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After I come home yesterday, the mother tells a whole world, the Zhu Ningxin that had not appeared one year is shown eventually face. So that was less than at 9 o'clock this morning, begin in the home lively rose. Sister elder sister's husband, brother elder brother's wife, nephew niece, the capacity audience such as nephew. Be troubled by in the home resemble boil boiled water is same, drive bomb quickly.

Also do not know their everybody is come to an agreement or understanding, all shuts a mouth not to talk, shut a mouth to not ask I go one this year which, produce what job. Keep asking me the child how many years old however, what to call the name; Ask what I am doing now, need not to need to introduce to work and persuade me to be in the home to me take up one's quarters. The problem that I rise these accumulation was done one by one answer, to those give wanting I introduce the person of the job and object, I also politely rejected them.

I follow this paragraph of feeling of An Chen, still resemble mist haze same, enveloped each cell that I fluctuate all over, not be to resemble what what they think so easily, say to be able to forget, more what is more,the rather that now, I still had child a small room.

Etc a hush restores again in the home, when remaining I and pa Mom only, inside the room that old Mom walks into me.

"Ning Xin, mom is occupied say with you. " the matter that I dropped at hand to go up, , sit to bedside.

"I and your pa thought one constellation last night. " Mom halt fall a little while continue say, "As you handle highs we are taken. We two still often can take care of him for some time, you are young still... " I prevented Mom to continue to say, interrupt: "Nevered mention it Mom, it is good that I know you are for me, but impossible, I can abandon impossibly child of a small room, he is my life root, do not want to see I pass badly like you same. Do not want to see I pass badly like you same..

"Besides, what my present time passes is very good, I have the job, the Qian Youneng that earn feeds him, what do I still differ? What do I still differ??

"Your girl home, such getting along too tired. " one face says Mom anxiously.

"Don't this have you to partaking for me? "Don't this have you to partaking for me??

"You how all day long so not sensible? Also do not go so, but you must stay. I won't look at you to take my grandson to go out have a rough time, yourself is chosen. " Mom says inwardly angrily.

See Mom such, I also am leading anger refute way: "You are fastened so impenetrable, my different won't choose. My different won't choose..

"Then you have a try. " Mom said to walk out of a room furiously. I know the first her offers to be made up foolishly namely at all, she wants to force namely I, force I stay in this city, force I am kind to myself, not so bitter oneself. They do not understand, oneself live alone, although take some of agonized taste, but in also can making oneself bitter, make merry. I lie on the bed, kink unceasingly.

Strong gale blows the old tree outside getting a window, do not be fear of oneself that body old bone, the start that leads a gender powerful dance with sth in one's hands. If be in Qingdao, present tree ought to remain limb only, the autumn winter dividing line there is clear, do not be like here, qiu Dong is jumbly, optional switch. I stroll to in the street that accompanies me to be brought up all the time on, searching for everywhere have deny suit I and child the house that a small room lives, hit a bottom of the heart to say, the chance that I feel I stay in Qinghai is not much. Yesterday my brother elder sister people escape with what euphemistic mood blamed me, killed them to be anxious. Be, occasionally the life belongs to yourself really not only, have family when you, when having the child, you cannot be him consider only everywhere, because the person is not each body from beginning to end, our everybody, hide a connection.

Next a few days, stick spring festival scrolls in busy move when ave lane when, my pa Mom is in however active and active grabbing belt a small room, I reject them without reason unexpectedly, also taking without the opportunity child Xuan Huiqing island goes.

"Ning Xin, do you write down that classmate that doesn't remember your elder brother? " Mom is being held in the arms at the same time child a small room asks me at the same time.

"Which ah? My elder brother so many classmates. " I am writing last speech this year in busy move.

" that ah, the Xu Jing of our home often comes previously, that high thin, very comely boy. Very comely boy..

"Xu Jing? Xu Jing? Xu Jing! " after reading aloud this name a few times, emerge eventually in my brain give a piece to be able to follow the face that it matchs.

"I think, in us with respect to that the home spends the New Year too that, how? How??

"Your brother says he wants to come to our home spend the New Year again this year. "Your brother says he wants to come to our home spend the New Year again this year..

"Ah? Do not pass in his home? " I saw eye clock, drop the matter on at hand, walk into go looking inside the room child a small room.

"He divorced with his wife last year, only he himself follows a child. I also do not understand, so good a person, how to meet, hey. " my Mom so say, I just think, xu Jing is an orphan, when marrying before a few years, still asked my people to go together. The likelihood is the heart that acts on mercy, my Mom is special be fond of him.

"Then you are bought more order dishes. "Then you are bought more order dishes..

"That of course ah, he is so sensible one child, filial, responsible... " it is endless praise next, I know Mom follows elder brother what selfish calculations is being hit in the heart, flat hold bottle opener a small room in the arms to go to the sitting room go for a walk.

This city that I grow follows other place different. This is an emigrant city, be without the god native land dweller, rely on the city of outside person fill completely. Arrive spend the New Year, this is an empty city. There are a few sedulous red lanterns on deserted street, lively meaning alls gone.

Have this one hour that spend the New Year every year only, I just can feel I seemed to return in one's childhood.

Brother of sister elder brother pays a New Year call, everybody assembles in again. Xu Jing also came, he compares the glamour that added a lot of maturity before, wearing sportswear of a motion, still taking her lovely daughter Xu Xia to show.

"Disappear for ages, ning Xin. " he greets sb with me path.

"Be to disappear for ages really. " I am answered.

