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An Ge saw the Bai Jiypllt一品楼江苏ngyun that the eye is asleep, turn again the head saw eye window outside, look the time that oneself take in 南京桑拿梧桐论坛the hospital today is even longer than what he thinks, the body builds good quilt for Bai Jingyun since, an Ge has taken the preparation that include a package to leave.

Just take an entrance, the door was opened by the person outside, the station that looks up to see the Liu Huaijin that raising vacuum cup is a little constraint is in doorway, an Ge bends corners of the mouth, inshore Huai Jin is nodded side opens a body to let Liu Huaijin come in.

Look at the Liu Huaijin that is without activity, an Ge is a little unidentified so, do not wish to be together with oneself in a house so, that oneself has left first, wanting to walk to go out. The instant that brush a shoulder and passes, one pace blocks in advance of land bosom Jin was in before oneself, an Ge is a little vexed to Liu Huaijin's behavior.

See An Ge in the eye vinegary, liu Huaijin receives arm of turn around and stretch out one's hand hurriedly: "My some words want to say with you, can you wait for me a little, I come out soup put away. " saying spread the heat preservation bucket in raise hand.

An Ge has some of seized with terror, this where is former days person of a pair of refus is met at the Liu Huaijin besides a thousand li some mood, do not pass or nod.

An Ge stands in corridor, turn the head looks to downstair garden, the patient of the in twos and threes in the garden is coming loose pace, "What seeing? " the sound that transmits unexpectedly let An Ge look round chronically.

Just hasty dekko does not have an attention, see the exhaustion that Liu Huaijin is one face unexpectedly carefully now, familiar former days aching feeling seems to sad again the heart that silence ground surrounded him: "Oh, it doesn't matter, white aunt just just is asleep, I see her very weary look, the likelihood is met partly temporarily also won't wake, the · o南京新茶的联系方式SDf soup · · with your good Bao "

"Hum, heat preservation is worn, meet partly temporarily cool also not. " what Liu Huaijin seem installs a song without disclosure is factitious, consider oneself had received a topic oneself, "Do we go down? "Do we go down??


An Ge carries eye swept Liu Huaijin: "Go. "Go..

Sit down on the chair by flower nursery, two people everybody talks without the mouth.

Resembling was to think for a long time, it is Liu Huaijin eventually slowly mouth: "I still think you won't come back. "I still think you won't come back..

Pride is like Liu Huaijin, an Ge can not listen to give him how in the word acerbity mix like that frustrate, as to the reason An Ge does not wish to go canvass, "Be, I ever also thought I also won't come back again, but which have worldly thing so much I think. But which have worldly thing so much I think..

Liu Huaijin one terrified, be like be open-eyed Yu Ange to change, he wants what to say originally, can not know what oneself should say however.

An Ge laughs, light tone: "White aunt is opposite in those days I am very good, at manage at affection I should come back to see her a respectful form of address for an old person. At manage at affection I should come back to see her a respectful form of address for an old person..

Liu Huaijin is abrupt some fear, his feeling has some of thing to leaving his far it seems that, this kind of feeling makes him extremely disturbed, he thinks he should want hard what to capture, "I am sorry, · of my · · "

An Ge shakes his head: "What there always are a lot of arise suddenlies originally on this world is accident, unexpected departure, accident ending still has the real situation of · · accident, since everything already time passes and the situation has changed at job of no help, the lets oneself did not come hard namely living that can make exclusively now so becomes not so flooey, to me talk is such, to you character also is. To you character also is..

Liu Huaijin slowly rise, crouch to face An Ge slowly next, "Thank you, little song, was in the past nevertheless still be now. Was in the past nevertheless still be now..

An Ge is low first, look at the Liu Huaijin before, she thinks herself also is not clear that he is what feeling after all now.

That uneasiness of Liu Huaijin mind not only did not disappear, instead more very, he is a little acerbity like that: "You in those days why leave without say goodbye? Why no l全国凤,凰楼信息网站onger with my contact? " asked to pester the Yu Jie with him old faze after all, so no matter go how many years, no matter how oneself pretend to pay no attention to, oneself cannot cheat oneself after all, because the heart still uprights so,conceive.

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