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One face doubt asks the clerk: "Young lady, which gentleman is what excuse me you ask? " " Yang Mingxuan " Zhang Wanqing fine lo南京品茶信息网GDng hair says forthwith, the clerk shakes his head express to not be clear about, zhang Wanqing is helpless shake one's head say: "Bale these dish. " took occurrence gold to pay Zhang from purse finally, the clerk has received money to say: "Wait a bit please " went finally, one buttock takes Zhang Wanqing in the solilo-quize on bench to: "Really, oneself a meal did not have, help others buy sheet even, take a meal to eat to others even, really hapless. Really hapless..

At this moment, the clerk walked over to say: "Young lady, this is the small change that seeks you, had closed please. " result money says Zhang Wanqing: "Dish, help bale entirely. " the clerk says: "Good, I go taking a case. " passed a few minutes, the clerk came over, had baled dish, handed finally beautiful blueness, beautiful blueness said sound is thanked later, the clerk says you're welcome asks don't go yet.

A person goes beautiful blueness on the road, carrying the thing of packets of big packet, there is a bit expression on the face, logy, at this moment, the mobile phone ring of beautiful blueness rang, it is a when Yang Mingxuan sends her small letter, write on small letter: "Feel embarrassed forgot settle accou南京喝茶资源群nts, you still are now over there, you are waiting, I paid Zhang immediately. " Zhang Wanqing looks at this article word, very angry, phone Yang Mingxuan directly, inscription a small room put through say: "Beautiful blueness, I arrived immediately on the road. " Zhang Wanqing one face is solemn, a small room says pair of cold Yangming: "You need not come, I had paid cash, dish also baled, you go back! " say Wan Wanqing hanged a phone, accelerated a footstep to go.

"Alas! You are dry! You work often step on my foot! You can dance after all ah you! " in the angry roaring that Cui Yuan comes out in dancing room, wu Xia throws the hand, before w南京殷巷498元做3次江汉路alking along bench one buttock sits down say: "Did not drill, did not drill, experienced 2 hours, experienced fast tired dead! " Cui Yuan goes say before Wu Xia: "You are tired, am I not tired? I already very tired also very be fond of you to know? Inside 2 hours, you stepped on me more than 30 times, when you step on me in front, I do not have phonate, to finally I just say, wu Xia, you after all can dancing? Be of dancing department graduation? Be of dancing department graduation??

Wu Xia listens Cui Yuan so say, waiting for an eye to look at Cui Yuan: "I am of dancing department graduation of course, just the family did not have a meal tonight, abdomen is empty, experienced dance is absent of course condition. " one's voice in speech just fell, mobile phone ring of Wu Xia rang, open the message that looking is Yangming Xuan Falai: "Fast go back have a meal, your friend had come home meal belt, go back at once now eat, not cool, still have, feel embarrassed, this have dinner consumes 867 yuan in all, I forget pay Zhang, beautiful blueness generation pays, later I still can give her money. " Wu Xia sees this paragraph of character stay.

Think in the heart: after oneself leave, is Yang Mingxuan done not have and beautiful blueness a repast? inscription a small room sees I go, did he also go? Final Zhang also did not pay, leave beautiful blueness only a person is over there, the Zhang that is the holder that beautiful blueness pays next? Wu Xia thinks of here terrified lived. Wu Xia thinks of here terrified lived..

Cui Yuan sees Wu Xia is staring at a mobile phone motionlessly to syare blankly, also did not talk to take a bench to sit by Wu Xia, ask Wu Xia: "How? Who gives you the small letter of hair? " this ability has answered Wu Xia the god will say to Cui Yuan: "Oh, it is Yang Mingxuan, he says, beautiful blueness has taken cour全国凤凰楼信息网站se came home, let me go back quickly now. " Cui Yuan nods say: "Tomorrow morning 8:00 come dancing room. " say to go.

Wu Xia did not understand Cui Yuan is what meaning, solilo-quize path: "What meaning? Be to you can let me go? " Wu Xia said to stop a little while, the body took a bag to go since finally, open the door, toward left one abduct, frightened jump, see Cui Yuan is standing to ask with respect to recumbent wall: "How don't you still go? Foolish does the station work here? " Cui Yuan looks at Wu Xia, l南京梧桐夜雨网FDGaughing to go by to Wu Xia, wu Xia backs down at once, blocking Cui Yuan with the hand, cui Yuan still goes forth by the side of edge laugh, wu Xia still is being blocked with the hand, the edge retreats an edge to say: "You, are you dry? Do not come over! Do you want to work? " Cui Yuan stopped a footstep to smiling to say to Wu Xia: "Not so nervous, what won't I do to you. " Wu Xia drops a hand, look at Cui Yuan to say: "Do then you work is those who go so close from me? " Cui Yuan becomes gravity to say from the smile immediately: "Do not think too much, too late now, your person comes home insecure, besides outside still issueing rain, build public transportation inconvenience... " Cui Yuan has not said Wu Xia to grabbing a word to say: "Ah? Rain outside? But I did not carry an umbrella. " the Cui Yuan after Wu Xia says is pulling Wu Xia's arm to go, edge laugh frontier says: "I drive came over, I send you one Cheng! I send you one Cheng!!

