The南京哪里spa性价比高 15th chapter acts in a play 2

" [db:标签TAG] thousand pieces of gold of counterattack of rich and powerful family " roypll一品楼江苏se queen 1/ is 南京珠江镇spa会所AHwritten, this chapter in all 400 words, update at: 2017-07-20 16:23

Shen Huan colour just returned the office, before dark night walks up immediately, come, shen Huan colour knows dark night has a word to want to say to oneself, say to Li Bing " Li Bing, you go seeking willow manager, tell 南京桑拿第一体验网her, president of foliaceous family name will check the quality of those gem tomorrow. " " be. " Li Bing says to go out to look for Liu Yuxin.

After Li Bing goes, dark night closes the door at once, say of joyous to Shenyang Yan Xiaosheng " help advocate, after you go, before long manager of human affairs department looks for me. " brows of Shen Huan colour is carried, say " does he let you work for Liu Yuxin? " Shen Huan colour admires to be able to guess even this secretly in dark night heart, nod, say " be. Say " be..

After Shen Huan colour listens, sneer " this Liu Yuxin, look, I too look down upon her. Since she wants even you bribe, so Li Bing sh南京喝茶交流群FDe is regular meeting bribe. So Li Bing she is regular meeting bribe..

Dark night brows is knitted, say " how do we do then? Say " how do we do then??

Shen Huan colour is laughing to look at dark night say " beat sb at his own game. Liu Yuxin wants to make you surveillant I, you with respect to go and seek refuge with sb her, help me monitor her. We will perform the espionage in a dish to look to her. We will perform the espionage in a dish to look to her..

"Yes, follower is clear. This goes to follower do. " say, da南京性价比高的场子90分钟rk night opens the door to seek manager of human affairs department.

Shen Huan colour looks at dark night to leave, think in the heart " Liu Yuxin, good, you should play, I accompany you to play, who to see laugh finally. " oneself are grasping all the time the person does not make me I not convict, if the person makes me return thousandfold.

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