6 have what南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路 qualification

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"I just see Yang Shuo, how did he come " Hu Wei enters the office to.

The Yang An face about that drinking coffee " how you are available come " .

"The company has a holiday, you look since place this very busy person " Hu Wei was saying to take the coffee cup in Yang An hand, fine long hair drank impolitely.

Look at the hand of absolutely empty, what Yangan laughs is a bit helpless and bestow favor on be addicted to.

Only this boudoir honey is sincerity to oneself is good.

"How to add candy again " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad small frown.

Yang An did not answer this problem to just " I still have a meeting " .

Hu Wei is none elegant turned over a supercilious look " knew, knew, I wait for you in this " .

Small laugh is taking Yang Anwei to carry attend a meeting.

"Yang Zong... " adviser pushs the door, see a strange woman sits on boss chair.

"Who are you " adviser is knitting eyebrow to ask.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad small charm laughs " I am your Yang Zong... lover " .

As expected, when adviser hears this word, what brows knits is deeper.

"How " at this moment, yang An came in.

"Yang Zong, the lover that this lady says to she is you " advisory truth fact says.

Yang An " ... "

"Joking, joking, how, your bodyguard is too amused " Hu Wei has gone to the side of sofa at this moment.

Yang An attend a meeting the file puts down pair of adviser to " she is my boudoir honey, like to joke " .

Advisory and calm inclination, after the file that gives him Xiaoliu next gave Yang An, went out.

"How, can leave, we go " of Hu Wei too impatient to wait saying.

Yang An's helpless laugh " I should change a clothes " .

Change the clothes two people went out,南京spa哪里好玩 adviser serves as bodyguard, also follow naturally.

3 people go mountaineering, go skipping extremely, what does play amusedly, final Yang An still was bought for Hu Wei she likes to assume the jacket that does not have however.

"How, you are too good " come out from the shop, say of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad small benedictory.

"Do not have a thing, it is good that you like " Yang An is easy very.

"Yang Zong, phone " adviser hands Yang An the mobile phone.

The incoming telegram shows father.

Yang An was not received, just to Hu Wei " I should go back, I let adviser send you " .

Hu Wei did not promise to let adviser send her to just " have me rear "

Yang An knows meaning of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad small what, laugh, held Hu Wei in the arms.

"Go to Home Yang " on the car, yang An is saying to adviser.


At the door Home Yang, yang An deep breathing, got off with respect to preparation.

"Want me to go in " adviser said suddenly sentence.

"Need not " Yangan laughs toward adviser " I am surnamed after all poplar " .

Say, yang An left a car, adviser looks at Yang An's back, what is there in the heart sturdy.

"I came back " Yang An takes excellent door, said sentence.

"You still know to come back " Yang Fu comes out from the study.

"Not be you call, can I come back? " Yang An looks at Yang Fu, rhetorical question.

"You... " Yang Fu is angrier.

" good good, an An is good no hurry not easily, you should work " poplar mother blame is worn Yang Fu.

"You call me, not be for Yang Shuo's thing, I did not understand, na Mingming is my company, did not rely on Yang Jiayi to divide fine long hair to hit spell the company that come out, you have what qualification to let him go " Yang An is direct without preamble.


"That is your little brother " Yang Fu said only.

"Little brother? Also think with respect to you he is, this strife openly and secretly of南京新茶工作室 Home Yang, you will be less than what I know " Yang An feels comical " still say, the son that is you originally then " .

"How, how talk " poplar the mother is knittin南京性价比高的场子90分钟g eyebrow.

Yang An expiration at a heat " I do not want to make a noise with you, yang Shuo, I won't let him take my company, say I am disobedient it may not be a bad idea, anyway you had never cared about me this daughter " .

Yang An takes him room directly, sit on the bed to holding oneself knee in the arms.

His parents returns innocent moment to give abroad in her, during, produce what major issue in Home Yang only when, just can come back, even if come back to never also hold her in the arms.

When hearing pa Mom wants to come back every time, she always is very happy, wait for them to arrive in the middle of the night, and them, come back to see she also is the typical head that touchs her only.

Was brought up to just know why they meet such is opposite she, not be her not be a son, ah.

Adviser did not drive the car, however when before dawn just goes, he is afraid that that stubborn Yang Zong runs, one pair does not know where is the appear南京喝茶资源群ance of her a home to return to.

(on Sunday, breakfast hair. )

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