning gets up together, wash gargle, go to work, path not, after coming off work, cook together, have a meal, wash a bowl next, play a mobile phone, sleep.

Time passes very quickly, I and his understanding are about half an year, we quarrel rarely, it is to go to work usually, come off work, on the weekend, he can take me to go for a spin everywhere, next he also can come over to receive me now and then, it is very sweet that at me character returns easy life of a small family.


National Day arrived, he says to take me to come home see his parents.

His parents sees I am very excited, very good also to me, his native place leaves town in a little far, have a car fortunately nevertheless, give those who go to the lavatory to also be held out all right.

His father was planted a lot of trees, he says to be able to sell at least two 3 million, call me not to worry, want to be at ease, set his mind at to say with the family member, want to begin a family member to meet next.

I nod, laughing to answer: Good.

Be, the age is very old, be about to become big surplus female, the parents in the home is anxious also, I and he also is known so long, should consider to marry really probably.

He says by: Fast, the end of the year can marry this year.

His father says: Luxuriant and beautiful, you 南京200——400的场子汇总feel.

I say: Should about the same.

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