The 47th chapter " boudoir honey is waited for 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路marry "

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I think I am one treats the life to fill infinite and yearning person all the time, I am yearning joy, free, love, dream, but do not know from when to rise, joy became a kind of extravagant hopes to me, I often feel I am alone, scared, anorexia, insomnia, faint ineffably, had done a thing very hard dedicatedly, the picture painting that even if be,once liked most is finished very hard also. Struggle unendingly in anguish and the idea that want to abandon life thoroughly everyday, the was aware of me condition of willow colour acumen.

"Mi Duo! You are the closest condition is very dispirited, I know you the mood is bad recently, but you want this state now display vigour! But you want this state now display vigour!!

"I do not have a thing, do not have a thing really, it is good to pass two days. It is good to pass two days..

"Not, you are occupied! You will see a doctor tomorrow with me, must not refute. Must not refute..

The following day, liu Yan is pulling me forcedly went to a hospital, I am diagnosed to be " depressed disease " .

I begin to take drug uninterruptedly in the time later, in Liu Yan accompany below, we went to the place that I consider to go most-----Feline island. The person that does not have good intention affection actually cannot see good landscape. But I still very appreciate support and encourage what come from Liu Yan to give me. If say the destiny gave me a cage, so Liu Yan is the key that cage opens in my life. She took out company of too much time to be beside my, after I recover with each passing day, below Liu Yan's arrangement, went her net inn works. I can be taken now and then light rice to go once I and Meng Ran often go to the place of fly a kite, it is that capacious flat has been built only removed high-rise.

Meanwhile, sai Sairu wished to go up with countervail is taken an examination of smoothly graduate student, the investment that can be filled with systemic heart arrives among the job, the wind unboiled water that net inn of Liu Yan and hypostatic inn run rises, but the interest that she did not forgo once liking to tattoo the skin from beginning to end, because the job is busy, tattoo the skin grow when atelier by desolate, but because,also be such, tattoo the skin atelier not only did not close down because instead is bad to make an appointment with the fire that time goes, craft of body of Yan Wen of willow of according to legend had reached the degree of high degree of professional proficiency, should make an appointment now a great work must shift to an earlier date half an year.

Urge repeatedly in Liu Yan and the parents of the celestial bodies that consider north below, the wedding that be late should be held eventually. The some day before marriage we make an appointment to meet in a restaurant in the evening, liu Yan is carrying two alightly to exceeded large gift bag to go, throw the thing on seat, mix to me think of think of say: "Baby people, give your a matron of honour robe, still have the high-heeled shoes that prepares to you, open see full hint. Open see full hint..

I: "Do a matron of honour to you, your satisfaction is good. Your satisfaction is good..

Think of think of ravel bag, take out formal attire to be worn in the take rough measurements on the body, say: "Satisfactory. "Satisfactory..

Can be filled with also praise aside, "Very beautiful formal attire. "Very beautiful formal attire..

The saying that Liu Yan acts like a spoiled child: "I say you also are become a matron of honour, you do not agree namely. I still am thinking a matron of honour that your all should let do me on my wedding before, he Yuwei of white now snow went, remain you 3, you still do not come, the group of a matron of honour that has considered became a matron of honour 2 people group. The group of a matron of honour that has considered became a matron of honour 2 people group..

Can be filled with rejected Liu Yan to had said not to know how many times when the reason of a matron of honour, but impatient still said again: "Small ancestor, grandma of husband's younger sister, I said how many times, I am a divorced person, cannot become a matron of honour, unlucky. Unlucky..

Face of willow Yan Yi distains say: "I also did not know to say how many times, I do not mind, have what unlucky, that is feudal superstition. That is feudal superstition..

Think of: "Hum, you are fast content with one's lot, be like,have two appearance beauty transcendental and flower, free from vulgarity, handsome a matron of honour of much appearance you are dissatisfactory still ah. Be like,have two appearance beauty transcendental and flower, free from vulgarity, handsome a matron of honour of much appearance you are dissatisfactory still ah..

Liu Yan is smiling to say: "Satisfactory, satisfactory, 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路super and satisfactory. We are met a little more today, can drink a wine, I did not drive today, prepare to drink namely bit, hahaha, you must have been accompanied. You must have been accompanied..

Think of think of ask: "You is now particularly happy? Be still the fear before marriage? Nervous still? Nervous still??

I: "Is she scared? She what feeling can have possibly no南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路w, but absolutely won't scared. But absolutely won't scared..

Of willow colour grinning say: "Still be Mi Duo understands me, this wedding basically does those who look to parents, family member, friend namely, I am not very expect, anyway card was gotten, do a wedding to be family with respect to the top one is explained. Although be,explain to a of parents, but your red bag but cannot little, heard not? Heard not??

