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Si Yu was in a dormitory to wait very long, do not have tardy however when the heart is in r南京品茶信息网GDelief come back. Anxious, he walked out of dormitory building, pace is worn step comes near dining-room. Looking at that by deck one new restaurant, a few familiar form had gone from inside, but he did not see the heart is in relief as before.

Of celestial shade heavy, it i南京400以内大活场子s inky more all around one. He sits in static night, thinking the world of that lights brightly lit with the look. Those a few old the bright and clean that old wooden win南京性价比高的场子90分钟dow has been swabbed, in the lamp illumination with bright dining-room boast falls, he can see dimly inside the form that cluster round, still have... still have Cai Yun Han... just, the expression on that piece of face, a bit does not look to give the gratification after the banquet ends satisfactorily, resembling is by person debunk the iciness after what violence and evil-minded. During baffling, his heart is tightened abruptly. Resembling was what to realize suddenly, he is rapid run over ahead, just greet in the doorway sneak away hurriedly the Liu aunt that come out.

Liu aunt sees the person before is him, ability exceedingly loosened tone.

"Si Yu, I am calling you, go in rapidly this world seeing a heart... "

His heart mentioned voice key point at a draught, do not consider go up to ask Liu aunt beginning and end again, his face about goes straight towards dining-room continuously and go.

Stand in the doorway eventually when him, the one act before was stupefied him almost. The children of whole welfare courtyard, of forget oneself those who staring at ahead one big two small. That all along arrogant and wilful be used to the back that Cai Xiaolong hides cringingly in him mother at the moment. And at the moment Cai Yun is cold, peremptory one honour the Ahriman that just climbed from hell, devils ground is staring at the Meng Xinyang that falls on the ground.

The expression on his face also was done not have again in former days the aplomb in, that pair deep and remote cold binocular, showing hunt hunt cold light, resemble two sharp and clinking sharp, forward Cai Yun Han is point-blank go out.

"What are you doing? "What are you doing??

Cai Yun Han sees him, in bazoo cold hum, corners of the mouth is small carry, show contemptuous state.

He two paces make one step, bow crouched, go up from the ground hurriedly uprear had cried all over the Meng Xinyang of aching and limp.

"Is the heart in relief? Is the heart in relief? Is the heart in relief??

When him strained view sees the face that her tear stains ins disorder eventually, see the be in power of that clear blackish red on the cheek that she fair-skinneds in vain, his heart resembles was being pricked to defeat general convulsion to rise by dagger immediately. Had been ignited in his heart monstrous fury, but the more such, the cold cold in his eye the more aggravate. He is being helped up stand flabby heart is in relief, resolutely the station of definitely is in of Cai Yun Han before, say frozenly:

"I warn you, what thing comes to me, if you dare harm her again, alarming our fish dead net is broken "

One word, be like is firm of the firm between the labial tine from him is crowded those who come out, even if be to see be used to the Cai Yun of rise and fall of wind and cloud is cold, also can't help of terrified terrified saw him a few seconds, that pair looks be like Cheng Man of dim nonluminous eye keen, the cold light that chilly wipes then between forehead is like should freeze everything. Face girl of such a cold high, the generation that in every case is a general is afraid already retreat to avoid a conflict, but she is done not have. Although, the backside of that ability, the awe with his frozen really successful mood arrived her, but her never mind is good be afraid of. Because, in her hand, she still is grasping their lifeblood. A expression that smile a thin smile is shown on her face, the eyes is like those who if not have,have to look at a window outside:

"How, this welfare courtyard are you to begin not be used to? This welfare courtyard are you to begin not be used to??

alleged hit a snake hit 7 inches, astute be like her, how to agree to let off their fatallest weak point again.

The leg of heart this world one soft, nearly should be grown again. Si Yu is nervous do not consider again on other, he looks at her pale face

"Heart this world, you how? You how??

She closely depend on in the bosom in him, raise a head, look at him feebly with that pair of tearful eyes. He knows she wants what to say, he knows of course, but, he is not to be exposed to she is upset by unkindness, he is flagrant others the trample of such unbridled her. See her tear, still have half red face, he is hit than his was being endured even afflictive, even painful extremely. He bows, hit a horizontal stroke to hold her in the arms, add in side side light tone to be opposite her say:

"Heart this world, I am in, everybody does not want to touch you again "

Her gangmaster is stuck closely in his wind, tear had flooded everything.