"Listen to your elder brother to say you now is a person of compose a poem to a given tune of ci, is pseudonym Zhong Ling? " this issue comes so that some do not have logic, I am at a loss unexpectedly for a short while, was forced to answer " hum " .

"The speech that you write is very good really, one word can move one sentence person. One word can move one sentence person..

"Ha, true? The thank is complimentary. " of this arise suddenly complimentary let me some feel embarrassed, the profession that did not think of my elder brother connects me disclosed.

"Why should you change pen name? Doesn't compose a poem to a given tune of ci use Ning Xin directly before this renown? " this he also noticed unexpectedly, I am open-eyed very.

"The forehead... " I tongue-shy, "The forehead... "

"Asked what ought not to ask, feel embarrassed, do not have a thing to do not have a thing, need not answer this question. Need not answer th南京喝茶的地方你懂is question..

In fact, I also do not know how to should reply really, nod with limbs language, in order to show a return.

I made a telephone call to beautiful glad, wish her Happy New Year. She asks when I go back, I hesitated a little while, say to her: "Very fast. " I still cheated her, be in from A to Z cheat her.

"Good, come back to tell me, I am in here do wait for you deliciously. I am in here do wait for you deliciously..

Ashamed regret feels slowly upgrade climbs, voluminous the heart in me is pointed.

"Ning Xin, go to a supermarket buying some of beverage to come, I forgot yesterday bought. Buy some of coke and so on drink to these small whelp. " Mom cries to me.

I had not opened the mouth, xu Jing is grabbing time: "Aunt, I go. I go..

"Need not need not, you are a guest, make she goes good, you are sitting. You are sitting..

"Fasten such, such I feel embarrassed, dare not come next time. Dare not come next time..

"That you two go, go together. " Mom just said me to be opened big the eye looks at her.

"Need not so much person goes, it is good that myself goes, buy a drink just. Buy a drink just..

"The supermarket is so far, drive go going to the lavatory some, let small pacify send you, go quickly fast, be about serve a meal. " next we two was rolled out by everybody gate.

It is to alleviate probably this awkward atmosphere, the edge that make peace walks along an edge to start to talk: "Go, take my car to go a few faster. Take my car to go a few faster..

"Where do you know to be in? " I ask him.

"Your recognition means? "Your recognition means??

"Hum. "Hum..

"That has you to show I do not know the road to also have nothing to do with. "That has you to show I do not know the road to also have nothing to do with..

I take a car, laughed toward him.

"Compose a poem to a given tune of ci, those who want inspiration? " two orthoptic ahead ask Xu Jing.

"Hum, whats want inspiration, of course, experience also cannot little, the thing of most literature sex results from life prep above lives. This job is very passive nevertheless, when inspiration will raid, be less than a bell to be able to fill, when doing not have inspiration, a few days do not want to give build, when encountering deadline to tighten very awful really. When encountering deadline to tighten very awful really..

"That also is very painstaking. "That also is very painstaking..

"Is working not painstaking? "Is working not painstaking??

"Yes, this word is reasonable still. When do you rest at ordinary times? When do you rest at ordinary times??

I wanted to answer after seriously南京新茶外卖: "Later, two 3 o'clock is normal work and rest. . ..

One face asks An Chen amazedly: "You so often stay up late? "You so often stay up late??

"Because work,before is, biological clock seemed to be used to now, have leisure inaccessibly, can sleep to also sleep to be not worn earlier. See a movie TV of what. See a movie TV of what..

"Often do not stay up late, bad to the body. Learning to come to biological clock recall. Learning to come to biological clock recall..

"Ha, is this commonly be opposite femaly say maly? How our exchange part. How our exchange part..

"Because you do not understand,take care of oneself

"Who says, is what don't I take care of myself so good? Is what don't I take care of myself so good??

"You are fast thin become bavin, where is good? " the car is slow stop, "Arrived, get off. Get off..

After buying drink, we pour carriage return to go up again. Arrive quickly when the home is downstair, xu Jing called me suddenly: "Ning Xin. "Ning Xin..

"Hum? " I look at him what driving.

"I know your pa Mom your elder brother their idea, but I also know, you also follow me certainly same, had not put down the past. One paragraph can use marriage to be able to manacle his free feeling with the child, not be others place imagination certainly is so easy to do can forget. We are devo南京喝茶资源群ted and too much, lose too much, also obtained too much. Nevertheless I think, we two it is alone person, also be the person of bruise again an南京性价比高的场子90分钟d again, also need to follow the person say what is on one's mind without reservation that has similar experience occasionally aspirations, such mood will be a lot of more free from worry. Although we do not have a predestined relationship to do a lover, but can we become a good friend? I very those who admire you, when I am lovelorn, those who listen is the song that you write. Those who listen is the song that you write..

Xu Jing always is such, if saying every time, let my Jing got chin to should be dropped. I am thinking back to repeatedly if he says, answer next: "Favour, hope we can become a good friend. Hope we can become a good friend..

"What should you have not happy not hold back in the heart, will look for me. I feel you are a lot of bluer than once upon a time. You are at ease, I meet what to you family keeps secret absolutely. I meet what to you family keeps secret absolutely..

"Hum, have not happy when, I can look for you. I can look for you..

"You say ah, can not want to be perfunctory I. Can not want to be perfunctory I..

I nod, left a car next. I go all the way, thinking in the heart all the way, come one this year, I left An Chen, contact inscription admire and Xue Qing no longer, dare not disturb the master that enjoy an easy and carefree life, join beautiful glad and family, I want try every means to cheat them, I this is very long really did not have pair of whose confide to cross aspirations.

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