Can be filled with: "Be at ease, get ready to you. Get ready to you..

Liu Yan continues to say: "Think wedding has what meaning actually, with respect to this one wedding was prepared so long, those who be is to give a flock of me not quite the person of understanding looks, you also know, when going to school I with respect to you these a few friends, when sending invitation, I wanted a long time not to know to want to who send, but I do not ask a few people to come seem to appear again popularity of my this individual is bad like, the employee that so I give me and the understanding person that a few have cooperative contact sent invitation, but the fact is this wedding go up with respect to you a few ability are my friend. Was opposite, still a person wants to come, you also are known, guess, who be? Who be??

Think of think of say surprisingly: "I am guessed, won't you be all before was male friend invited? Won't you be all before was male friend invited??

Liu Yan: "You are irritated, move the brain that uses you to think well think to be no good all right in conversation. Move the brain that uses you to think well think to be no good all right in conversation..

Can be filled with tricky, want to say: "You give a dot hint, of this without rhyme or reason how be guessed? Of this without rhyme or reason how be guessed??

I say: "Be Li Hu? "Be Li Hu??

Liu Yan hit a noise to point to, ask: "How are you guessed? "How are you guessed??

I jauntily say: "Wait for together with you long, you still can have connection with who in the university, you and Li Hu say I am unemployed before, he still helped me seek the job, I know both of you have connection all the time. I know both of you have connection all the time..

Think of: "Pulling Mi Duo hand to profession on dining tab南京200——400的场子汇总le before namely that? Nervous at that time all over the face aglow, that Li Hu with tongue-shy conversation? That Li Hu with tongue-shy conversation??

Liu Yan: "The family can be done not have now so bashful good, li Hu changes now quite big, changed on the appearance a lot of, ratio when going to school handsome, can dress up, and the job is good also, programmer, income is very high also. Income is very high also..

Think of: "Programmer? ... doesn't he have bald? Does hair quantity have when going to school much? Does hair quantity have when going to school much??

Liu Yan sighed at a heat: "Think of, your this mouth but oh, can long for others bit good, family hair is much, very dark, very dense. Very dense..

Did not wait think of consider answer back I hurry branch off topic, if not branch off topic, be opposite by me she the understanding of two this meal may be about all the time bicker, I ask: "When does your bridal chamber take us to look? "When does your bridal chamber take us to look??

Liu Yan: " today, eat a meal, take you to look in the evening. Take you to look in the evening..

Can be filled with ask: "L南京水磨信息网iu Yan says I remember a building suddenly, why do you and Gu Beichen get card later or do oneself live oneself? How to live together? How to live together??

Liu Yan: "After we get card, inn of clothing factory, net is I will do continuously, he and friend opened a firm of conduct financial transactions together, if I live he there, go to clothing factory back and forth everyday, go net inn, hypostatic inn is further, everyday that time blocks a car up on the road with respect to total cost, if he lives I here he works to also must stay very long time on the road everyday, live each with respect to the decision of course so each, I feel to had been held out so, get together on the weekend, small do not get the better of newly-married, than be together every day be bored with is crooked a lot of. Than be together every day be bored with is crooked a lot of..

Think of: "After that marriage? Still such? Still such??

Liu Yan: "Still should be, marriage room is parents feels we are so improper now, let us must have a home of two people anyhow so, but they also cannot of the all the time look at us. From jural tell, getting card is lawful husband and wife, from lawful we also did not live together that day, also do not have now necessary because did a wedding what to change, it how is good to how live or go to the lavatory, do not give oneself picky, the trouble became much two people are tired, have 24 hours only everyday, work by day already very tired, arrive home to take a bath to sleep namely actually become aware, do not live to go together so, be apart from a little getting along is very good photograph prescription form, the distance produces the United States. The distance produces the United States..

I: "I feel also is, I and Liu Yan are occasionally busy to too late flat also did not go back, live with respect to the南京水磨信息网 quick hotel around one evening, such leave out the time on the road, still can sleep a little while more. Still can sleep a little while more..

Think of think of ask: "Can be filled with, are you the closest how? Are you the closest how??

Can be filled with: "Good move! Every sky class is quite busy, but I feel busy bit good, particularly contented, I am special enjoy present status, after the feeling divorces, relaxed a lot of. Person with respect to this such, what a person has a person is wonderful, what cannot the marriage that fails calculate, want to look ahead, live in instantly, yearning future. I always feel to be in previously such one metropolitan in, one individual singles is fought alone the meeting is very helpless, the person always needs to be in tired when a shoulder leans, but go from inside marital encircle a city when me, just have different discovery, the life unlikelihood of two people one the individual's life is good. for example one paragraph is added be less than the marriage of 2 to be inferior to his a person. for example one paragraph is added be less than the marriage of 2 to be inferior to his a person..