Si Yu is holding her in the arms, move toward door edge directly. Transmit Cai Xiaolong's ambiguous sound suddenly however after one's death:

"I am not intended, I do not know... do not know... how can become such, the heart is in relief... the heart is in relief... "

Meng Xinyang resembles hearing same, bend over motionless in Si Yu's bosom. He turns faintly a body, the eyes looks at one face keenly absently Cai Xiaolong, stern in voice and countenance:

"Offer a piece of advice you, later of centrifugal Yang Yuanyuan, yue Yuanyue is good "

Find the evil spirit gas in eye of the other side, cai Xiaolong can'ts help unexpectedly receded one pace.

such, in the look that Si Yu shinings in one in pairs, of in relief hall of heart of the first month emperor took away. Cai Yun Hanjiu stands for a long time in that, eventually from far back him lieutenant general that go the line of sight closed, the looks at oneself son that she abhors, be about at once the rebuke of right on the face, but the one dry everybody with attendant at that time suffer from, she is bearing fury by force, push Cai Xiaolong repeatedly took the tape that play to give dining room.

The person that a flock of watching the scene of bustle, this ability realizes good fun ring down the curtain, promote the beginning that sigh to leave broadcast. such, the birthday banquet of an impetus huge in order to part on bad terms wind up.

After returning a dormitory, si Yu puts heart this world to the bed, of one face anguish look at her small swollen face. After for a long time, he just in a low voice ask:

"Still ache? I go the ointment that clinic takes bit of detumescence besmears to you "

He rises to be about to leave, in relief take everything into one's own hands of heart of the first month lived he.

"Si Yu... "

One conversation drag in arrives corners of the mouth, she is knitting eyebrow " hoarse " , si Yu turned to come back rapidly again.

Think of her two days this the body this bad, cai Yun is cold even one disaster after another, move to her with fierce, what he cannot help is self-condemned.

"Blame me, I ought not to you go to indulge. Heart this world, it is I did not take care of you good... "

Hit in that spank on her face, resemble pricking the sharp in his the pit of the stomach, like bone of break heart corrode painful.

"Si Yu, we go, leave this, go which go, this is not any more once that welfare courtyard... "

She closely the hand that holds him, that mood is entreated approximately. Last word that thinks of Cai Yun Han is spoken to them, yes, not be any more here at the outset that welfare courtyard. They blindly self-surrender, blindly lower one's head, beg however after be not subdued complete.

Next a many week, of they or as usual go there and back between the school and welfare courtyard. But, heart of that risible from beginning to end the first month is in relief, devoid the expression former days. After passing that work, of Meng Xinyang and Si Yu famous degree in welfare courtyard abruptly violent wind rises, the greatly small child in the courtyard, rearward is long-tongued and eristic, gesticulate to them. Some still are in year young, still do not know love why the dot of content, listen to the scandal that gets a tiny bit, more direct station says in foreplay of Meng Xinyang face, had lived ten years in welfare courtyard they, the ground of base oneself upon is not had again unexpectedly between one night.

These days, they establish next writing line of business toward the Chinese flowering crabapple after school directly. Previously, they still can humble abode in Si Yu one lone dormitory of the individual, do not want to listen, do not want to look outside closing in the door completely. But now, place of their neither one can go, have here only, still come-and-go of bright rare person, it is them only the one place of remnant is quiet place.

Before the day is black, they completed the work that day, two people sit below the tree side by side relatively reticent. Actually, a lot of things need not be told, they each other are deep clear, not be weak, it is them too too helpless. Face the force of Cai Yun Han, they co上海419桑拿会所论坛ntend feebly; Face the Fei weak point in the courtyard to flow long, they check feebly. They are not to had not wanted to leave, escape the district like this devil, but they keep proof day feebly, because of the world outside the courtyard, they are more friendless.

"The day is fast black, the person of most propbably dining room is little also, we go having a meal " heart this world says weakly

Si Yu however copy is like like was not being heard, as before of eyes distance looking at far. Heart Yang Man rises slow, si Yu this ability slowly stood, go toward the direction of dining-room together.

It is at the door dining-room, come up against the monadlist article that just had good meal to go, still have the Cai Xiaolong that follows him one case.

"Heart... the heart is in relief, you... either... you, you will have a meal ah... "

Monadlist article sees the Meng Xinyang before, do not be like the shoot a glance at that be aware of again a Si Yu, see the look again finally to the Cai Xiaolong beside, very close distance, let him do not know to say what is good however.

Si Yu turn a blind eye to, be about to go to in go, abrupt what to realize, face about pulls the hand that had her, pass with her side-by-side.

