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Of add of guest land add arrived. A few people also begin to work.

The bud that consider bud is in those who consider pa to consider Mom with respect to prep close behind beside, accordingly one numerous the uncle aunt that come greeted sb, as to the friend of a few elder brothers, that nature is by a few elder brothers he goes accost, open air deals with today's PARTY visits mother, just be the Mid-autumn Festival, the everybody when arriving still can be admired together enjoy the glorious full moon.

When 6:40 minutes when, han Yang also arrived, after he parks good car, walked along Gu Jiada on foot curtilage doorway place, with respect to the garden that can see open air from the doorway the course is decorated meticulously today, be being decorated so that do not calculate is exceedingly costly, but atmosphere is very good. After going in, far the goddess that sees him, visitor is greeted below the arch that Gu Meng bud stands in a flower to do.

Han Yang approachs slowly, see well the bud that consider bud is wearing the ceremonial robe or dress with a blue ocean today, the skin that line gets her is more white fair-skinned, and the jade qualitative headgear of neck and artifice place area, did not reave master a bit glorious not only, let consider bud bud to be compared it seems that now instead before more downy. Han Yang had never seen the bud that consider bud is so full-dress had dressed up, this quarter ability detects, full-dress the bud considering bud after dressing up is so beautiful moving, her beauty must have kind of inarticulate temperament, be the sort of by inside and the beauty outside, is not the sort of relying on that what makeup look, dress and headgear accumulation come out. Han Yang can'ts help looking stayed.

"Cough, cough cough! " Gu Cheng is being hit aside remind.

Ruan Xue Er looks at Han Yang comically this deputy what about, booby, this appearance, with at the outset the expression when old fogey first time sees him, can resemble really.

Hear the cough voice that considers father, han Yang just has answered a god to come, he goes up forward it is good to considered pa to consider Mom to ask, just turn the head uses abstruse ground look looks at Gu Meng bud: "Small bud, birthday joy! You today, very beautiful. Very beautiful..

"Where is my gift? " the bud that consider bud reachs a hand piquantly toward Han Yang, the mouth is about gift.

Han foreign naturally has played the hand of the bud that consider bud, collect says to the side of her ear: "Be put on my car, the gift is a bit great, waited for Party to end, I am taken again. I am taken again..

Although often accompany him play chess because of Han Yang, gu Cheng is better and better to his impression, but the eye sees this boy, it is below oneself eye leather, with oneself daughter so close, visit a town or have taste a bit, instantly, he grasps a fist again, put before the mouth, coughed.

Ruan Xue Er looks at the look that him husband takes taste this pair comically, before going up one has pulled him: "Good "

Just look up to say with Han Yan南京200——400的场子汇总g next: "Small ocean, the bud that accompany bud receives the business of guest, give you. I consider an uncle to want to go with you there chatted a little with a few old friend. " saying by the side of Ruan Xue Er, toward signal of a certain direction below, pulling next not affection does not wish Gu Cheng thereto takes the land.

Etc consider pa to南京场子全部关闭2020 follow after considering Mom to leave, the bud that consider bud just looks a Han Yang up and down to come up and down, han Yang is wearing business suit of a black today, white shirt render is inside, the neck is tying the tie of a blue, bright loiter of loiter of a pair of leather shoes is bright. He suits to wear business suit very much really, han foreign figure does not calculate exceed南京夜网419ingly thin, wide shoulder is narrow of buttock, can saying is the sort of very sexy man figure. At the moment the bud that consider bud also feels he is attracted by Han Yang, should say oneself eye is good? Oneself man is handsome, ah, bah bah, what man, should saying is the boy friend just is opposite.

Han foreign for company considers bud bud to welcome guest in the doorway, comer sees a station in the bud that consider bud the Han beside silvers coin, hard to avoid curiously much settle on, but call in again immediately oneself line of sight, after all, they are to have the capacity, posted person, know to staring at a family to look all the time, it is a how discourteous thing. The enthusiastic accost before considering bud bud to go up one by one is worn, and give visitor Introduction Han Yang, when the introduction that hears the bud that consider bud, the guest that come be clear place nods, straight boast two people are appearance of male talented woman really, it is to ascend very right, can come today, it is the close kin good friend that visits the home, also be in bazaar dip excessive is long already, although, the identity that feels with Han Yang one stars, climb Miss Gu Jiada, be make friends with a man of higher position really, but attendant is person essence of life, since the family can stand in here accompany the young lady that visit the home to greet a visitor, can be imagined, the identity is decided in Gu Jiaken is those who crossed bright face. Since the family considers a person,do not have an opinion, him trifling an alien, more do not talk to go up of what opinion.

Han Yang considers bud with respect to such for company, stood in the doorway fast half hour, bearer just slowly little, in this short time, he saw a lot of before is only somewhat hear of, perhaps had become the manager of Dai Yan's company, farther also understanding arrives high to the extraction that visits the home what degree, although, inchoate moment, he has a place really self-abased, but, immediately, he had answered a god to come, he but won't shrink back absolutely.

