The 18南京200——400的场子汇总th chapter

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What the journey brings a person is to enjoy, experience, more important is the person that is together with you. Everything becoming that individual is your need can become simple different.

The following day 5 people set out to come on foot all the way from beautiful Jianggu city lion hill, it is northerly and OK to go up in hill snow mountain of overlook jade dragon, can see Li Jiang eastwards Gu Cheng is panoramic, experience the lasting appeal of beautiful Jianggu city. Ascend on hill a few people already physical strength is not raised, rest by the side of edge appreciation beautiful scenery simply, imperceptible a few people had gone from hill. Come down to be gone to on foot from lion hill wooden government office, wooden government office is the testimony of beautiful river history, what Gu Chengwen changes is indicative, a few people appreciated traditional culture of Li Jiang personally. While everybody is admired, time also is in slow prediction of a person's luck in a given year, set out from Gu Cheng already outer lingered 3 many hours, going hungry, be forced to accelerate pace to head for all directions street of Li Jiang. That but Li Jiangypllt一品楼江苏's flourishing one place delegate, have various fastfood, the commodity of full of beautiful things in eyes lets you have too many visitors or business to deal with. There are a lot of public houses all round, it is the good place of party pastime.

Xie Yu Pi is being pulled to all directions street grind brook a surname, forward fastfood a market went. Various local characteristic cate, to taking money terrestrial heaven is simply for Xie Yu Pi , in the kongfu hand that does not have a little while much of a lot of eat, grinding still is to taking that bottle of water in hand of brook a surname. Xie Yu Pi from time to time eating deal out she, xie Yuchen follows this little sister to pay Zhang all the way. Pi hand does not take Xie Yu to fall to make grind brook a surname helps, fewer of course not the overworked order that Xie Yuchen lifts a thing. It is bought thing really too much do not take issued ability to remember go looking for Na Gongxiao. And Na Gongxiao and Xiao Naye went shopping inn, then Xie Yu Pi mixes the souvenir plan deal out that bought two to have ethical color grind brook a surname. Xiao Naye all the way convoy, na Gongxiao regards him as advisory, beginning Xiao Naye still is very happy, be informed be deal out others, xiao Naye's answer becomes perfunctory. Na Gongxiao still is considered oneself from choose a gift, chose a cap finally to send Xie Yu Pi , to grind the skirt that brook a surname chose wind of a nation. Want to shop to Xie Yuchen originally, rambled a little while oneself do not know to want what to send, he says Na Ye asking desolate bad, abandoned.

Xie Yuchen they await to the place with good agreement first, xie Yu Pi opens the Na Gongxiao after taking period of time to just arrive. Xie Yuchen does not like to shop, wait for time long begin to bore, the people that sees them eventually came " what do you do evildoing went so long just come back. " " bad thing does secretly, how can let you kno南京喝茶的地方你懂w, did not see your brother is my mood very bad? " " was rejected, cold-shouldered by the person. " " be in thin bamboo who is more important than me in the eye. " Na Gongxiao pushs Xiao Naye " neuropathic " . Grind Pi of language of leaf of brook a surname eats melon masses twice, the edge eats Bian Xiao. Na Gongxiao the gift deal out that get ready they, vacated hand goes those who take them eating. "South elder sister, I love you too, will eat casually. " Xie Yu Pi likes to carry a cap on the head then very much, couldn't help holding Na Gongxiao in the arms with fat hand. Grind brook a surname is very glad that he also receives a gift, take advantage of an opportunity also embraces Na Gongxiao. Xie Yuchen stays to be looked at slow-wittedly by, see Xiao Naye again " I also want a gift. " Xiao Naye spreads out booth watch is shown but " I accompanied her to ramble so long she had not wanted to shop to me, wanted to be bought to you really be barred fall by me, become brother it is difficult to have blessing is enjoyed together become together. " meaning Siming of Xiao Naye is shown even if I do not have you more do not want. "You are my good brother really. " Xie Yuchen did the gesticulation that distain to give Xiao Naye. "Good brother must ah! " to Xiao Naye bold-faced Xie Yuchen can feel only admire.

Moment of return to the subject is not early also a few people swim thoroughly to continue, building public transportation return Gu Cheng. The person on the car is very much, xie Yuchen helps protecting grind brook a surname and oneself little sister, be afraid that occurrence what is accident. Na Gongxiao sits on one-seater, hand of the bright austral desolate is touched on car window, protect Na Gongxiao completely beside his, oneself are be南京性价比高的场子90分钟ing squeezed inside the car speak often with Na Gongxiao, na Gongxiao gives Xiao Naye fan wind with the hand by. Arrived south ancient city desolate bright begins to complain " how so much person, this little first time sits in Li Jiang public transportation impression so destroyed. I reject to sit after public transportation. " Xie Yuchen cannot help asking Xiao Naye " eldest son, in the home is crowded iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength little? " " haw, many, at least the environment is close friends a bit. At least the environment is close friends a bit..