Cai Xiaolong's look stays on Meng Xinyang's face all the time, did not leave momently. Since that after the event, he had not said a word with Meng Xinyang again. He understands Cai Yun Han to work always means, although, he explains for her all the time before her, he also was without the thing in the evening that day of practise favouritism want do one's best to assume, ke Caiyun is cold the fault that insists to consider as Meng Xinyang, and check to the utmost any him son and her come-and-go. For this, cai Yun Han nots hesitate with be very fond of have the Cheng Chou of fall out of one's own son that add. On this thing, she was packed up even before by every means doting, become cold blood is merciless, if threaten is discovered to there still is contact below their illicit by her again, regular meeting drives welfare ou南京君临国际炮楼t of the courtyard Meng Xinyang. This, he is what saw Cai Yun Han really is determined. Such-and-such, even if is him always is inordinate, also must convergent.

Enter dining room, the hutch besides in twos and threes protects worker worker inside, had done not have the trace of someone else. Meng Xinyang sits on seat, si Yu helped her make a meal in the past. Liu aunt sees Si Yu's figure, from the kitchen in circled come out. It is vernal and amiable as before on her face.

"Meal is cool, you are waiting first, I help you be heated up "

Si Yugang wants to place hand excuse oneself from, had seen the back of Liu aunt face about.

Si Yu sits opposite heart this world, differ meeting, liu aunt is carrying reeky meal to send, put to the desk before them. See these two poor children, remember Cai Yun Han met their condition that day, she cannot help sighed:

"The heart is in relief, the thing Liu aunt that day saw, it is they let you be upset by unkindness "

The corners of the mouth of heart this world twitched twice, the teardrop with big beans has attacked of rustle boil. Si Yu looks at her silent as the gravely, because the fist that grasping closely exerts oneself to do sth. exaggerate, condyle is shown more cadaverous.

"I do not stay in this, I do not want to continue here really... "

She cries at the same time, at the same time emphatic cries. The grievance in the heart squashs since for a long time, resembling was to find the outlet that abreact at a draught, those gloomy written guarantee the thing in the heart, the shout that also does not control come out.

Liu aunt is stroked gently with handle gently on her back, saw a Si Yu, in her side side gently again

"Heart this world, do not blame Liu aunt to gossip, before this welfare courtyard has been inferior to greatly really, but the life that even if also did not ensure outside feel well so. More what is more,the rather that, there is a regulation in the courtyard, malcontent 18 one full year of life are not OK privately moves those who leave welfare courtyard "

Slow stanch of heart Yang Man cry, she tries hard be pacified is worn oneself mood, actually, her why does not know these, just, if use a bit dignity that puts only to be able to exchange the eave that instantly can keep out wind and rain only, so, she auxes would rather make a bet with life, the both hands that relies on oneself scrambles another kind of way that can live hard. Even if tears of blood is ambiguous, she also will not grudge.

"Good, do not think too much, eat at once, want again a little while otherwise cool "

Si Yuduan removes the bowl on the desk, use a chopstick mechanically to go to what keep in the mouth to send a meal, the eyes however of terrified terrified look at desktop blank place. A meal has come down, straight as chewing candle.

Later successive a few days, si Yu resembled changing a person simply. When heart this world follows him one case, often discover his for no reason was immersed in a kind to brood. Come up against him in campus occasionally, he also is the appearance with a pair of heavy worry. Have many times even, he cries twice before she should go up, he if ability suddenly wakes from inside sleep deeply general. More those who let her feel strange is, before a few days, she waits for him in campus doorway, good the figure that sees he is late not easily, he however hurriedly tell her, he should do some of thing two days this outside, let her a person answers welfare courtyard by school bus first.

Face Si Yu's mysterious recently unusual position, she ever also couldn't help had asked him a few times. But he always says, pass two days to be able to tell her the truth. Although she is bemused be no good, also not be clear about Guo Siyu's humanness again however. Probably, he is planning the important matter of day of a Jing, but she knows, anyhow, si Yu won't abandon her. Think of his always is overcautious, also did not examine minutely again and again so.

Saturday in the morning, wash and dress of Yang Ganggang of heart of the first month ends, planning to eat breakfast. In the office that sees Cai Yun Han however accidentally, have a piece of face that has not beening familiar with. It is Si Yu, his serious is before Cai Yun Han, one face is solemn what talking about of leisurely with her again. Meng Xinyang at once pursy eyebrow. There can be what thing between them, can you sit together so communicative? Si Yu of integrated these days' unusual move, faint feeling has what thing to will happen in her heart. Then, she eats what breakfast involuntarily again, turn answer a body to turn back apprehensively. She worries about Si Yu, worry about their two the individual's place more. Because of her too too clear, what they face is how the part with a hot firm.