The bud that consider bud is pulling Han Yang, return Gu Cheng beside, gu Cheng is looked around all around, discover invitation person has come almost, this ability takes present land in the middle of, had received mike from inside emcee hand: "Dear friends, everybody good evening! Everybody good evening!!

One's voice in speech falls, the beat of the person know how to behave in a delicate situation of the spot has a control.

"Above all,全国凤,凰楼信息网站 thank everybody to be able to enjoy a face today very much, will attend small female birthday banquet of 23 years old. Each or is the lad that I visit a town, or is a dog child the best friend of canine daughter, but, believe, a lot of people, today is the daughter that sees me for the first time, ha! Old friend often makes fun of I hide the daughter too tight, this not, today, take the advantage of this opportunity, take her, see see authority, later ah, also ask each friend keep an eye on of great keep an eye on she. Also ask each friend keep an eye on of great keep an eye on she..

Gu Cheng says, carry the hand is enrolled toward the bud that consider bud.

The bud that consider bud is on a stage amenably, appear on the stage, she can feel next hoping that wear after all all sorts of her looks: Gasp in admiration, envious, of envy, she such, back stands straight on the stage, a bit is not cowardly, there is vernal laugh on the face.

"Laogu! Your daughter is this " Gu Cheng's old friend, the manager of Feng group set upright a thumb toward the bud that consider bud.

"Be! Be, laogu, you are too insufficient also meaning, so beautiful daughter, belt of ability be willing to part with or use comes out to see now see us a few world uncle, I go back, must won't do then with me implement son, well say say, who lets him be not today do not come over with me, this not, missed the main chance that sees a beauty. " the boss forest strong wind of strong wind company also is laughing to say.

"Right, laogu, you ah, if breakfast comes out daughter belt to know understanding with us, do bad ah, we are precocious children relatives by marriage " poplar those who get the better of one face is 南京200——400的场子汇总regretful, regrettablly ah! Oneself son got married first year after year today, otherwise, with the marry that visit the home, that affirmation is pair of winning jobs, although very few somebody has seen the truth of sth. of this Miss Gu Jiada, but, gu Cheng is very fond of a daughter, that is the thing that whole and genteel circle knows. Hey! Regrettablly, regrettablly, will come, also do not know where home can be gotten so big help strength.

As a few people speak, the person all round also chatted to rise in succession, have not little youth Cai Jun more, ignore view of Han Yang that bloodguilty, pitch the line of vision of love to considering bud bud in succession.

Gu Cheng carries hand pressing, just continue to laughing to say: "Small female, compare inferior attune all along, person indrawn, adding, I follow a madam is to often come femaly, coddle of hard to avoid some, still hope everybody is great later keep an eye on, virgin forest, Laoyang, you a few beautiful meaning, I consider city be appreciative, present child, more independent, own, we do father and mother, on the marriage of children, also do must not advocate. Next, introduce an individual with everybody again. Introduce an individual with everybody again..

Gu Cheng says, nod toward Han Yang again.

Han Yang appreciably is surprised, used the eyes to enquire, see Gu Chenghan nod he arranged next business suit, just be on a stage, after be on a stage, the back that he stands very self-consciously in Gu Cheng one pace position.

The stage plays everybody, see the Han Yang that appear on the stage, the face dew that has not answered a god to come indissolubles: This person, be that big star? How, can the banquet of Gu Jiajin day invite him to come? And some mind are sharper, thought back to the status that two people receive guest in the doorway, the thrill through in the heart guess boldly, but dare not affirm again: Won't! Consider a so celebrated setting, can you allow a daughter to follow a star truck? Does ground of Lie of big still now Lie want recommend to give bazaar the friend that attend?

Below momently, gu Cheng sits solid their guess: "Everybody is good, stand in my back this, he calls Han Yang, it is me the boy friend that daughter of wife and children talks about, two people interacted to have period of time, but, had not made public before the public, I am thinking, should take today small female with everybody understanding falls, let A Yang also come over to follow big guy understanding to fall incidentally, also mix a face ripe "

Gu Cheng this word, next everybody expression each different.

Have a plenty of the envy of one face, envy considers bud bud to be able to have so good extraction, still can make a so handsome boy friend, most the most important, it is family does not object unexpectedly, this should change oneself, affirmative demur does not say to let part company.

A some male jealousy that are one face: The wild boy that which come to, the what that go carries greatly, can climb unexpectedly visit the home, who does not know on this bazaar, if who is married,visit domestic daughter later, be equivalent to marrying a golden hill. Still must meet those who press a lot of people dead greatly the sort of.

A few went up the bazaar old person of age, admire Gucheng unceasingly, be an upright person can resemble Gu Cheng such, live so open-mindedly, also did not see more, gu Jiaye is a special case on bazaar, gu Cheng child bear father line of business, come a few years, by the ability of oneself, build a so great business empire, but what the person that does chip with those takes children marriage on bazaar differs completely is, he interferes the marriage of children not overly, even, his one's early years has had said, in the future the marriage of children, want person of the other side only quality is good, good, good to her children, extraction, he is not to be valued too, just began, everybody still does not believe, think the occasion word of his that is to say, until, 6 years ago, consider an eldest son, gu Dongfeng, married the Qin Qing with general extraction, everybody just knows, he, those who say is true word really.

