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Enter the entertainment room of 3 buildings, show of bridge of Du Yunfeng accost is by desk of wood of a piece of black sit down, go to the office making be in charge of hired He Xiao next.

The Bai Qiang that Liang Xiu sees entertainment room two sides is linked together has a door that opening wide, know entertainment room still is connecting other room so. Dan Liangxiu does not know entertainment room is specific connecting a few houses, every room has what use.

There are two desks in the office, every desk is separated with thick glass of white, quiet and serious ground is in all office staff busy respective thing.

"Xiaohe, you can come out, somebody asks working thing outside. " a word breaks Du Yunfeng in the office calm.

He Xiao stands up to view the past to the doorway from his seat, see Du Yunfeng only, respond to: "Alas, good, I knew, you call him to wait outside. You call him to wait outside..

Hear Du Yunfeng and the conversation that why 南京桑拿梧桐论坛laugh, liang Xiu tells the adjoining room opposite side is the office.

" you sit to wait for her here first, she came out very quickly. She came out very quickly..

"Hey. "Hey..

Du Yunfeng is pointing to the door outside, look at Liang Xiu to say: "I am then busy my thing went. "I am then busy my thing went..

"Hum. " Liangxiu is admiring a head, because be He Duyun this,the peak is being faced inspect, see Du Yunfeng's look clear eventually.

The rectangle of Du Yunfeng standard is narrow long face, grumous small the wave bang that coil, thick long weak black brow, in picture frame empty the single-edged eyelid that does not have a god is small, with the face model extremely those who build is narrow long bridge of the nose, be like Xie Piao to fall kind slightly bullish lip. See Du Yunfeng works slightly on the face knit and flabby skin, liang Xiucai measures Du Yunfeng's age to should be in 40 years old or so. Seeing Du Yunfeng color is gaunt, complexion is cadaverous, labial color is ashen; Feeling letting a person is like nutrient lack, be like a serious illness heal first and overworked is excessive cause be ment南京紫峰一号女的出台多少钱ally and physically exhausted, more seem the agelong and depressive trouble in the heart. Anyhow Du Yunfeng looks the person that has been through the vicissitudes of life like.

If gain cent without a meter of height of 8,Liang Xiu thinks, du Yunfeng is ordinary person simply.

After Du Yunfeng goes, liang Xiu sees someone goes from the office, that person is He Xiao. Why to laugh at a meter of 4 right-and-left height, hind bundle about ten centimeters long hair, qi Mei's orderly bang, small and the cheek of circumference, bend the brow of moderate of shade of degree of finish slightly, genial and perfectly round brunet Hei Tong. Overall for He Xiao grows gently, the sense that gives a person is amiable. Although the figure is short appearance is common, but but He Xiao has the capacity that handles affairs in the office, such advantage enough remedies the flaw on her body.

"Alas, hello, be you come to those who ask the job? " the smile that He Xiao comes over to serve to be begun fully to Liang Xiu, that smile enthusiasm is friendly, let a person be like Mu Chunfeng.

"Hello, miss He. Yes, I ask working person namely. " Liang Xiu rises answer, give He Xiao an enthusiastic and friendly smile.

"Sit, we sit to talk! " show of bridge of accost of He Xiao affectionately and she sits down together, "Workshop of ministry of our lamp box, be in at the same time now enrol formal labour and casual. Do not know you are the work that wants to ask formal worker worker, still want to ask the job of casual. Still want to ask the job of casual..

"Casual, I want to ask the job of casual. " Liang Xiujian replies surely.

"See you reply so quickly, know almost to salary and pay. " He Xiao is interested in the ground greatly to look at Liang Xiu, feeling at the moment this girl too too special. Why does far more than laugh, the person that sees lintel show is such feeling, because bridge is beautiful special really! Very infrequent chocolate lubricious skin, expand grow the small wave to base of neck wavy hair, the turn grows the brow that Yang Xiu enrages, the eye of double-fold eyelid big circle that the Yang Xiu on canthus enrages, the melon seeds cheek in beautiful girl caricature, cabinet and delicate lovely nose, scarlet and full cherry small mouth. Black skin is easy desalt one the individual's beauty, but the beauty that is put in Liang Xiu to went up to highlight her extraordinary instead personally. Very few somebody is OK black so beautiful, and below the eye overgrow shading is OK still so beautiful, get Gaoleng elegance like the princess beauty in Egypt caricature!

Bridge show says modestly: "What actually I know is not much, also at 9 o'clock just. Also at 9 o'clock just..

He Xiaoshun asks: "Can then you say with me? "Can then you say with me??

