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A surname curtilage in, rare frown looks at a surname the cry girl opposite side, tear is completely on beautiful face. "Little sign, he is undeserved you such.

Girl gangmaster leans in man bosom, "Elder brother, why he is so right I, my where is bad. My where is bad..

"Little sign, you are very good, he does not deserve you. He does not deserve you..

"It is I do not deserve to go up he. "It is I do not deserve to go up he..

" do you spoil yourself so? " man anger. "I can help airline ticket of your try to win sb's favor, go abroad go the mother needs period of time then. Go abroad go the mother needs period of time then..

"I do not go, elder brother, that is you did not fall in love with a person, you are not clear. You are not clear..

"Do not carry what nonsense love before me, this thing so decided. " say upstairs to go. The girl in a low voice crying, but the view is stern.


Quickness of black racing bi南京好的spa推荐ACke runs quickly to go up in high speed highway, su Yu looks at Er from rearview mirror elegant, see her and did not kill the expression that be afraid of, in the heart not by feel furious. He drives the car intentionally so fast, want to see her fear namely, see she is without in bar fear, it is of outfit that he wants to try after all, true still.

"You are extortionary the car on me, rambl南京性价比高的场子90分钟e to take me namely driveway? " Er is elegant ask. "长沙喝茶的高质量妹子But I do not have that interest. "But I do not have that interest..

Brake of Su Yu quickness, the cushion before dash against of Er elegant head. "Troublesome brake says. "Troublesome brake says..

Su Yu looks at her that light appearance, in the heart very be agitated. "Get off "

Er is elegant do not live by terrified, a moment ago oneself think oneself go back, he says: Either the sort of a girl, lose the person on the driveway casually. She is forced to get on a car, did not think of he nots ask him address drives rapidly, because drink oneself are carsick, did not say an address with him, see him want what to do. Left to fly so for long car, do not know to take oneself which, call oneself to get off suddenly again. He is intended embarrass certainly I, these rich home children do not have a good thing.

Er is elegant what to say to Su Yu, open door to go down.

Su Yu did not think of she did not say what goes really unexpectedly, thinking her again that pair of light appearance, more angry.

Transfer, leave.

Er is elegant a person goes on driveway, already at 11 o'clock, the shop has closed. There is a pedestrian on the road, want to take a taxi now already very difficult, she gets off ability discovers his bag forgets to be in Su Yu car, the mobile phone is in the bag, there is ready money on the body fortunately, even if who the mobile phone can hit again, er is elegant derisive.

This should be a city on the west, she thinks of a place, gu Xi ever took her to be had been to. She goes slowly as the road in memory, overlook her back racing bike of a black far follow her.

Su Yujiao derives from the evil in personal resembling, originally oneself can sleep comfortably in the home now. Follow at the back of this woman however, because she resembles her,be certainly, otherwise oneself just won't be in charge of her, want to came this in March oneself listen to her to play musical instrument every week, really impenetrable. Had planned to go back originally, for no reason at all come back.

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