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The sad news of the death is transmitted, be after 3 days afternoon, in the way that Meng Xinyang and Si Yu left school bus to take a living quarter, the classmate that sees in twos and threes is surrounded together comment in a low voice. At first they also are wondering only, when going to the dormitory downstair, saw those who carrying thermos to run from dormitory building " love cries ghost " monadlist article.

He sees Si Yu and heart this world of one face curiosity come over from the doorway, greet sb actively ahead:

"Heart this world, are you to just came back? Should you still know what to job produce then? Should you still know what to job produce then??

Heart this world stopped footstep, of doubt see him, look again all round the crowd of in twos and threes.

"Alas, dean of the first month died, tell you without the person? Tell you without the person??

Heart this world and Si Yu are opened at the same time big eye.

"Your bullshit, before us two days still had seen her "

Abruptly the sound of tower above octave, let what the person all round happens to coincide stop comment, delivered the view in succession. Si Yu felt bad, pulling Meng Xinyang to run toward worker dormitory.

Just ran to the front of worker dormitory building, see Doctor Zhao that visits head on. The Si Yu's terrified and interrogative eye that is staring at him

"Doctor Zhao, aunt of the first month she... "

He the sweating child that sees run twice this at the moment, the face shows appear to be reluctant:

"Yes, dean of the first month died, be in this morning, I go making an inspection to her, discover her already... "

"How to meet such? "How to meet such??

Meng Xinyang is crying wildly

"We just had seen her the other day, when going, she still exhorts we did not forget to write line of business, we let see her again when doing not have a class... why... why... "

Her tear falls like rain between moment, choke up with sobs. Also had not known how long, she just hears the voice with Doctor Zhao hoarse An again:

"Si Yu, I should look for you originally. After discovering dean of the first month dies in the morning, I still saw a letter in her bedside, she leaves you "

Si Yu has received the white envelope in his hand, look at above emaciated handwriting " Si Yu is opened in person " , he is surprise like that look up look to him.

"She knows she is numbered, so she has done all preparation to accept death. Such, also should calculate did not regret. Si Yu, you help heart this world up to go back... "

Say him gently the shoulder that pats him, face about forward the direction of clinic and go.

Return the Meng Xinyang of the dormitory, bend over to go up in the bed cry bitterly unceasingly. The person of chummery also has what weep silently together with her, also have what before cannotting help going up, console, but she does not restrain the bitterness in the heart namely.

To her, meng Ting is the dean of welfare courtyard only not just, she more amiable like mother, her mother. It is her, ate desert in him belt of the doorway welfare courtyard, it is her, the again and again answers her life from the loot in dead hand. She and she is not close blame reason, she gave her the harbour of a home however. She looks at her from learn to speak to faltering on foot, from muddled ignorant baby grows for today's scallion girl. She inspects her to be close kin of flesh and blood, however, this worldly and only family member also leaves the world nowadays, leave her and go, we should like to ask, she how not can sad can not weep how.

And meanwhile, in another small dormitory, si Yujiang is bearing Bei a surname of the heart, staring at the envelope in beginning closely. He knows, all things should have a day when come to light. He is strong from calm down, let before each walks along those thickly dotted handwriting to him eye ground:

"Si Yu:

Excuse me, fasten with your path with this kind of means! I know, my life is about to go to the end, after-thought this lifetime, besides you, also let what I regret again without what. I am opposite your mom, have negative she is held in the palm immediately before one's death, can accompany you only so far.

I know, so much year, retaining an inextricability tie all the time in your bottom of the heart. Like all happy上海419桑拿会所论坛 children, you should have a good family originally. Have the father mother that loves you, how ought not to also have the drag in of a bit with welfare courtyard. Although you never say, dan Menga aunt knows, all along of welfare courtyard rose that day, you are in momently the mom that is waiting for you appears. In an instant, went ten years, is those days of expectation that thinks of night to want the does not go rancor that also turned command? If have, that too not should. On this world, be willing to discard oneself one's own flesh and blood without which mother. Believe me, she loves you. Today, the fact that you want, I tell you thoroughly.