And, most of envy letting a person is, gu Cheng such practice, did not cause any undesirable effects to considering domestic extraction, 3 sons, each grow into useful timber, the eldest son follows big daughter-in-law, the game company that founds jointly, now also is of industry can be counted on one's fingers, 3 sons also are a talent of fashionable bound, also day receives a bottle of gold that, and, hear, gu Jiaer child with Xiao Jiadu female, interacting at present, click of the tongue, will come, if this is like a daughter to marry into visit the home, take the money in the past, estimation is to count what do not count.

Han Yangbin Bin follows civilizedly next everybody saw a ceremony, on ceremony, that is a bit fault is carried do not come out.

Gu Cheng says then again: "My this daughter, be afraid of recreant introversion quite all along, a Yang's this child, work in recreational group at present, be public character, and my daughter, still reading now big 4, just graduate next year, so, two people were not made public to the outside, I also had promised a daughter, interfere her private affairs not overly, also want to request authority here, help keep secret first fell, gu Mou has thanked everybody in this go ahead of the rest. " Gu Cheng says, day everybody arch submissively.

Next everybody, it is person essence of life, the meaning that knows Gu Cheng naturally, can come here today, following Gu Jiadou is best friend, on bazaar, having the concern of countless ties, said again, so dot bagatelle, can sell Gu Cheng an outer part, what is there against it! Instantly, everybody promised to come down in succession.

The eye sees the issue is similar, ruan Xue Ercai appears on the stage, had taken microphone, laughing to say: "Very glad, everybody can happily gather under the same roof today, here, still a good news wants to be shared together with everybody below, next month, my 2 sons Gu Nayu was about to be engaged, when arriving, ask everybody to eat a meal well again, those who hope everybody is available manage to find time enjoy a face. Good, moment is not early also, on today's late banquet, prepared a few beverage and food to everybody, everybody do as you wish, of course, young boy, if have,come up against the girl that admire in the heart, can get hearten came, good girl can be not much, this hold up when be about boldly hold up rises. This hold up when be about boldly hold up rises..

This word says Ruan Xue Er, spot beat removed enthusiastic applause, next, individual ability is respective and diffuse, or is lifted cup taste wine, look for a person to greet, on or before, invite beauty to have dance lightly. The atmosphere of whole evening banquet, immediately active rise.

Gu Cheng follows Ruan Xue Er, taking the bud that consider bud and Han Yang, go following a few world uncle to see a ceremony, wait for this person that see to make call, the bud that consider bud just is pulling Han Yang to come to He Ying they that.

He Ying they are a few, sitting in the arbor of the garden, talking about a day. When the bud that consider bud is walked into, hear He Ying to use unplug high volume says: "Good! Small red, you are too insufficient meaning, this kind of good news, how to also tell us ahead of schedule! How to also tell us ahead of schedule!!

Immediately, hear voice of beg for mercy: "Eldest sister, spare sb's life, I am treated unjustly, I do not know prop body to order really in when ah, I just also know bilateral parents is discussing this issue these days, my Mom said, let

I talk about love well, not be in charge of these bagatelle, their adult can have handled these issues. Their adult can have handled these issues..

"The old, this word I can attest, connect me, just also know this thing today, estimation, this is ability come down certainly before long. " the bud that consider bud helps Xiao Gong rescue sb from a siege rapidly.

"You You You, someone this is elder brother's wife has not cried, had protected on person " Su Rui making fun of intentionally two people.

"Big star, you can be gotten well certainly certainly issues bud of your wife and children " Yan Furong also aside provocative rise.

When this kind expresses loyalty, han Yang but won't let off: "After, bud of our wife and children is the first, I am discharged the 4th. What small bud says is right, support and always carry out sturdily what small bud says "

What one says during a conversation, listen so that consider bud bud to cover the mouth is stolen happy rise.

"Go, go, did not see attendant still have several lone, in syrup is delivered less before us, you also are not afraid that candy eats much, tooth of meeting eat by moth. " La Yueer resented the ground lost a supercilious look to follow Gu Meng bud to Han Yang.

"Sweet dead individual, alas! Han Yang, your this one side, if was known by your vermicelli made from bean starch, estimation wants a tear to flow into the river. Estimation wants a tear to flow into the river..

"Han Yang, why, small bud is discharged the first, and can be you discharged only the 4th ah? " Su Rui thinking all along extraordinary.

This falls child, everybody just also discovered the flaw of Han Yang strong answer.

"Platoon second is a child after, discharging tertiary is our bilateral parents, so I can be discharged only the 4th. " Han Yang replies seriously.

This word, numerous female was to be scattered very big a packet of candy.

The bud that consider bud also blushed to rise.

Before long, xiao Gong takes away the friend that goes seeing him with respect to the Gu Nayu that is come over.

The bud that consider bud silvers coin with Han two people for company a few boudoir are sweet, in arbor this hid night kosher.

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