43, the南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 winter is faced

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Feel doleful you, but did not think of loneliness oneself.

Winter comes, what the fallen leaves of golden color is swept by clean aunt already is clean, er is elegant on the couch that sits in central garden with Mo Li, there is a yam in one hand. "Er is elegant, I had not eaten several years. " Mo Li is eating yam foolish foolish say.

Er is elegant the yam in looking at a hand, oneself also did not eat for ages, forgot to within南京梧桐龙凤论坛 an inch of oneself once had eaten.

? ? ? ?

"Er is elegant, the Christmas should arrive, want what gift, today but the dean rewarded me a lot of money. " little boy looks at little girl to say.

"Gu Xi, we eat the Christmas together yam! " since run out to had eaten secretly with Gu Xi last, but oneself are loved love do no南京400以内大活场子t forget good long.

"Er is elegant if liking, then I agree. " little boy bestows favor on be addicted to say.

Xi Xi, little girl's happy laugh.

The Christmas, one person of little girl and little boy is taking a yam that bake to be happy in snow ground run.

Did not see more in January, do you return Gu Xi?

Look at have swim magical Er is elegant, "Have swim god, what are you thinking one day, talk with you. Talk with you..

Er is elegant look at Mo Li to feel南京现在哪里有好场子 embarrassed, "The Christmas should arrive! "The Christmas should arrive!!

"Seeming is! Do not have record a demerit, we can cross the Christmas together this year, new year's day, new Year, really good! Really good!!

"Can cook in order to change you then. " Er is elegant look at Mo Li南京梧桐网A to ask, since move this, oneself become her servant almost, cook, wash a bowl, sweeping the floor is he is done.

"Er is elegant you did not joke! I do you dare eat. " Mo Li ases if heard a yock word, hyperbole say.

Thinking the meal that that oneself force Mo Li is done, still calculated! Oneself do not want to lose taste. "You wash a bowl after that, sweep the floor. Sweep the floor..

It is beyond the mark that Mo Li knows he is like, "OK, I was wrapped. I was wrapped..

Er is elegant look at Mo Li, it is really good beside to have her.

Gu Xi looks at the Er that arguing with Mo Li elegant, thick winter clothes did not let her look at overstaffed however, instead she of turn o全国凤,凰楼信息网站ver in one's mind is more feeble. Did not see in January, oneself feel doleful she, but did not think of doleful however oneself, oneself are guessing when she can give herself the telephone call everyday, but still be,come to nothing every day. Meet she dare not face her however, if she is early,know in those days that misunderstanding, is then she appears beside oneself each coincidence? But still cannot help,came.

Er is elegant notice Su Yu, the look looks at him silently. He came, did not appear in January, think his be enlightened, it is an impulse only to oneself, in him heart also lose passes, but understand very quickly, it is best decision to two people so.

See Er is elegant look to oneself, su Yu is avoided no longer, the look is orthoptic she.

Mo Li looks at two people, why he appeared again, er is elegant with him it is how to return a responsibility after all. At the outset Su Yu says Er is elegant is his cummer, but Er is elegant this in January,be together with oneself, he never appears, oneself think that is not true.

Su Yu is walked into, "Can we chat? "Can we chat??

Er is elegant look at Su Yu, nod. "Mo Li, you go back first. You go back first..

"What thing gives me the telephone call. " what is believing elegant clear herself wants Er after all, can have been handled, oneself have no right to interfere her life.

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