Old job of t南京爱约派吧Ehe 10th chapter (one)

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Old job (one)

3 years ago

Afternoon, jindong and golden home children went a company, golden madam wants to should give commission people hair salary, golden madam is investigated with respect to VIP, whose home is a bit more difficult among them, plan much in salary help, let a person investigate everybody's data, check the son that she and she checked only when Hunan aunt data, do not have someone else, and her data gold madam always feels incorrect, let Jin Yu help checked, jin Yu's message has not arrived, golden madam feels this thing need not too urgent, invited land madam and blue madam they meet together, but, jin Yu's word came, golden madam is put in that, still do not have there's still time to look, when Hunan aunt knows golden madam checks her, a few days mind is restless, on the party, when golden madam lets her work, all along she scrupulous mismanages actually finish sth, golden madam; ' Hunan aunt, you how. ' Hunan aunt; ' I, i, madam, i. ' at this moment, madam of land of as it happens and blue madam her call away, hunan aunt this ability had escaped to rob. When in the evening, hunan aunt sought a space, go appealing gold direct. Gold direct; ' Hunan aunt, not be I say you, our thing was exposed was over completely, , . Mean南京好的spa推荐ACwhile, jinzhai is upstairs, golden madam as it happens sees the data Hunan of Hunan aunt requests night is gold direct son, and oneself were cheated to be in beat so old, result, gas does not make one part, expert machine calls to Jin Yu, let Jin Yu come back at once,ypllt一品楼江苏 golden madam cries so that resemble a lachrymal person same. The mother sees after Jin Yu comes home such, ask how. Golden madam; ' the child that is crying to say Hunan requests night is golden home, , jin Yu is listening to see a mother again this appearance, particularly angry, what golden mother is holding Jin Yu in the arms to cry is very sad, jin Yu asks; ' father knows. ' ' golden mother; ' the data that he does not know to I checked Hunan aunt. ' golden feather gas does not make one part, rush down a building, let aunt of person general Hunan child bind come, challenge in the hall Hunan aunt, saying Hunan to request night aft南京现在哪里有好场子er all is whose child. Hunan aunt knows to hide the truth from is to had been not hidden the truth from, to gold direct appeal, but golden Dong Congshi comes is a kind of expression eventually, apathetic. The heart grey hint that this allows Hunan aunt is complete is cold. Jin Yu; ' you say however, he is whose son after all, hunan aunt; ' I, , i. ' Jin Yu is cold hum say; ' I won't make you good for you pass. ' golden madam; ' yes, hunan aunt, why, I believe you so, why do you want such. I won't allow your have an easy time. ' saying; Take bat, play Hunan one's mother's sister, hunan invites nocturnal risk one's life to protect a mother, golden madam is hit tired, let Jin Yu him two box up.


Aunt closing Hunan child place

Hunan aunt; ' night, night, you how. ' Hunan aunt is crying to say.

Hunan requests night; ' I am gold really direct son. '

Hunan aunt; ' yes. '

Hunan invites what night is close to insanity to say; ' why, I very golden home, why I if his son. '

Hunan aunt; ' I am sorry, night, I am sorry. '

Hunan requests night; ' I won't excuse you forever, I won't admit I am his child forever. '

Hunan aunt; ' night, it is so good that you are fastened. '

Hunan invites night to did not manage she. Again, lan Fu of golden madam fete's person and land madam they, let them give her redress the scales, golden madam lets a person Hunan aunt child take, hit them with bat, no matter how blue madam and land madam beg for leniency, she does not stop namely. At this moment, ice knowing is how to return a responsibility, golden madam connects his daughter to did not tell, the child of golden home has Jin Yu to know this thing only, ice they 3 people are hit in golden madam tired after answering a sitting room, take the chance Hunan aunt child saved come out. Arrangement ar全国凤凰楼信息网站rived in another house. In that one month, ice invite night to treat a disease for Hunan, pass a month get along, two people had feeling, hunan invites night to send ice a ring, the money that the labor that he uses himself for the first time earns is bought, he sent ice. But good times don't last long, after a month, hunan aunt child be found by golden madam, was caught again golden home, this they do more become aware, played their mother not only child, still give orders not to let a person give them means of subsistence, finally, drove them go out.

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