Your father calls Xie Ting, his mom with you is college fellow student, the institute南京喝茶的地方你懂 of industrial and commercial government that they are in G city together 20 years ago reads. In the day with opposite a very short time, they fell in love with the other side at the same time. Xie Ting's father is at that time a party to an undertaking of bureau of program of government of G city land, the mother is surgery of bone of city people hospital sit examine expert, exclusive son Xie Ting is held in both hands by parents as a child ache in control. Their home is in the smooth lake elegant center of G downtown a sector of an area, in addition still the family also lives here, that is the G city procuratorate that intersects with father for generations of Xie Ting Zhang Zhenming of deputy section chief. Zhang Zhenming has one only daughter, overbearing bestow favor on only, arrogant and domineering, however unluckily settle on age similar thanks front courtyard yes. For this, bright move does not say the parent of both sides of male and female, be in however stealthily hopeful its are become.

And this paragraph of feeling that Xie Ting follows your mom, a paragraph of underground that is one hundred percent is loved, in whole campus, besides 9 them it is close good friend most, bright little somebody knows. And I, it is at that time your mom most one of the closest good friends, I follow her located classmate is in by cent again same a dormitory, the beginning and end of whole thing compares me to be clear about without the person.

After the university graduates, xie Ting by force of but, promise the arrangement in the home to go abroad to study abroad, and your mom chose to continue to stay in G city to seek the job. Await in those days, they are maintaining subterranean communication contact all the time. Two are developed by love the person of the head, often still do the thing of some of unimaginably queer making a person. To can see the pain of lovesickness in brief holiday, xie Ting will be not far 10 thousand lis run qui南京新茶外卖ckly to follow her secretly reunite, and fly off secretly after a few brief hours country. And all these, his family have no way is informed.

Study abroad after homecoming, xie Ting's father was in G city to arrange a good job to him through his person arteries and veins, also began cohabitational life because of this his mother with you. Thanking front courtyard of the innumerable trials and hardships seek an opportunity, when wanting to come home your mom's conscientious belt, in the lawsuit that Xie Ting's father is taken suddenly to embezzle bribery case by embroil, and be in at that time procuratorate record be careful in one's conduct appoint chief is Zhang Zhenming. He to help sb to fulfill his wishes oneself daughter, also help the good friend that makes greatly for years for solution, his one's words conveyed the request that should kiss with Xie Jiajie earnestly. At first anyway does not agree with Xie Ting, can fall in parental intimidate lure by promise of gain, to live firmly tumbledown at that time Xie Jia, he returned be loathing finally to promise this marriage. At that time, your mom has been pregnant 3 months, after hearing this news heartstricken, but nevertheless, she can how. Think many times, she feels to thank front courtyard not should because of her and his family pays no attention to indulge, he is affirmatory she, this lifetime won't lose her, and he also is really so do.

It is later only, have too much the thing that cannot expect makes them unaware. Underground loves the close windtight that they think to hide the truth from oneself to be mixed by the family member one day eventually Zhang Zhenming's daughter is witting. For this, that side person is playing him guard the banner of marital happiness to her innocent painful strike a vicious blow. Persecute to avoid, protection still is in in swaddle you, your mom must leave G town, live in seclusion to live to S city.