Liang Xiu blinked an eye, look at He Xiao, like recital article one word is repeating one sentence always the content in information of prosperous invite applications for a job: "Casual every hour 10 money, wrap everyday lunch, should do full a month, face pay of ability settle accounts. Still have every sky 8 hours, went up partly at 8 o'clock from in the morning midday at 12 o'clock, went up partly at 1 o'clock from afternoon again towards evening at 6 o'clock. Sometimes money amount is much busier do not be over, be about to work overtime 3 two hours. Be about to work overtime 3 two hours..

Although He Xiao is in serious listen to a talk but can't help plainting in the heart however, how the big eye that Liang Xiu is about that pair to hold half pieces of face is OK so clever gas is beautiful!

Attend a lecture ends, the look that why laughs at show seeing bridge begins to transform by appreciation small weak gravity: "Hum, yes, you say rightly. But I should complement a bit, here originally Sunday can rest, but if work overtime to be driven when Lian Ping not if shipment comes, that also should work overtime on Sunday repeatedly. Still have, although casual every hour 10 money, but trying project one day do not get money. And if charge for the making of sth. is unqualified, meet what be dropped by demit. Basic it is these, my complement was over. How, do you look to you can be accepted really? Do you look to you can be accepted really??

Assembling a ministry to give help, du Yunfeng is full of worry ground to return his working station, the outfit of carapace of alphabetical lamp one's store of valuables that continues to come out production of the engine that note model takes paper case in. At the moment besides Du Yunfeng one person, note model machine to be in namely stamp with fury kind of ground is blusterous. But Du Yunfeng already worked involuntarily, whole idea all is put on the past that can'ts bear turn one's head.

In a day of night 18 years ago, also had happened similar a moment ago that one act outside the door, have an entwine of a dog that the girl is gotten on by Du Yunfeng village. The girl's expression and bridge are beautiful at that time same, be frightened not gently, but the girl is some flimsier than bridge show, when Du Yunfeng drives away a dog she escapes already far. Du Yunfeng picks up the girl's key, do not know to go up however which go looking for the girl to return the key to her. But cannot pass how long, du Yunfeng found the girl on adjacent village, still give her the key. Twin elder sister of the girl is at that time beside, the girl and elder sister are curious Du Yunfeng is how to distinguish them of two people. Du Yunfeng tells them, the girl is frightened so that aphonia screams by the dog that evening, du Yunfeng listens gave voice in unfamiliar, know the girl is not the person on his village, because this remembered,this has very much discern spent sound. Think of here, du Yunfeng can'ts help Hunan of the one labour pains in the heart. Although the thing went 18 years, everything already content is person blame, but since which after parting according to the plum with the month, Du Yunfeng does not have one day is not spend in painful memory. Encounter similar scene and person again nowadays, du Yunfeng is deeper to the yearning in the past.

Liang Xiu consults the job, step down a building to prepare to leave. When entering factory building, what Liang Xiu goes with Du Yunfeng is the front door of workshop, issueing what the Liang Xiu when the building comes is about to go out is the side door of workshop. Side door is before, but think of that one act that a 南京珠江镇spa会所AHmoment ago was scared by old girl, liang Xiu resembles " in one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years " be like, how to pace of side door move move does not give pace.

Liang Xiu the eye shot before, it is to enter what see when workshop to assemble a ministry. Go coming down from Liang Xiu, assemble a busy picture to never had had discontinuous, and compare now a moment ago busied. Otherwise looks for an individual to take his to go out, when but Liang Xiu thinks a moment ago she is hurt quickly by old girl again,arriving, those people look on indifferently in chill ground. If appeal to these people really, does meeting someone help, most propbably won't. And the cold-blooded animal that Liangxiu feels to did not sympathize with a heart to these appeals undeserved, do a meeting in that way from carry out dignity. Proper pride of bridge beautiful all along is extremely strong, should be hurt to cross self-respect, won't be hurt again easily.

Stair uploads come faint footstep, liang Xiu go up to stair look, happen to sees an eldest sister comes up from stair. When a moment ago Liang Xiu is hurt quickly by old girl, only this eldest sister watchs the scene of bustle without the past. See eldest sister goes to oneself before, bridge beautiful future must reach go wanting how to start to talk to catching an opportunity to say to her: "There is good dreariness of dog of a pieplant outside your workshop, when I a moment ago came in, within an inch of is bitten by it, kill I dare not go out now. Eldest sister, I can bother you to take me to go out... "

"Mei Fang, come over to assemble a car quickly! " assemble a ministry to just loaded all goods, seal all cases, van stops in side door.

"Alas, do not be afraid of, that dog is Wen Wen only you are one, won't bite you really. Yourself goes out ah! " Li Meifang says to run into a workshop hastily, with workshop someone else a case loading removes a car.

