Thirtieth 3 chapte南京个人spa联系方式FDGrs marry (6)

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A few people feel, this should be best result!

Ice: I went up first, you chat slowly!

The cloud this wanting that follow ice the thing that says to let her do a matron of honour, but see ice complexion is bad, did not say with her, wanting to turn round to say南京哪个水疗会所好AK with her again.

Treasures humble made ice, put on the ice at this moment by chance the phone rang is Hunan invites night to be hit.

Ice there still is a bit to comfort in the heart.

Treasures humble wants to talk with her, dan Bing: Yu Fei, I am sorry, I must receive a telephone call first.

Treasures humble: Good, good. . . . . . .

Ice receive a telephone call: Hello, how, remember call came.

Hunan requests night: I am in Z city.

Ice: True, you came.

Hunan requests night: Available now, come out to accompany me, good?

Ice: Hum, good! Where are you?

Hunan requests night: I am in green city rose. Deliver an address to you a little while.

Ice: You have what plan, today, what to want to let me accompany you to do?

Hunan requests night: Hum, will say again.

Ice: Good, I can take a person

Hunan requests night: What person, ?

Ice: It is a child,

Hunan requests night: Hum! Can, I also have just in time a child should introduce with you.

Ice: Good, wait for us!

Ice change clothes next buildings the marriage that everybody is consulting 4 people, little bit sees ice came down, run in her南京爱约派吧E bosom to say: Hum, ice mom, did not accompany little bit for ages. Little bit is taking the respecting that complain.

Ice: Well good, go with me tonight, take you to play, good?

Little bit: Hum, good hey, 南京夜网梧桐客栈good hey!

The cloud: Ice, I want to say the thing of a matron of honour with you, you must do my a matron of honour, otherwise, I forgive not you oh!

Ice: The cloud, the thing of a matron of honour, I knew, still have other issue?

The cloud: Still have formal attire of a matron of honour, next, will you accompany me to carry marriage gauze the day after tomorrow?

Ice: You put ceremonial robe or dress to my room, I come back to be tried on, overgrown goes looking for you, good, I will have agreement to want to talk the day after tomorrow, you must seek her person additionally. Tonight, I want to be accompanied well accompany little bit, get job of haw of busy agreement haw these days next, I am afraid of do not have time to accompany him.

The cloud: Good!

Ice: Mother, father, I want to take little bit to go out to play meeting, OK?

La Dong: Good, go, drive to be nodded carefully, ah!

Ice: Hum, knew, father.

Ice taking away little bit.

Treasures humble is pulling the hand of blue mother to say: La Bai's mother, ice be fed up with me, doesn't she want to listen to my apology?

Blue mother: The child, did not think in disorder, ice just do not have empty, want busy agreement, want to accompany little bit again, you must give her free time!

Treasures humble: Good!

Ice belt little bit comes to green city rose, hunan requests night already life person waits for her in the doorway. Ice He Xiaoxing comes to here, mouth of a middleaged woman says: You are ice young lady! The childe lets me receive you.

Ice: Hum, I am.

That person says: Please, go here.

3 people arrived Hunan invites night to sitting on sofa, there is a little girl on the side, follow little bit almost euqally big. 南京200——400的场子汇总Hunan invites night to look from far at this moment little at first bully gas, dan Pingtian amiable.

Woman report to say: Blue young lady came.

Hunan invites night to look up: Baby, you came. Come quickly. Hunan invites night to stretch one's hand should put on the ice sit beside him.

Hunan requests night: Is this child?

Ice rhetorical question who is this girl.

Hunan requests night: Liu Er has played first with little little brother.

Liu Er looks at Hunan to invite night to nod.

Ice: Little bit and elder sister go playing meeting good.

The life that little bit encloseds ground for growing trees through closing is already complete and optimistic rise.

Little bit: Hum, good.

Liu Er: I call Hunan Liu Er, what do you call?

Little bit: I make little bit.

Liu Er: Oh, the little bit that is starlet?

Little bit: Yes.

Liu Er: Then we go then we go there play!

Little bit: Good.

Hunan requests night: Ice, say with me that child is, , , , , ,

Ice said the thing of little bit with him.

Hunan requests night: Also be a poor child.

Ice: That, that little girl?

Hunan requests night: She is me the daughter of good brother, her father calls willow evil spirit, we go out to drink one day, she saved a南京性价比高的场子90分钟 girl, that girl gave him herself, two people part company later, later she evil spirit the child, sent the child, herself went. Evil spirit do not have method, he is executing the mission in those days, send me her that, later, liu Er says she does not think, stay in this all the time so.

Ice: Oh, it is so such!

Hunan requests night: Hum!

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