Went 4 years, of good luck coincidence, I and your mom encounters here again. She tells me, her not reconciled to, the concessional meeting with him well-meaning not reconciled to brings about the harm of evil person; The child that him not reconciled to just was born is stripped by callosity father's shelter. Everything what lose to look for her, more to return oneself child a complete home, she your resign to I, returned G city afresh. Can find Xie Ting when him when, everything already changed about. Thank the father of front courtyard, because weigh big corruption proposal, evidential authentic is sentenced to not have period, because he cannot accept the life in jail, commit suicide and dead. The mother is in after be informed this one message, full day is sullen, before long depressed also and eventually. He is forced to receive issued all debt, debt table is high he tired all day with coolie fare. Those days, the person that demand repayment at any time and place follow him, for not your mother child drag in comes in, he casts aside clear relation hard with your mom, not hesitate for this even as invective as your mom photograph to. Actually she why is not clear, what just look at him to be on his last legs so is living, her heart aches like be crossed by knife cut out. Eventually one day, he to cast off her of work with perseverance pester, confused not of choose road run quickly to the driveway in the center of, the car that be driven quickly and passes has been ground, on the spot get killed. And the mom that you are overwhelmed with sorrow, after affirming he did not have pulse really, one when can't bear heavy burden bumps dead to be in traffic accident spot, in pairs perishs.

Si Yu, I know such truth can make you sad, can let you be overwhelmed with sorrow, but I still should tell you these facts. Because this is your mom, why to come back to seek your account again. Do not hate her, her original intention just also wants to let little you can have a complete home. Probably, you still cannot understand quite now, but I should tell you, your mom, it is I see those who pass is worldly the bravest woman, for love, of her honor permits no turning back cast issued everything.

Si Yu, your eye resembles extremely your mom, flow as much on your body dripping her blood, promise me, no matter produce anything, you should resemble her euqally brave, doing not have what thing cannot be faced. I believe you, and, the family in my meeting and your heaven, guard for you together! Guard for you together!!

There is glide of a tear first and last on his face, however, the frozen face of that Zhang Guanyou at the moment unconventional however ferocious. Below the features of close lock, a pair of eyes that cover hematic silk are brewing monstrous fury, blaze of that ablaze flaming, be about to rectify him individual melt into cindery. He of drain of have no way, the flimsy paper devastate posse in the hand, cast angrily to half sky, carry between the foot, a piece of teapoy immediately and fall, he resembles the tired animal that goes mad only, doing before death comes growl finally and struggle.

When heart this world pushs the door to come in, what what see is everything what in disorder completely, and the host of the room has not known whereaboutldirection. If not be to live in the welfare courtyard that has entrance guard guard, she thinks really was to steal bandit by. She examined the article in the room carefully, had affirmed him things is in later, a heart that hanging homing of ability in a way. Just when she prepares to issue the get away in scattering article from the foot, saw foundation place is kneaded the paper of posse. She bows collected rise, and slowly opened it.

This seals the letter that Si Yu leaves before dean of the first month is mortal, a the last word that till her one word does not fall read, in the heart unexpectedly ineffable deep feeling of grief unceasingly. Presumably, arrive as what she of spectator can experience chilly anxiety is helpless, so, the Si Yu as close kin of their flesh and blood should be how door leaf of painful thorough heart. Think of this, her heart is mentioned abruptly, see full ground again in disorder, she is promoting a heart rush out of of rapid face about dormitory. After going out, she just discovers the sky fell rain unexpectedly, still accompanying blast a thunderous. Because worry about Si Yu's safety indeed, she has been considered now must not too much, she what a person walks to run in heavy rain is mad search, run to the reading room from the dining room, find education floor from clinic again, where can have the least bit sign of Si Yu. She is afraider and afraider, think he was to leave welfare courtyard for a time. Then, she hurriedly the gatehouse that runs to welfare courtyard doorway, the guard of the doorway has assured with her again and again, say to did not see Si Yu absolutely, she this ability hasty retrace her dormitory, but disappointing is, in the dormitory as before besides in disorder ground does not have even half individual shadow.

She even more concern rises, gave dormitory building to run quickly again in returning rain. Abrupt, after a thunder and bolt, she saw the door of that hovel in the corner returns with the door left unlocked to wear, she stopped footstep, the dim light of night is heavier and heavier, activity of the what in house also is done not have, inky. But she is instinctive however think Si Yu is in inside. She slowly push open the door, helping what the corner explores up to go to in go.

