The 16th chapter makes the one's lot南京君临国际炮楼 of 1000 approach

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Cui Di logy sits on sofa, there is that piece of white paper in the hand, staring at closely, what write in black and white is very clear, xu Qianling is the elder sister of size of a thousand pieces of gold that makes the home, she has bigger than her elder brother of a few years old, call Xu Qian interpret, the elder brother concern that she follows her is bad, her father is very heavy male light female, after making pa prepared to retire so, give Xu Qian interpret the company, did not take what place to Xu Qianling.

Xu Qianling and Xu Qian interpret are close sibling, their father mother is when they are very small feeling is bad, in them so teen-age moment divorced, after the divorce, xu Qianling and Xu Qian interpret live together with father all the time, make pa be weighed all the time male light female, make 1000 approach completely without giving th江宁大学城足疗攻略ought to, also be, to Xu Qian interpret also is be indifferent to sth, but make pa want to give Xu Qian interpret the company, when go to school Xu Qianling learns with respect to effort, take an examination of finally went up dancing institute, and all day long of Xu Qian interpret is do-nothing, tall one when because fight,be opened by the school besides, mix socially with respect to all day long so, as上海419桑拿会所论坛sociate with a few indecent friends, make pa return so return all day long to become Xu Qian interpret a treasure like, still prepare to give him the company.

Cui Di sees these, stay, the one's life experience that did not think of Xu Qianling is so disastrous, the parents in the home divorces, oneself concern with interpret of elder brother Xu Qian bad, praise dad so heavy still male light female, think of here, cui Di was immersed in contemplative.

"You are the most beautiful cloud in my heart, wine of pour full beauty stays you! Wine of pour full beauty stays you!!

Cui Ying glume is feeling the hand chain that wearing on the hand to just come back from outside, after taking the home, it is singing jump again, turn round finally, see Cui Di is bemused over, move close to look, discover Cui Di to syaring blankly in that to paper of that piece of that Zhang Bai that he has surveyed one's life experience of good Xu Qianling.

"Make the one's lot of 1000 approach, do you know? Do you know??

Hear the voice of Cui Ying glume, cui Di just knows jade-like stone clever came back.

"Hum! "Hum!!

Cui Ying glume takes Xu Qianling's data from tea table, looked a few times, shake his head helplessly.

"Alas! Actually, she holds out Xu Qianling not easy, divorced in the home, have father and elder brother only two family members, grandfather grandma dies early, father is weighed again male light female, concern with the elder brother bad, xu Qian interpret gives the company after making pa still prepare to retire, tian Na! Dare not imagine, the stomach plus Xu Qianling is bad all the time, dare not have the thing outside... ... "

Word of Cui Ying glume has not said, cui Di leaves with respect to preparation, but by Cui Ying clever blocked, be in jade-like stone clever the hand that playing Cui Di that momently, 南京个人spa联系方式FDGcui Di noticed jade-like stone the hand catenary on clever hand.

"Who gives you this? "Who gives you this??

Cui Di is pointing to that hand catenary, cui Ying glume collects the hand at once, in a low voice reply.

"He Xu gives me. "He Xu gives me..

Cui Di is sucked greatly at a heat, shake one's head, when preparation goes, by Cui Ying clever blocked.

"Cui Di, where do you go to? Where do you go to??

"Look for Xu Qianling. "Look for Xu Qianling..

Of bang, close the door heavily, went.

Cui Di is in road above run the edge looks everywhere, see Xu Qianling be in be absent around, if found a hope to her what can help, the result runs to point of a turning, hear angry roaring of Xu Qianling, cui Di hides at the back eavesdrop.

"Make 1000 interpret, are you still a man? Ah? Does yourself have hand pedate to work not do oneself earn money? Lie between 3 difference of 5 run excellent in will want money, pa is not in the home, you run to look for me to want money, I want experienced dance everyday, want the game immediately, drill I go to dance even company, I do not have money on the hand now, I do not search after asking you. I do not search after asking you..

"Who don't I look for you to search? Look for my pa? My pa is not in the home again, there is money on your hand only now, still have, never mention it after you what do you go to company, anyway lord child after retiring, the company gives I put in me 's charge to manage, you can go, come over money then to brother, drink to pay Zhang even a little while! Drink to pay Zhang even a little while!!

"Make 1000 interpret, you a thing that mix Zhang! You a thing that mix Zhang!!

Say, xu Qianling hit spank of Xu Qian interpret, later, made 1000 interpret hit Xu Qianling spank again, the Xu Qianling grovel that this spank hits is in the ground, the station does not rise, after making 1000 interpret be hit, still indissoluble gas, scold again go back.

"Song wraps, still want to hit me? I this is light, seeing you is female, brother is gone to hit gently, otherwise I can hit you do not know even your pa! Otherwise I can hit you do not know even your pa!!

Cui Di listens to no less than going to really, come out, first uprear Xu Qianling, stand by her, fierce cling to cling to look at Xu Qian interpret.

"Skill is carried with my sheet. "Skill is carried with my sheet..