Liang Xiu looks at a flock of very busy people that seem a machine alive, it is a be bitterly disappointed.

"Should go back? " abrupt somebody is in back inquiry, sound falls softly to wave from in the sky Liang Xiu's ear. "It is him! " the Du Yunfeng that Liang Xiu face about sees do not know when to stand in back.

"Yes. " Liang Xiu looks up look at Du Yunfeng, the word says the man dumb manner before is very peaceful really, meet even so quiet that resemble one Zhang Fanhuang's picture truthless in that way.

"Let me send you to go out, I am afraid that yourself goes out to be able to be frightened by old girl again. " the person in the photograph is living, everything becomes true.

"Good! " Liang Xiu mouth is splitting, actually that is suiting her purpose, be her most welcome. But Liang Xiu does not know, because Du Yunfeng is not at ease she a person goes out, when leaving entertainment room so, be in all the time the activity of advertent stair mouth, issue a building to go out her safety convoy to wait for her only.

Because side door cannot go out, so Liangxiu and Du Yunfeng gave front door.

When convoy bridge show goes out, du Yunfeng asks Liang Xiu incidentally: "Does the job ask be clear about? "Does the job ask be clear about??

"Dou Wenqing Hunan. "Dou Wenqing Hunan..

"What works, had wanted to want to was done? Had wanted to want to was done??

"Casual, I will come over to try project tomorrow. I will come over to try project tomorrow..

"Good ah, did you know commuted time? " Du Yunfeng sees little lose time of Liang Xiu pace, as far as possible the pace that rein in speed and Liangxiu maintain consistent.

"Went to work partly at 8 o'clock in the morning, came off work at 6 o'clock towards evening. Came off work at 6 o'clock towards evening..

"Yes, next midday at 12 o'clock having a meal, rest to went to work again partly at 1 o'clock. Rest to went to work again partly at 1 o'clock..

Because workshop leaves enclosure gate not far, the time of a few words, liangxiu and Du Yunfeng arrived enclosure gate. Du Yunfeng is over soon outside the door, discovery stays without the car, ask Liang Xiu then: "Do you leave without your car come? "Do you leave without your car come??

"Without. "Without..

"How did you a moment ago come over then? "How did you a moment ago come over then??

"Sit bus. "Sit bus..

"Which all the way? "Which all the way??

"21. " each questions that Liang Xiu raises to Du Yunfeng, it is to make the simplest answer. Besides the answer the problem deals with Du Yunfeng, liang Xiu does not have redundant word to say to Du Yunfeng.

Hear Liang Xiu's answer, du Yunfeng feels open-eyed slightly: "Where do you stay in? "Where do you stay in??

Liang Xiuyuan lives in garden of extremely far Fujian of Changjiang Delta area originally street kiosk village, but the secret that she does not think to irrelvant person knows her, scattered a lie to Du Yunfeng so: "Developing zone of Changjiang Delta economy. " this time she made detailed reply eventually, because she does not think Du Yunfeng,continue to pestering her to ask the economy of where the developing zone again.

As expected Du Yunfeng continues to ask Liang Xiu again, but not be the question that asks her place is afraid: "Next does with respect to Cong Yudong public transportation station come over on foot all the time?

"Hum... " Liang Xiu replies extremely loathly, she does not want to let the secret that Du Yunfeng knows she is too much originally, but since Du Yunfeng is guessed allude, she also can be accused according to the facts only.

"Do you know jade hole collects fees stand? "Do you know jade hole collects fees stand??

"Know. "Know..

"Go back, collect fees to jade hole station that crossing 501 or K2 goes back, in that way need not again big old far run南京新茶的联系方式SD to public transportation station to take a car. In that way need not again big old far run to public transportation station to take a car..

"Oh. " the bus that there always is Lai Yongchang in information of prosperous invite applications for a job, include road and 501 K2 among them road, liang Xiu is so early know road and 501 K2 road buses. But because be to be in when Liang Xiulai 51 the road takes 55 buses to arrive on the west crossing of bridge of curvature of the spinal column, etc turn by road and 501 K2 road buses nearly half hour is done not have when, just changed 21 buses.

The conversation ends, because fear to leave too long can be criticized by manager and director, so Du Yunfeng answered workshop hurriedly. Liang Xiu also is, fear grandma wait too for a long time to worry about her so, hurry on with his journey hurriedly so come home.

