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Shen Huan colour and Xie Fei are cold take a car to goypllt一品楼江苏 together. Because Liu Bin can get billion very glad, so automatic oversight the job that Shen Huan colour will take a company, he thinks " into be entered, anyway she still cannot take me how to do, have a plenty of time to clear away her later. Have a plenty of time to clear away her later..

Shen Huan colour sees a car here is not leave toward group of foliaceous family name, turn is a blame asking a leaf cold " go which ah? " Xie Fei 魔都新茶论坛is cold there is an eye since getting on a car oneself all the time, ask him till Shen Huan colour, he just opens an eye slowly say " Xie Jia. " Shen Huan colour feels very interrogative " we are not to should go foliaceous family name, go to foliaceous home working? " " my Mom inquire for you. " say, xie Fei is cold closed a key point again, talk no longer. "Are we to should go to what foliaceous family name talks about collaboration? " Shen Huan colour spoke out what think in the heart.ypll一品楼江苏 "Xie Jiaye can talk, all data send the project that the assistant that I had called me cooperates this Xie Jia. Went, did not make a noise, let me rest a little while, yesterday evening busy night. " Xie Fei is cold shutting an eye to say. Shen Huan colour sees Xie Fei was full of tiredness on cold face, also did not ask again.

===================================Xie Jia========================================

Very fast, their car entered Shen Huan colour a very big courtyard, the house is simple and do not lose noble energy of life. At this moment, xie Fei is cold also opened an eye, saw Shen Huan colour, say " go. " say, got off, after Shen Huan colour tightens therewith.

Enter foliaceous home building, see the very good woman that sees maintain walks over, play the hand that Shenyang smiles happily, say " smile happily so big, grow so beautifully. Regrettablly, when your mom gives birth to you previously, we are in abroad, waited to come back later, your mother died again. Your mother dies before long, you go again other place. Just see you now. " Shen Huan colour is returned formerly some are unconscious, hearing the word at the back of Liu Qin to just know this later is the musical instrument one's mother's sister that the mother often says with oneself, then at once respecting " musical instrument aunt, what you maintain is really good, I see you still think you are a leaf formerly total little sister. My mom often speaks of you with me, say you are her best friend. Still have, thank you to send my birthday present. Thank you to send my birthday present..

"Smile happily, do you like that gift? " before Liu Qin is pulling Shen Huan colour to come to sofa, sit down. Xie Fei is cold be on a building to rest alone.

"I like very much. Was opposite, musical instr南京建邺区会所推荐ument aunt, how do you know I come back? " Shen Huan colour thinks this problem thought very long did not think up because come so, be forced to ask Liu Qin.

"Think of think of those who tell me, oh right, forgot to tell you, I am to think of the aunt that think of. " Liu Qin replies.

"Oh. " Shen Huan colour says, thinking " this is thought of think of also oh, also do not tell me musical instrument to the aunt is her aunt, meet to should punish her well 南京场子全部关闭2020certainly next time. Meet to should punish her well certainly next time..

"Smile happily, stay to have a meal here today! You just came back, a city and big also before different, eat a meal to make be not frigid zone you ramble everywhere. " the eyes that expect is shown in eye of Liu musical instrument. Shen Huan colour sees bad also to refuse, be forced to agree. Liu Qin hears Shen Huan colour agreed, very glad, say to servant " fast, go preparing lunch. . . . . . Was opposite, smile happily, what do you like to eat? What do you like to eat??

"What is possible, musical instrument aunt, I am not carried feed. I am not carried feed..

"Good, musical instrument aunt calls a person to do a few nourishing to fill well to you. " say, liu Qin pulls Shen Huan colour to ask her these those who pass is good again, although say,have what what needs to help.

Shen Huanyan did not feel irritated, feel instead in the heart very warm, she thinks: Perhaps mom still is in also meet · of · of · · · .

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