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Some people are strong, some people are cowardly, some people are tricky, some people are crafty, but do not escape after all of the destiny manacle.

Xie Yu Pi those who come back is very late, grind brook a surname wait for her all the time, xie Yu Pi sees hit accost to wash gargle, preparation slept, busy a day too tired want to rest now, did not care about grind brook a surname. Grind brook a surname sees she slept oneself also prepare to sleep.

When Wen contain rises early, Xie Yu Pi still is in be asleep. "Lazy pig got up. " " on Enenma. The thing in busy student union is tired recently dead I. " " deserve. Who lets you want to go in. " " bully new personality, my elder brother also is not pressed down, I what kill take care back and forth. Tired evil spirit I also. " " woke, get up quickly, wanted to be late. " grind brook a surname is helping Xie Yu Pi had installed textbook, a few people run quickly anxiously to the classroom.

Again wonderful class, to Xie Yu Pi it is same. And attend class to prefer to interact with the person than her, although popular feeling is measured hard. Xie Yu Pi wants to look for his elder brother to discuss the matters concerned that concern after finish class, grind brook Rui Xiang chats a bit earlier with her, after all time grew what to can produce everybody does not know. Xie Yu Pi is wanting to ground yesterday brook a surname wants to chat with oneself should be occupied stayed, two people sit in the drink inn of the school " how, brook a surname. " " small Pi , I and you say, do not get angry. " " good, you say quickly. " " severe the rank of nobility, say, like me I refused. " Xie Yu Pi is silent a little while " brook a surname, like one individual fairness to compete, I won't because he is whose person and the jubilation that abandons oneself, I what I like can get, you also need brook a surname only the selection that follows oneself is good, need not let, I believe I and him very in harmony. Brook a surname no matter result how I do not want to lose you, you perhaps can feel to regret to know me, but I am very glad,know you. I should go busy, foregone. " Xie Yu Pi likes to grind very much really brook a surname, the brook a surname of so pure happiness she how is give the heart to harmed.

After language Pi comes out, the leaf phones Xie Yuchen directly, turned original agreement, the bar that oneself often went to. The clerk sees is old client comes over to greet sb " Pi elder sister did not come for ages, what to drink today. " " a bottle of whisky, open a bag to me, I do not think somebody is disturbed, there is what loss between the bag compensation of my according to the set price. " " good, Pi elder sister, upstairs left hand the 2nd. " Xie Yu Pi upstairs went, what person has good and evil people mixed up inside bar, xie Yu Pi often comes in and go out this cultivate land also just minds did not blame, down the clerk how-to went in. The clerk put wine and compote on the table to leave.

The person that faint feeling Yan Jueyou likes Xie Yu Pi , how also thinking of is to grind brook a surname, even if be Na Gongxiao,she dare go all out with the method, to grinding protection of brook a surname has not enough time where to can want to harm her. Want to there is wine by the side of the move by the side of her, she cannot tell her Ge Xirui likes severe the rank of nobility, it she wants to who be less than is OK that she wants to who be less than him for company, the edge drinks an edge to cry. Is the sincerity of first time the fault pays? Either, the treason of boudoir honey, also not be male friend abandon, she what is this? Her Xie Yu has lost how many person inside Pi hand, how exclusive sincerity became a holiday. Want to jump over life more, drink more more. "Clerk, come one box beer. " the staff member does not send a little while, xie Yu Pi catchs a bottle one bottle be bungled on the ground. Offer advice of staff member good word does not bar however, be forced to find a manager, the manager knows is went along with her aft南京现在哪里有好场子er her, enjoin to hurting a guest, take care of Pi of good Xie Yu. What Xie Yu Pi drinks is about the same also, can be bungled was bungled, clear away good thing to paid a money downstage. The manager helps the car that she makes again, send safely. The staff member is curious why manager so take care of this young lady, the manager tells them to had done this only, she is taken care of well after again.

Xie Yu Pi does not know he wants to go, want to who to remove really, made a telephone call to Na Gongxiao. "South elder sister, I think you. " " how small Pi . " " do not have a thing, think you namely. " " are you in small Pi ? " Na Gongxiao listens come out Xie Yu Pi is to drink much, now is to fear in the evening she gives what job. "Don't I also know elder sister south want to go? " " take a taxi A of region Fei villatic area, arrived to wait for me which. " " good. " Xie Yu Pi signs up for the address to the driver, driver down open the past. Na Gongxiao tells Du Reran to sleep earlier, brook a surname comes over to look for me to say I and small Pi attended bender not to come back tonight, occupied will say again tomorrow. Du Reran knows occupied answered. The building below Na Gongxiao drives, call to Xiao Naye on the road " Na Ye, a little while small Pi goes you, you help receive, I arrive immediately. " " thin bamboo, how. " " affection problem, you without giving thought to, asked to work? " " good, I issue a building to see now did not arrive, arrived I give you the information. " Na Gongxiao hanged a phone, the speed of violent wind car runs quickly to villatic area.

