Fiftieth Zhang Bai holds南京建邺区会所推荐 you in the palm a thing

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Jin Yu: How, looked?


Ice: Look.

Jin Yi: How to feel?

Ice: The sense is good, just fear we are made for the first time a bit mix model, can you have a place?

La He: Little younger sister, a bit much.

Ice: Good.

Jin Yi: Worked hard, go, I ask you to have a meal.

Ice: Didn't you have a fever? Ask me to have a meal.

Jin Yi: Do not have a thing of course, go quickly. Ask you to have a meal to still need reason?

Ice: What.

Jin Yi: Went quickly. Hertz, your younger sister I first spirit away a little while. The cloud accomplishment is in the home, you, became us inside exclusive a female, we do not bestow favor on you a few times sleep.

Ice: You how so Where is deficient?

La He: Little younger sister, the elder brother allowed you to go, nevertheless, ease, you take good care of to me my younger sister, otherwise, my forgive not you.南京现在哪里有好场子

Ice: How do I have kind of feeling that is sold by you?

Jin Yi: Ah, do not have. Go.

Ice see Xiang La conspicuous.

La He: Go.

Liu Feng: Hope ease can be successful.


Jin Yi: Ice, sit. Please.

Ice: Stop, what thing says.

Jin Yi: Not, thing of it doesn't matter.

Ice: Do you ypllt一品楼江苏decide issue of it doesn't matter? Good, then I went.

Jin Yi: Hey, fasten, ice, I say, I say.

Ice: Say.

Jin Yi: Actually, we want a few times to let you persuade to persuade miscarriage, you are absent these days, the emotional respect of miscarriage got harm. So, I want to let let you persuade to persuade her, you also know, the cloud was pregnant, let her persuade how to show who meets adventitious? Yu Fei, just passed the business of your elder brother, we are afraid that she also is done was bungled, have you only.

Ice: Do I say? You a few ah.

Jin Yi: I go trying.

Ice: Good.


Jin Yu: How, agreed?

Jin Yi: I go into action, became of course.

Jin Yu: Do well.

Jin Yu: Ice, requested, little younger sister these days very bad really.

Ice: Good,南京200——400的场子汇总 come off work to go. Travel?

Jin Yu: Good, withered.

Ice: Hum, do not have a thing.

Liu Feng: How, ice, be sure?

Ice: This kind of thing, my individual thinks only herself is willing truly, just be best method, not be, of someone else persuade, I feel to do not have too big effect, herself is not willing, again much person persuades trashy also.

La He: The word although so say, but, had promised ease, I go back those who try.

Liu Feng: It may not be a bad idea, these days she is in circle in the air in bar. Buy drunk.

Ice: Good, I am direct past bar.

Jin Yi: Worked hard.


Liu Xiang: Size elder sister, you were not drunk again, travel? , you had been bought a few days here all the time drunk, notice the body.

Jin Yuefei: Circle in the air, you are not in charge of me, what are you in charge of me to work?

Ice arrived, liu Xiang saw ice, give her wave. Ice past know clearly.

Circle in the air: Ice, fast, persuade to persuade her, I am to be overcome.

Ice: Miscarriage, did not drink again.

Jin Yuefei sees ice came, held ice in arms immediately say: Do you know? I am afflictive really, he does not want me.

He does not love me南京哪里spa性价比高.

Ice: Good, good. Not sad ah. You can pour out with me, the woman should be bit better to oneself, be?

Jin Yuefei: Ice, I know, I should not am opposite my his affection, but I do not control myself namely, I understand my elder brother won't agree, but I do not have method.

Ice: Good,

Jin Yuefei: Although Lan Feng is the person of my elder brother, but my elder brother why disapprobation.

Ice: What, you say, the person that you love is Lan Feng.

Jin Yuefei: Hum, I know, he does not have very tall one's previous experience, but I do not care, what I love is his person, is not the extraction setting of that entirely imaginary.

Ice: Loving a person is to should follow oneself heart, even if without abundant setting, is insipid lifetime also very good?

Jin Yuefei: Are you to come to those who persuade me?

Ice: I think, I was cheated by your elder brother. And they are cheated a few times jointly.

Jin Yuefei: Ah.

Ice: Good, good, we go back, good?

Jin Yuefei: Good, we go.

Two people went back

Close center

Ice: Your what meaning?

Jin Yi: How? Ice.

Ice: Do you still have a face to say how? You say. What why to tell me miscarriage loves is Lan Feng. Still have family Lan Feng how ah, your what meaning, is scorning a person? Is extraction so important? Is setting so main?

Jin Yu: You knew.

Ice: Yes, I knew. Flat life how.

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