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Alarm clock rings in the morning, the hurries to Liu Huaijin company of Shu Zhi without a stop, push the door of president office, demur does not say to sit toward sofa: "I say brother, you can want to die urgently really I. You can want to die urgently really I..

Liu Huaijin head does not carry, continue to handle the document before, "Is wedding to did not arrive? Does like this look for me urgently to want red bag? Does like this look for me urgently to want red bag??

Shu Zhicai no matter the chaff in his word, liu Huaijin comes over a few this years, he is clearer than anybody, these a few years of everybody apparently everybody had not carried An Ge this name. But he knows Liu Huaijin is not carried on the mouth do not represent forget really, it is instead this name deep brand took a heart in, fell scar, writtened guarantee scab, forever it may not be a bad idea not.

Half the day did not hear Shu Zhi's voice, liu Huaijin looks up to look hither. Time of a few years, make Liu Huaijin becomes more abstruse and stereo with respect to Jun Lang's trenchant facial features originally, the black eye that is like cold pool greatly from beginning to end a nip in the air that be mingled with wears a kind to let a person be close to hard, send out up and down all over a kind of inherent grace and a Leng Ao, let while the person adores him, dare not be close to again.

Shuzhi knows Liu Huaijin is in waiting for oneself to talk, it is good to still can look Liu Huaijin up and down just start to talk a little while, "Installed a song to come back. "Installed a song to come back..

Hear this word unexpectedly, the Liu Huaijin pupil that is without南京爱约派吧E psychological preparation shrinks acutenessly, hard because this word breaks up,be pacified is worn emerge to get a sentiment, thin lip opens gently: "Had you seen her? "Had you seen her??

Although be to a魔都新茶论坛sk sentence, ke Shuzhi knows Liu Huaijin had affirmed: "Saw last night, she comes back to attend the wedding of I and leisurely. Yesterday dinner bureau ends, I call to you, you close all the time machine. So I walk early greatly today your point comes over to look for you. " say to look at the Liu Huaijin that is without reaction, shu Zhi heaves a sigh, how do this two people return a responsibility, an one face is quiet, one does not look to give a mood. "I should go, there still is one pile disease to suffer from in clinic waiting for me. " say to rise preparation goes out.

"Hm, your red bag goes looking for finance affairs to raise you. " the voice that does not take a temperature after one's death is transmitted.

Hear Liu Huaijin's voice, easy annals is laughing to turn round: "Know your boy enough personal loyalty, red nevertheless bag puts you first there, the finance affairs that you search later when I need again raises me. The finance affairs that you search later when I need again raises me..

Face about of land bosom Jin is worn through French window look down at the car of the come and go below company building, she eventually be willing to part with or use came back? Thin lip close lightly gives cold hard arc, draw out skill machine, called a number quickly: "Shen Yu, tomorrow evening the dinner party helps me cancel, make an appointment to me additionally bureau of a meal, the name that meets with old friend informs them of a few. The name that meets with old friend informs them of a few..

·· of · of · · ·

"Little song, do you say these a few ceremonial robe or dress I wear which are good-looking? " there are several evening dresses in week leisurely hand.

An Ge drops the magazine in the hand, walk over to hug the shoulder of week of leisurely:南京200——400的场子汇总 "You wear each very good-looking ah, what nevertheless I feel to marry or should wear is a bit more festival, otherwise grows skirt gulesly greatly with respect to this, just you are worn when coming out南京品茶信息网GD, I feel very beautiful. Just you are worn when coming out, I feel very beautiful..

"I also feel of this red good-looking, nevertheless this is carried on the back also too was shown. Nevertheless this is carried on the back also too was shown..

"Marry, all one's life so, what should wear of course is colourful press full-court. " An Ge says to still did not forget to cast a leer to week leisurely: "Besides, just show a back just. Believe me, you put on regular meeting to let your home Shu Zhi move not to open your eyes. You put on regular meeting to let your home Shu Zhi move not to open your eyes..

"Good, then I choose this, I try again. " say to holding formal attire in the arms to rush to change the clothes again. "How? " the week leisurely that changes good clothes appears in An Ge again at the moment.

"Very Jing is colourful. " install what the song does not grudge to praise.

"Ha, then you carry quickly also. " pectoral long skirt that says to taking look of a light yellow 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路to An Ge: "Do you feel this how? "Do you feel this how??

"I have the clothes, I do not want. " An Ge is decisive refuse.

"Be no good, you must be chosen, quickly, I do not want to get angry. " week leisurely is pulling An Ge to carry forcibly.

"The forehead, good good, then I choose this blue. Then I choose this blue..

"Hum, I also feel you wear blue good-looking, you issued what the plane wears that day is blue dress, the United States exploded · of · of · of · · · " week leisurely still wants what to say, the phone ring in vanity rang, "Hello, tomorrow night? " say eye drop to sneaked away to sweep An Ge smoothly, "Then I say to her, do not go as to her I did not assure to breath out. Do not go as to her I did not assure to breath out..

See week leisurely hangs a phone, the mouth that install a song asks: "How? "How??

"The meal bureau that Shu Zhi shows to evening has an old friend to meet, since you came back to let me call you,he says, it is Liu Huaijin plays the host nevertheless. " week leisurely looks at abrupt and silent An Ge: "I also do not think you go, you did not say when me, later I say · of · of · of · · · to Shu Zhi "

"Morning and evening should meet, " the mouth that install a song interrupts week of leisurely, "Even if do not go tomorrow evening, I always do not go to your wedding impossibly. " the mood that she adjusted herself: "And without what good also those who hide, everybody is adult, besides has respective life severally. " last word does not know even her is to say to Zhou You leisurely listens, still say to listen to oneself.

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