Xie Yu Pi arrives first, xiao Naye sees she helps her up go upstairs, will had been divided on interest of wine of Xie Yu Pi not clear who be, go to down Xiao Naye's drawing inside go. Xiao Naye puts her on sofa, xie Yu Pi begins to spill wine mad, whats begin bullshit, listened to go up sentence did not fall sentence. Na Gongxiao arrived very quickly, xiao Naye opens the door to her " thin bamboo you arrived eventually, this little girl can be made too. " " I know, be afraid of those who help to she lets you so namely. Help me help her up into the room, such is no good. " Na Gongxiao is helping upstairs of Xie Yu Pi up to go, xiao Naye follows come over to help help up entered guest room. Na Gongxiao took Xiao Naye's shirt to help her be changed, drank rescue boiling water, had found a place for Xie Yu Pi next buildings prepare those who eat to make a point.

"Na Gongxiao, you let others take my home casually, sleep my guest room, wear my dress? " the person that Xiao Naye is not behavior of the sort of addiction having clean, pure belonging to is to be in get angry with Na Gongxiao, reason is understood simply also. "Na Ye, do not get angry, go down to say. " " the person is in this, go down what to say. " pointing to Xie Yu Pi to look to Na Gongxiao. Na Gongxiao after all be in the wrong, here is Xiao Naye's home, be forced to fooling him to say. "Xie Yuchen's little sister also is half your little sister, help take care of below, called your so old Na Ye elder brother. " " go, go down to say. " Na Gongxiao helps the quilt the lid is good, followed Xiao Naye to give a room. Xiao Naye gave a room to make the good p全国凤,凰楼信息网站lace of Dong of a wall to oneself, encircle Na Gongxiao inside. "Thin bamboo, how do we calculate? " Na Gongxiao is used to him such, xiao Naye is amusing her with respect to love as a child, she was not南京梧桐网A cared about. "I go to those who eat helping her make a point. " " the person slept, how to still eat! " " oh ah, then I will rise early tomorrow doing, do I go back first? " " should go so late which ah? Don't you worry about yourself do I still worry for you? " Na Gongxiao comes up without the answer temporarily. "Do not amuse you, you sleep my room, I go guest room. Remember must not taking a woman to come to our home later. " there is Na Gongxiao before saying to go up, meaning still the lip that unexhausted leaves her. Energy of life of the girl on the face of be ashamed of Na Gongxiao charming is very, xiao Naye even if also dare be not encroached conceivably very much. That is he raises big flower with one's own hands, he should look at it the most beautiful blossom. Na Gongxiao contains what be ashamed takes cowardly to look at Xiao Naye " be afraid that you cannot remember, hate to part with me to be able to continue. " " good, continue. " the head that Na Gongxiao has moved Xiao Naye is with respect to the kiss on the lip, it is difficult that two people are abandoned hard from. Nice not easy gift decides Na Gongxiao Xiao Naye cares about her really, how can she her mind disturbed. The Gong Xiao austral for company of the bright austral desolate slept together that day, two people are being relied on each other sleep, resemble a pair of old couples same.

When Xie Yu Pi awakes in the morning, na Gongxiao has cooked good breakfast. Xiao Naye is sitting to have a meal, na Gongxiao goes calling Xie Yu Pi " small Pi , rise had a meal. " " hum is good, south elder sister. " " shirt of dress of Xie Yu Pi 南京喝茶的地方你懂came out, he thinks he is in Na Gongxiao's home, when coming out, see Xiao Naye is having a meal, brain begins to turn ceaselessly. Xiao Naye was cast aside " come over to have a meal, thin bamboo busy for ages. Be at ease I am only right my home Xiao Ganxing is interesting. " " Na Ye elder brother this is what meaning, your home, thin bamboo. Do you live together? " " little girl, think the feature is standard, this is our home, what lives together. " " the card that when gets? " " still be done not have, the red bag that waiting for you we marry to be able to inform you certainly. " " Na Ye elder brother be modest about one's skill. " " the elder sister austral your home wants a range, say I take her to lose face. " " congratulation congratulation. " Xie Yu Pi is not the person with old heart, she just chooses to arrange its nature, by the thing before, shake lived, to fine-looking she what coexist with wisdom was dealt with very quickly naturally.

Na Gongxiao is disinclined to explain with Xie Yu Pi , since she chose Xiao Naye, he says do not have a fault. "Eat quickly, a little while cool. " " thin bam南京喝茶交流群BGboo, you take a place more, hardship cooks breakfast. " took a bowl of congee to be put in Na Gongxiao before, na Gongxiao is received come over, also gave a bowl to Xie Yu Pi . The appearance of archness of Xie Yu Pi came out again " Na Ye elder brother, beautiful conjugal love dies quickly. " " dot, do not learn from good examples, beautiful conjugal love, arrive white head. Do not have culture true dreariness. " " south elder sister, bright elder brother bullies me south. " " he also bullies even me. You love to be in charge of you. " Xie Yu Pi is immersed oneself in continue to eating a meal.

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