"Si Yu... Si Yu... are you inside? "Si Yu... Si Yu... are you inside??

The room is not big, inside stack timber of dated desk and chair, with the air with humid move, send out the taste that gives mildew of a paroxysm.

"Si Yu, I am heart this world, are you in be inside? Are you in be inside??

The place of pass in and out of this bright rare person, in the night of a such thunder and bolt, weird some make her creepy. She is preparing face about to go out, hear the voice of dress caress corner suddenly. Down noise her retrace body took a few steps forth again, saw a corner manage that figure that crouchs into posse. At the back of the desk horn that his nest discards in one caboodle, get on head pillow in genu, resembling was to be asleep general.

"Si Yu, si Yu, how are you this? I looked for you a long time... "

She slowly go by, turned his arm gently. His this ability slowly raise a head, the look of that slack, fail to let him know the person before at a draught unexpectedly. Heart this world bows look down at is worn he, be gotten on by that piece of face however empty eyes and spellbound and helpless expression awe live, it is nevertheless a long time kongfu, the Si Yu before resembled changing a person already.

"Si Yu, I am heart this world "

She handholds with two hands his arm, see him do not have conversation as before, also sit to the corner with her simply.

"I am sorry, I saw a dean leave your letter, fall in the circumstance that did not agree through you... "

She is low first, also be immersed in gradually silent. Probably, she knows his present anguish.

She knows, when a person, lone consist in in this world, look at big time to escape beside, never feel this is wasteful, also do not feel what to is worth to cherish, because herself is essential,do not know why and vivid. The fritter away of time day after day, take turns of the four seasons is before flounder, she does not know the road below the foot will lead to He Fang as before, she also cannot see the future that the person says from beginning to end is what appearance. People often says those who want work to 南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路not have do not be about to have beg, she feels she is to be accomplished really occasionally. Because be in her world, who don't have to be able to worry for her, also be worth her to miss without what thing. What before looking at an eye, rush about busily is earthly, those countless ties, those confused confusion faze have nothing to do with her however, kind of what kind of loneliness and lose is that? She is confused in countless night over- , had hesitated, painful over- , had cried, but all these went, because be in her doleful world, walked into a little boy like her. Now, although he is sad, although be distress, can have what dreariness again then, because be beside his, still have her. She does not have method to be him probably acetanilide, forypll一品楼江苏 him patchy cut, but she is met forever for company him, let him also won't feel alone forever.

"Heart this world, can have so a day, you also want to disappear beside my, always see no longer? Always see no longer??

The excessive in his eye became full chilly anxiety, and she is sturdy however tell him:

"Si Yu, want you not to leave me only, I can stay beside you forever "

Yes, they won't be again apart, they still can have what reason departure. He former, all the time heart heart reads aloud the is longing for him mom that read aloud to receive him, although she is done not have,appear. What be like a day 10 years is ardent in welfare courtyard look forward to, be like decanal place to say really, of those dribs and drabs await already slowly accumulated rancor becomes hate, but anyhow, this is him these year life aim, it is the exclusive hope for that his Lai Yisheng puts. However, that letter that receives aunt of the first month to leave him when him when, all these is undone. Learn won't evasive him, do not know how to should accept this fact however momently in that. If can, if he returns the opportunity that has a choice, he would rather not know these, would rather wait in welfare courtyard as before. The heart puts a hope to perhaps be full of again resentment, feel well is ordered about by so brutal reality. Think these year, his heart feels he is funny extremely. Probably, it is early 10 years ago, he the first time when coming to here, believe the intuition of own heart with respect to this, be clear that oneself won't have what be received again that day. 10 years of one dream, even if be again beautiful lathery also should have a undone day, and now is him when this are thoroughly sober.

He tries to tell his soberly:

"Outside the world of heavy traffic, had nothing to do with us again... "

There can be a voice however in her heart saying secretly:

Actually those, have nothing to do with us...

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