Liu Yan: "Of good appearance, you can say we also were at ease so, was opposite, disclose beforehand to you, on my wedding, can come two very handsome partner man, to moment you if who sees cross-eye, pull. Pull..

Think of: "Need not your give a lot of care, I do not think those temporarily, still be study can let me feel happy. Still be study can let me feel happy..

Can be filled with: "I also not Lao Damei female give a lot of care. "I also not Lao Damei female give a lot of care..

From inside the snout that can be filled with, I listen to the sense that gave love it seems that, I ask: "How? Are you what to case there is nearly most? Are you what to case there is nearly most??

Can be filled with: "Before is our company downstair do you still remember the boss of that coffee hall? Keep an eye on still holds out to me after he knows I divorce, but I still do not plan to walk into a paragraph of feeling now in the center, see lot, say again later. I should enjoy my single time well now, much footloose, unrestrained, better. Much footloose, unrestrained, better..

Liu Yan: "Also do not know white snow He Yuwei how, after Bai Xue went, also did not see she has sent a friend to encircle. After Bai Xue went, also did not see she has sent a friend to encircle..

I: "Not bad, bai Xue has sent her journey to illuminate to me, the picture that she is taking her father and An Yi a group photo, the likelihood is done so can let a bit of her feel well. Pluvial osmund is pretty good also, a few days ago video when she says the bus unlike there we the bus so much here, it is time nod surely, one day she goes to the school waiting for a bus in the site from the place that live, that time of bus is bad on the road as a result, she is stupefied is to stand in harships to wait below one times public transportation waited for a many hour. Ha. Ha..

Can be filled with: "Mi Duo, you still laugh good-looking, do not have a thing to laugh more. Do not have a thing to laugh more..

Think of: "Be, is your disease thoroughly good not? Is your disease thoroughly good not??

I: "I think should be good, but this disease may relapse, who knows? Anyway I very if listening to a doctor, take medicine on time. Take medicine on time..

Liu Yan: "We change a place to drink a bar, this restaurant seems to be about to close, remain us this one desk, I know to there is a public house near this, pretty good still, go. Go..

Did not have Bacchic night to let a person feel satisfied, gentle breeze is cool and refreshing, numerous star is densely covered in the sky, but what in resembling tune, sing is flickering in that way glistening, also not was like ten million small eye, the sense that brings me at the moment calms namely and quiet.

We 4 people side by side the hand is pulling a hand, go in 4 unmanned street, do not raise a star that looks at the sky from what feel, think of think of crying suddenly greatly: "Ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ why what time passes is so fast, why we grown? Why? Why??

Can be filled with cry greatly then: "Ah why does ~ grow gist to experience pain? Why is sincerity lacked between person and person? Why? Why??

Liu Yan bursts out laughing, also cried to rise together next, they are laughing to cry greatly, laughing to laughing to cry however. Think of think of brushing tear to ask me: "Mi Duo, what do you have to want to cry, in the evening nobody, you cry come out, cry had come out delighted. Cry had come out delighted..

I close an eye to crying greatly to the sky, "Meng Ran, I think you very much. I think you very much..

The instant after crying they are quiet, tick off continuously those who tick off look at me, after I know to have an accident in Meng Ran, they do not remove him in my face premise as far as possible, it is to be afraid of likely evoke the memory that has me, still have a the mainest reason, they do not have trustful like me Meng Ran, this I am understandable, because really the person that the argument with equitable neither one lets a few do not understand him so goes believing him.

Liu Yan rushs to come round to hold me in arms, sai Saihe can is filled with also rushed, saying in my side side next: "You still have us, everything has been met. Everything has been met..

Think of think of take out paper towel to hand we, saying: "You how so be fed up with, of lane so sentimental. Of lane so sentimental..

Can be filled with: "It is you obviously be fed up with first ah, you cry first. You cry first..

Think an idea want, say: "Good, I give you to take sideslip seem, so to punish myself, I will sing a beaming song for you. " say to twisting the buttock to shaking a head to be sung, "Left hand a chicken, hand a duck, there still is a fat child on the body, prattle Yi is gotten feed ~ "

such we are crying, laughing, be troubled by, took the bar entrance that Liu Yan says, ke Liuyan halted a footstep however, pop the eye is gone to from the window the past viewed in bar, motionless. The way that we see along Liu Yan looks the past, liu Yan is pulling our face about to go, roadside called a taxi, I ask: "We is this to go? "We is this to go??

Liu Yan: "Marriage room, buy wine to go my marriage room is drunk. Buy wine to go my marriage room is drunk..

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