Etc return workshop busy the work that has a hand to go up, the thing that Du Yunfeng just remembers it is important to still have does not have Xiang Liangxiu to explain, put down the work on the hand to leave workshop hastily again then. Liang Xiu leaves always prosperous took a few meters route, but hear back to transmit Du Yunfeng to grow bright cry however: "Hello, that belle, you wait, wait... "

Liang Xiu sees Du Yunfeng again later, very open-eyed what thing does he still have? Liang Xiu stopped hurried pace, quiet do not move the ground to stand over to look at Du Yunfeng to gallop and come to her all the way.

Very fast, du Yunfeng stands in Liang Xiu before, tall in that way still thin, need bridge show looks up look up at ability travel. Liang Xiu does not talk, curious Du Yunfeng is to continue to ask her the question or continue to tell her thing.

"Feel embarrassed, forgot to tell you us to the bag in the factory eats, will remember bringing a dinner pail tomorrow. Good, do not have a thing, you continue to drive your road, I should go back. " Du Yunfeng says face about to be about to go, but remember again still the word wants complement, had turned round to laugh simple and honestly to Liang Xiu again so, "Still have water cup, the word of water cup also is brought together. " this, du Yunfeng is explained eventually.

Liang Xiu looks at Du Yunfeng far the back that go, does the heart think he was explained really? Won't meet too come back anxiously again? Otherwise wants to wait again, decide he is explained really, go again!

Liang Xiu takes a car to be on the road that go back, there is wood of the pedestrian on the road that automobile body disappears, roadside ceaselessly outside looking at car window, roadside building, emerge Du Yunfeng returns the picture that continues to tell her thing again at the moment. That picture good warmth is very touching, liang Xiu is wanting how to there can be so nice person on the world, it is good to should say he is foolish, still should say he can be liked. Liang Xiu is thinking so, laughed happily, smile is bringing the warmth in the picture and happiness.

The time that went to next having a meal very quickly. "Girl, girl, come over, come quickly to here, here has the flesh to eat to you, do not go there! " Du Yunfeng had old girl of meal ground accost in the past.

Be broken with stone by Du Yunfeng, old girl did not pay attention to Du Yunfeng, turn around the meal that goes gnawing others to throw her.

"Hahaha... big hill, your daughter-in-law does not want you, who calls you today for small 3 injuries she so firm! Who calls you today for small 3 injuries she so firm!!

"Well, yes, yes, deserve, he deserves by desolate period of time! He deserves by desolate period of time!!

If there are two people to say a derisive Du Yunfeng each on the side.

Du Yunfeng did not understa南京性价比高的场子90分钟nd those two people, the rice bowl that carrying old girl is stood by to old girl. Old girl sees Du Yunfeng came, holding half drumstick bone to run away hastily hide far. "Strange, old girl this is how, can not be at ordinary times such ah. " Du Yunfeng sees old girl after a few paces disappear in workshop, in the heart faint and sad. Although old girl can catch mouse very much, but won't use the firm interest that pays mice on person absolutely, and old girl sees mice just can have so violent today show only.

It is the thing that what took to make old girl very sensitive on her body, yes, it is certainly such, du Yunfeng think hard is very long be informed a reason eventually. Old girl besides sensitive to mice, still can be opposite other thing is sensitive, for instance bloody flavour makes her very sensitive, the hematic fishy smell that takes on the person that kills a dog especially lets her the most easily produce intense hostility.

Liang Xiu returns the home hurriedly, the first act that opens the door to see into the home is the body that the grandma is dragging to fall ill to still did not heal completely busy in the kitchen move cuts course.

"Grandma, what are you doing! What are you doing!!

"Hey oh... " the grandma is gone to by word alarm of Liang Xiu, see the knife receives hastily when Liang Xiu later, but let a knife wound not carefully still arrive hand.

Liang Xiu sees state, run over to grab hastily the left hand that the grandma gets hurt. The hand that sees a grandma pours out of blood, liang Xiu is helping a grandma up to answer a room hastily. Not bad the cut of the grandma is not big not deep, liang Xiu helped a grandma brush one part blood with paper towel, use next achieve can stick side grandma to encase cut.

"Grandma, if how don't you listen to me again? I am not had told you dinner to I will do, how do you run to cook again? Because you are not obedient,you look is, just was gone to by the injury so. If next time again such, I do not want you! " Liang Xiu jokes gally grandma amuses her to play intentionally.

"Not, a show must not not want a grandma, the grandma listens basins of those boiler boiler basin are not being touched into the kitchen after your word is. " the grandma is duped took seriously.

Liang Xiupu Chi laughs: "Grandma, are not afraid of, I am amusing you to play. Grandma, you are me in this world's only family member, also be the person that I love most on this world, how may I want you. Good, you take the grandma here first, me this cooks to you. Me this cooks to you..

Liang Xiu says, cook to the grandma.

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