"You who ah you! "You who ah you!!

Xu Qian interpret sees Xu Qianling on the side much a man, ask the past aloud.

"Is you are in charge of me who works? Do you make 1000 interpret namely? Boy, I tell you, a man does not have a career, did not live, know only do-nothing, money wants in chamberlain, money is done not have to be in charge of the girl to want money again in the home, the girl does not 魔都新茶论坛give you money you start work hit her, such man is Song wraps! Such man is Song wraps!!

"Whose Song do you say? "Whose Song do you say??

Xu Qian interpret hears Cui Di scolding oneself, made one fist of Cui Di, cui Di stands up finally, still gave Xu Qian interpret one fist again, two people scuffle is together finally, although how Xu Qianling checks, they two people still did not stop, came till the police, they just stop.

"Go with me! "Go with me!!

After the police sends a word, make 1000 interpret, xu Qianling, on Cui Di patron wagon, come to police station, arrived after police station, two people were taken advisory room, xu Qianling awaits outside.

"Full name. "Full name..

"Cui Di. "Cui Di..

"You, full name. Full name..

"Make 1000 interpret. "Make 1000 interpret..

"Sexual distinction. "Sexual distinction..

"Male. "Male..

"Male. "Male..

"The age. "The age..

"24. "24..

"26. "26..

"Reason. "Reason..

Two people look at each other in speechless despair, do not know what to say, the police sees they do not talk, repeated again.

"I ask you the reason, the reason that fight! The reason that fight!!

At this moment they just understand

"Because see he quarrels with a girl,I am, because he scolded that girl,may be next, that girl hit his spank finally, he returned spank again, after be being hit, he still indissolubles gas is scolded again go back, vituperation word is especially offensive, next I listen to no less than going to, come over to teach him, the word says the possibility a bit heavier, he takes fist to hit me, I returned the past again, be hit so. Be hit so..

Cui Di the thing simple repeat, after the police let Cui Di's repeat, looked to make 1000 interpret, ask with the eyes whether he is agreed with, later, make 1000 interpret nod, the police gave them the data, sign, said how to be punished.

"When signing, tell you how to be punished, toward saying gently is disturbed and public public order, say toward what weigh administration detains 10 days, what your thing is troubled by today is not big, it is OK to sign, remember, not to be repeated! Not to be repeated!!

"Thank constabulary uncle. "Thank constabulary uncle..

Cui Di went out after Xie Zhi, after making 1000 interpret also tighten therewith, after going out, make 1000 interpret look not to see Xu Qianling prepare, but be called by Xu Qianling,lived.

"Make 1000 interpret! Stay, must not go! Must not go!!

Finally face about faces Cui Di.

"Thank you, cui Di. Cui Di..

Cui Di nodded to go, what word also did not say, after returning the home, jade-like stone clever seeing Cui Di is an injury on the face, do not know he produced what job outside.

"Cui Di, you how do this return a responsibility? Go so a little while how is kongfu hurt such? Go so a little while how is kongfu hurt such??

"Make 1000 interpret, he is individual broken bits! He is individual broken bits!!

"How? "How??

"He looks for Xu Qianling to want money today, xu Qianling did not give him, he scolds Xu Qianling, 1000 approach hit his spank for backstroke, he also hit Xu Qianling spank unexpectedly, shout abuse is returned after was being hit, next I said him two, he unexpectedly a fist was hit, we are together with respect to scuffle finally, still drew on the police, entered police station. Entered police station..

"Police station? "Police station??

Cui Ying glume hears police station these a few words are very open-eyed, did not think of the issue will be so serious, look the thing in Home Xu Qianling cannot pay close attention to again.

"Elder brother, do not go looking for Xu Qianling, otherwise we go down so won't have good result, do I let otherwise does pa seek a dancing partner again to you? Do I let otherwise does pa seek a dancing partner again to you??

"Not, make the issue of 1000 approach, I am to without giving thought to,won't be dropped. I am to without giving thought to,won't be dropped..


Cui Ying glume stays, do not know why Cui Di can care Xu Qianling so.

"Cui Di, do you like her? Do you like her??

Cui Di was sucked greatly at a heat, two tactics environmental protection is together, look at Cui Ying glume.

"You love how to think! "You love how to think!!

Say, cui Di left.

Arrived in the evening, the family sits before dining table, two empty positions before Cui Guojiang and Zhang Yingchun, this receives Cui Yuan and Wu Xia to stay to preparation.

"I came back, everybody is in, give everybody introduction, had come back on, wu Xia, my girlfriend. My girlfriend..

After Cui Yuan takes the door, introduce Wu Xia to everybody, nod what Wu Xia smiles to everybody, cui Guojiang and Zhang Yingchun from stand up locally receive them.

"Come, come in sit, the meal has been done. The meal has been done..

Wu Xia and Cui Yuan find the position to had sat, cui Yuan just sits to ask Zhang Yingchun the question.

"Mom, don't this you still agree together? Don't this you still agree together??

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