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An Ge is a little awkward look at those who stand in the doorway plum aunt, bite a lip, some waveringly start to talk " Huai Jin, I am very hungry, it is good that you accompany me to have bit of thing? It is good that you accompany me to have bit of thing??

Liu Huaijin hears those who install a song to act like a spoiled child unexpectedly, be like is a little fab, it is good that he is staring An Ge a little while, after seeing the blush on the face that install a song, talent is small laugh at phonate: "Good. "Good..

Good fool not easily land Huai Jin eats a meal, it is An Ge however many what南京夜网梧桐客栈 eat, liu Huaijin eats less, more or less did Liu Huaijin also take a place fortunately nevertheless.

Liu Huaijin pulls the hand that has An Ge, he wants to calculate at the moment him what word also does not say, he believes An Ge still can understand his heart.

An Ge leans the head on Liu Huaijin shoulder gently, this kind of long-unseen feeling lets her feel set one's mind at.

Experience the support that comes from shoulder to go up, liu Huaijin discovers this a few years to get be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, angst uneasiness vanishs completely completely. All before 1000 affection 10 thousand mood, all because of missing drain not the tenderness that does not touch her to take place to give his beside sorely and stable.

Passed for ages, long think to Liu Huaijin An Ge is already recumbent oneself slept.

"White aunt says, you did not forget me all the time, waiting for me to come back all the time? " jiggle of wave of the eye that install a song, if remembering in the hospital white finally aunt said to oneself that day.

Liu Huaijin extends both hands to will install song circle to be in the bosom, the tenderness with unprecedented expression: "That you? "That you??

Even if cannot see Liu Huaijin's expression, an G南京水磨信息网e also can feel Liu Huaijin from his mood at the moment the mood is cheerful: "I ask you first. "I ask you first..

Liu Huaijin will install a song from the bosom slowly pull open a distance, instead to it 10 point to buckle: "What did my Mom still say to you? "What did my Mom still say to you??

An Ge looks at Liu Huaijin mirror in the eye oneself, so affectionate Liu Huaijin lets An Ge some do not move look.

Liu Huaijin kisses An Ge's forehead, some bestow favor on the mouth of be addicted to: "How, just discover your husband is so attractive. Just discover your husband is so attractive..

An Ge is conceived by land Jin the complexion bright red of be ashamed of a word, heart also what Dong Dong jumps is rapid: "Had not seen you so thick-skinned person. "Had not seen you so thick-skinned person..

The closefisted that Liu Huaijin will pull An Ge close, the look is staring An Ge affectionately as before: "Come 8 this years my all the time is not expecting you to come back, be informed you to come back when me that momently, the day knows I am about gladly mad drop, I begin to want to should want how tarry you. But Fu Jichen appeared actually beside your, still appear with the identity of your boy friend, do you know? That momently I am envious crazy, all sensible all not answer exist, of one mind is wanting to want how to drive away him beside you. Of one mind is wanting to want how to drive away him beside you..

An Ge has some of astonishmen南京建邺区会所推荐t, the mouth with a little subsequently agonized ability: "So you cope with pray abstruse group, let them must announce to go bankrupt. If I do not look for you,be, you let your even he runs the company that rise in foreign work laboriously on treasure compensate. You let your even he runs the company that rise in foreign work laboriously on treasure compensate..

An Ge is right of Fu Jichen safeguard Ling Liuhuai Jin to feel very uncomfortable, his ringent sound is a little frowsty frowsty: "You think I know except so old rely on him to take care of you completely in abroad, can be his company still protected? Can be his company still protected??

Look at An Ge all over the face do not agree with, the fire of skinful of land bosom Jin and anger change only after all short groan: "Do you know I have many to fear at that time? Even if how are you changed 8 this years again, want you or a person only I have enough confidence to let you return me beside. But Fu Jichen is different, he is very outstanding, besides still has dribs and drabs of 8 years between he and you, and my whats are done not have, some just lies between the pain that cannot span between us. Some just lies between the pain that cannot span between us..

Liu Huaijin sheds shown expression, let An G南京建邺区会所推荐e feel aching, "Its treasure is a very outstanding person really, get along with him these year he did a lot of businesses for me, I also am touched very much. But how do, I am loving a person that calls Liu Huaijin namely, no matter go南京性价比高的场子90分钟 how many years, no matter had experienced how many thing, I still am loving him. I still am loving him..

Liu Huaijin hears An Ge to talk, the termagancy that depressing hard in the heart originally and indignant all growl and come, this woman unexpectedly really dare complimentary and other man before him. But what heard when he wants fit? This word, he did not know to wait how long, her word so on the heart that falls in him gently, liu Huaijin feels he rectifies a heart to was about to be melted.

An Ge looks at Liu Huaijin some are slow-witted the expression that be stupefied, feel land conceives Jin for the first time unexpectedly so lovely, oneself also cannot help laugh. Liu Huaijin knows him present pattern is definite very foolish, but he does not care, what he cares exclusively is only at the moment this woman.

Liu Huaijin is cautious An Ge new extorthold in one's arms conceives closely in: "I am very blamed before, did the thing that harms you, so I make up for you with my lifetime, are you willing to give me the chance again? Are you willing to give me the chance again??

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