Cannot think of, be in a dormitory downstair, si Yu called her in her back unexpectedly. She turns round absently, there is the does not go dignified of brandish on the face, si Yujing is static be opposite with her inspect two seconds, next one face grabbed tensely her hand:

"How? Be Cai Xiaolong? He looks for you again? He looks for you again??

Look at him closely pursy brows,

"Either, I just see you, be in the office of Cai Yun Han "

His this ability loosened slightly at a heat, the chromatic dispersion of one face insecurity is used up, turn and float reveals a clear happy expression. He looks at her eye:

"Heart this world, I am occupied should say with you, answer a dormitory now, taking a thing to go with me "

From his speech, she listens even went out a few minutes excited, her doubt more very, however, he is not worn by the belt of defend oneself however she goes forth. She is so foolish the foolish step that follows him, return a dormitory hurriedly, the doorway of courtyard of hasty welfare of rush out of.

Gave courtyard door, had walked along two markets opening on foot, on a new platform, they went up bus, going straight towards a sealed directional delay amble. The bus has turned a few turns, stop stop had left welfare courtyard further and further. Meng Xinyang sits on board, there is a smile on the face, she looks at the Si Yu that sits up by, interrogative more very. Resembling is the perturbed that saw her, he anounces a smile to her

"Do not worry, arrived immediately "

She nods slightly, did not pass how long, bus car stops in to be called " new harbor road " platform, this world of heart of the first month of Si Yu motion gets off. She is being looked around all around, because of the reason on the weekend, assemble of the crowd on the street is moved, the heavy traffic on the road. The bush with lofty both sides, by the blacktop below the foot, side with ahead all the time outspread. The building with not well-known far, set off is worn this antiquated old city, do not have charm one time to all be shown.

Go to a corner on foot all the way turning, one place bid is worn " hill spray encloseds ground for growing trees " the village is nearly before. Heart this world is following Si Yu, go towards the doorway, the security personnel that the uniform wears on guard hillock walks over courteously to ask ask, si Yu and his bargaining a few, ensure public security immediately dodge discharged. Meng Xinyang lost way already completely, do north and south of not clear thing, she has written down the road that go back to be not gotten. She blindly follow to go ahead as Si Yu, had turned the greenbelt of the village, cross the building with an antiforeign same look, arrived eventually the reverse side of a building. Si Yu is leading her to involve 3 buildings only down stair, stop before the wooden door with vermilion one side. See he draws out a key gently only, in past keyhole a batch, door lock immediately and case, wooden door is opened by light jog.

"Heart this world, this is our new living quarter "

Look at him jade-like stone bright pupil, she dare believe scarcely

"New living quarter? Our? Our??

Si Yuwei is laughing to nod to hers, cordial invitation she is walked into look around.

She one face exclamatory follows him, resemble an omniscient tourist guide, taking her to see a sitting room at the same time, staying at the same time she visits a kitchen. Actually, this is one comparatives narrow small two bedrooms door model, indoor just also decorated simply, whats don't have furniture home appliance, include the bed of two bedrooms, also be Si Yu these two days hurried in purchase.

This house, belong to municipal to tear open change to find a place for room, in the northern part of welfare courtyard, distance welfare courtyard also has a paragraph of quite far leg. Here is in the suburb a sector of an area of relatively devious cold and cheerless, chummage is opposite for cheap, village doorway has market food market, life place needs everything needed is ready. More important, the school that here is in now from them does not calculate too far, public transportation cross a few stations to arrive, also be this reason, si Yucai decides to lease this next buildings.

Of Meng Xinyang outside and in move back and forth, a corner also is not let off, fall the horny corner of whole room to stop eye ground till her, she just stopped eventually footstep. A peculiar expression shows eventually on her face:

"Si Yu, didn't you cheat me? Is this our dormitory really? Can we move welfare courtyard? Can we move welfare courtyard??

See the long-unseen smile on her face again, an agitate of cause is done not have unexpectedly in his heart

"Yes, here is our home after "

"... "

Her smile is abrupt one deadlocked, so old, does she also have the home?

"Yes, our home "

The heart is in relief of fix eyes on look at the Si Yu before. He says, this is our home. If be others, she won't believe for certain, but the person before is Si Yu, that had never fooled her person, she believes him of course. Then, resembling in her eye is by confuse drizzlily went up mist of a water, corners of the mouth cannot help however go up raise, this momently, she has the home eventually. She should laugh, she wants loud laugh...

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