On the road a few people are eating all the time, to Gu Cheng when also did not feel hungry, go to bed a hour begins to go to work. Next agreeing that be in Gu Cheng's snack bar, the United States ate beautifully. Just like of beautiful Jianggu city a many faces beautiful woman, different hour shows different charm, graceful and restrained of peaceful of from time to time, from time to time is enthusiastic charm of bold and unrestrained, from time to time is amorous, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person. A few people after the meal take a leisurely walk inside Gu Cheng and go, from time to time of din of from time to time of mirth of from time to time is quiet.

Grind brook a surname and Xie Yu Pi are in the room the gift that enjoying Na Gongxiao to send them, xie Yu Pi wears a cap to look how to like before the mirror " brook a surname, it is very good-looking that I am being worn. " " good-looking, what do you wear good-looking. I ask you, should give south does elder sister buy a gift? " " those who like want to have on the road buy her incidentally, did not calculate, elder sister won't mind south. " " oh. " " tired a day, brook a surname takes a bath quickly, breakfast sleeps to still the job will want to rise early tomorrow. " " good, I went. I went..

Na Gongxiao is him of a room, clear away good thing to lie on the bed, did Xiao Naye's message arrive " slept? " " preparing to want to sleep. " " thin bamboo, why you carry a gift meticulously not to choose a gift to me namely to others. " " which didn't I buy to have you. " " what do you want then I buy you. " " had not wanted, encounter say again. " " favour, encounter must tell me, I buy you. " " without sincerity. " " how to calculate have sincerity. Otherwise I send you myself. " " dull, I slept, you rest earlier. " " good evening. " " good evening..

"That be bored with with your home is crooked was over, successful face betrayed your dirty heart. " " she likes me ah have what idea, refuse to obey hit. " " boil, you wretch. Na Gongxiao did not say to like you again, look the appearance of your narcissism, think really be not you cannot ah. " " Yu Chen, lend this opportunity I and her how to propose? " one saliva gush was in Xie Yuchen on Xiao Naye's face " eldest brother, you are really enough thick-skinned other people did not agree and you want to marry together cam南京新茶外卖e home, you are fierce. " Xiao Naye takes paper towel to brush 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路the water that brushs a face to go up, admit to look at Xie Yuchen really extremely " Yu Chen, like when I am very small thin bamboo, I must marry her. " " eldest brother, when do you become so only affection, know so much with you year the belle had not been broken beside you, say with me you like Xiao Xiao all the time now I do not believe, you let her how believe. " " thin bamboo believe me namely. " Xiao Naye is unusual when saying this word happy, however Xie Yuchen is exceedingly open-eyed " how do you cheat Na Gongxiao, she sees female not as should little as me, if I, beat dead not to believe you this is blamed. " " hum, believe hard a bit really. I should seek an opportunity well to her confess. " " you continue to daydream, I should sleep. " " Yu Chen, you and grind brook a surname how? " " the look that sees with respect to you. " " you can be gotten clutch, yan Jueye likes that girl, never mention it I did not remind you, otherwise is chased after in one's hand otherwise abandons with respect to breakfast. " the look with embarrassed dew of face of treasure of foliaceous the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " you say Yan Juehe. " " his whats did not say with me, xiao Gao appeals to me, he goes and grind brook a surname professions by refus. " " that does not like severe the rank of nobility namely. " Xiao Naye reminds Xie Yuchen kindly " not likely. You did not discover Yan Jueyi to be together via following us rarely. " " hum. " " become brother I what should say said, yourself has wanted to want how to do. " Xie Yuchen by Xiao Naye so say a heart inside of be agitated, farfetched, did not sleep in the evening, downhearted in the morning rise the job.

What played yesterday is a bit tired, rested without the activity afternoon. Xie Yuchen calls Xie Yu Pi shop of a drink " elder brother, should you seek opportunity and appointment of brook a surname, make an appointment with me to come out now what meaning? " " elder brother asks you a bit one's proper business, you wanted to be clear about an answer I. You and severe the rank of nobility have a possibility after all, I no matter others how are you my younger sister you cannot be in an unfavorable situation. " " elder brother, your little sister I am fierce, feeling is not OK also nevertheless loath, I am good to severe the rank of nobility everybody knows, he more know, do not have a result nevertheless. I am in this one semester all the time busy also do not see he will ask me how, was indifferent to, arrange its nature. Do not say me only, elder brother you and brook a surname are what kind of I can see, your or else starts the session below offensive is really ' elder brother ' . " " do not come constrainedly. " " how our sibling treats feeling is so open-minded, oneself admire oneself. " " some people are not to must arrive, have more important than it thing. " " elder brother, what appearance can you say future accompanies the person beside us be? " " language Pi , he is that individual that suits you most certainly. " Xie Yu Pi sees Xie Yuchen is serious inaccessibly, she wants to amuse him " elder brother, the elder brother's wife that I did not come to is you certainly how cannot refuse attack. " " Xie Yu Pi , your court death. " Xie Yuchen is enraged threw a cup, xie Yu Pi called a clerk to come over " cup my compensate how many money. " Xie Yuchen sees service personnel is not wanting to quarrel to rise with her left, xie Yu Pi is in place, laugh rock.

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