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After 3 people go


Ice also woke. Preparation rises, but feeling all over ache, look in past quilt, oneself dress was changed. There are two people that patronize her beside her, she asks; ' where is this. '

Two people say among them; ' fast go for the childe comes. ' another does not answer ice problem.

Ice; ' you can tell me where this is after all. ' that person still does not reply.

Ice; ' how do you just agree to tell me after all. '

That person; ' young lady, waited for our home childe to come, you were clear about. '


Hunan invites night and a few people chatting, at this moment a person comes in report to say; ' the young lady woke. '

Igneous bare; ' oh, eldest brother, your little baby woke eventually, glad. '

Hunan requests night; ' bare, 3 days do not clear away you, you arrive fly on a day. ' although Hunan requests night so say, but the raise on his corners of the mouth or not self-conscious ground.

Hunan requ南京爱约派吧Eests night; ' I go looking, you wait a minute. '


Hunan invites nig南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路ht to still wearing a mask


Two ministrant people cry; ' childe. '

Hunan requests night; ' favour. '

Ice; ' this is, who are you. '

Hunan requests night; ' this is my home, you are I am saved come. '

Ice; ' can tell me to produce what job. ' herself can think back to only her He Yuner by drug hind insensible, did not know next.

Hunan requests night; ' you want to know really. ' ice; ' hum '

Hunan requests night; ' good, I tell you, you were saved by my brother, in you purgatorial, I think you should know purgatorial what be. '

Ice; ' it is you are solved to me. '

Hunan requests night; ' right, it is me. '

Ice had known, herself is not his any more. Although adamancy is like her to also do not bear such blow, say to him; ' why didn't you kill me, why should you save me. ' saying to cry.

Hunan r南京爱约派吧Eequests night; ' want to holding her in the arms, but to avenge, he cannot again softhearted. Why do you calculate think dead, also not be willing to let me save you. Who is there still after all in your heart. '

Ice; ' go out. '

Hunan requests night; ' the story that I miss to listen to you, when otherwise myself fish comes, when be late already. '

Ice; ' good, I tell you, a boy that I like, he calls Hunan to request night, but 3 years ago, I cannot find him, although I employed all person pulse, the relation still cannot find him. '

Hunan requests night; ' you had wanted to abandon. '

Ice; ' not, because I believe, sooner or later I can find him. Just get together for long look apart, believe he also has same think of a way in another corner of alive bound. '

Hunan requests night; ' you still love him. '

Ice; ' love.

Hunan requests night; ' that if he does not come back ' .

Ice; ' I can wait all the time go down, know him one day. '

Hunan requests night; ' but now, you already the becomes me woman of b南京spa哪里好玩e worthy of the name, how should you face him. '

Ice; ' Hunan requests night, you hide even after all how long. '

Hunan requests night; ' you are wrong, I am not him. '

Ice; ' the scar on your arm, it is you black-and-blue time stays, you feel you can outsmart me, the scar on your back you feel you can outsmart I. '

Hunan requests night; Hear ice if, in the heart very touch. Put on the ice at this moment the mask that wants to pick him, but was handholded by him the hand was prevented.

Ice; ' beg you, let me see your one side, travel, saying a tear to stay. '

Hunan requests night slowly the hand that unlocks her, before her, oneself do not have place escape form from beginning to end. Ren Youbing the hand picks his mask. Ice what see him again is flashy held him in arms immediately.

Hunan invited night to also hold her in arms, allow to cry in oneself bosom by her.

Hunan requests night; ' the woman that becomes me, regret.

Ice; ' do not regret. '

Hunan invited night to kiss her lip.


Igneous bare they are in the on the sly after Hunan invites night to go outside the door eavesdrop, igneous bare; ' wow, good interest explodes, eldest brother finds the person that he loves eventually. '

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