Gave dancing room, cui Yuan opens door to make Wu Xia advanced go, after closing, oneself got on a car, leave, on board, cui Yuan asks Wu Xia: "Do you know Yang Mingxuan? " Wu Xia hopes to say to Cui Yuan: " do not know before, just know today, he is the classmate of junior high school of my boudoir honey. " Cui Yuan nods say: "He is like it seems to care you very much. " one face doubt asks Wu Xia: "Who ah? Yang Mingxuan? Just knew how possibly today. " Cui former Leng Leng laughs say " how impossible, go today I come to the hotel receive you to drill, hear say you had not had a meal, make your that boudoir sweet bale to you designedly take, just drill dance still sends small letter to enjoin you to have dinner, is this unidentified is be being placed to care you? " Wu Xia is low head does not say, cui Yuan looks at Wu Xia to say: "You say, does he care you? ? " what Wu Xia is asked is impatient say: "You are in charge of his canal not to care me, the canal is so much dry! " Cui Yuan listens Wu Xia says, turned over a supercilious look, what to say.

Arrived after destination, cui former voice becomes serious to say again: "Be together less with Yang Mingxuan later, follow my experienced dance in dancing room more. " Wu Xia listened after Cui Yuan's word, had turned of head eye glare greatly look at Cui Yuan to ask: "You is this to be in command me? " Cui Yuan corners of the mouth slightly cock says to Wu Xia: "Did not command you, drill which important fool knows dance and friend, tomorrow morning 8:00 to dancing room, still have, must not go seeing Yang Mingxuan. " Wu Xia did not manage he, shut the door to go.

Reached the home, call Zhang Wanqing into the door: "Dear! I came back! " respond to without the person in house, wu Xia cries again again: "Dear! Dear! " still respond to without the person, wu Xia walks into a sitting room, look, see there is a thing on table, ran over, open bag, blow on the face of a fragrance and come, wu Xia knows this is the course that she chooses in the hotel, took double chopstick into the kitchen immediately, took the bowl from bag, sit in locally, very happy say: "Beautiful blueness brings back this affirmation to me. " said to drink a boiling water.

At this moment, beautiful blueness went from the room, stand before table, expression is very earnest, double the back of hand asks Wu Xia at the back: "Be Yang Mingxuan sends what you come back? " Wu Xia stopped to have a meal look up looked at beautiful blueness to hesitate a little while to say: "Not ah, cui Yuan sends me to come back, tomorrow I even... " , "You fasten hypocritically, ? " one face looks at Zhang Wanqing angrily Wu Xia, put the mobile phone before Wu Xia, wu Xia looks at a mobile phone is the small letter that Yang Mingxuan gives Zhang Wanqing to send, yang Mingxuan says above: "I go saying to let her have a meal earlier with Miss Wu, his person comes home not ** needs to have a partner completely. " blueness two tactics holds Zhangwan in the arms together to say: "This is evidence, he says to say to let you have a meal earlier with you, still say to there is a partner on the road, this affirmation is he looked for you in the past, truth says with you, tonight, after you go, yangming highs and did not stay have a meal, money went without Fu Dou, gross 867 yuan, my person pays. My person pays..

Wu Xia logy is looking at Zhang Wanqing to say: "Do really you pay? Yang Mingxuan also sent small letter to say he forgets to me pay Zhang, say you paid, later he gives you money. " Zhang Wanqing says: "Yang Mingxuan likes you for certain, I tell us Zhang Wanqing likes Yang Mingxuan, have a meal this, he is talking with you all the time, you went, he he also went, still bale finally call me to send a meal to eat to you, this affirmation is to caring you, and also Yang Mingxuan sends you to come back tonight. And also Yang Mingxuan sends you to come back tonight..

Wu Xia shakes his head helplessly say: "Yang Mingxuan does not send me to come back, cui Yuan sends me to come back. " Zhang Wanqing turned over a supercilious look to say: "Where is evidence? " the mobile phone is taken from the bag personally since Wu Xia, phoned Cui Yuan to press avoid carry, the phone was connected, the sound that gravity came out inside " look for me what to thing there is? " the voice that Wu Xia heard Cui Yuan says: "Cui Yuan, is today you send what I come back? " Cui Yuan halt say a little while: "Either. " say to be hanged, wu Xia " hello! " , the phone had been hanged, zhang Wanqing Leng Leng laughs say: "See not, either. " Wu Xia calls to Cui Yuan again again, the phone was connected, wu Xia howls Cui Yuan: "You are sick! Dry do not tell the truth. " that Cui Yuan says the telephone call: "How? Is what you ask me I send you to come back dry? " Wu Xia fumbles say: "Not, not dry, want to ask namely just, you, you say is to be returned. " Cui Yuan power cut for ages, just say: "Yes, it is I remand you of the home. " said Cui Yuan to hang a phone.

Wu Xia puts down a mobile phone, had turned the head looks at Zhang Wanqing to say: "Was heard? Yes. " Zhang Wanqing heard Cui Yuan to say yes, him feeling misunderstood Wu Xia what to said finally, go silently there sofa to sit down, wu Xia also goes by to sit together with Zhang Wanqing, wu Xia opens a conversation: "This thing, not be your fault, if Cui Yuan does not pull me to go forcibly, I also won't go, also won't produce such job finally, I am sorry. " Zhang Wanqing listens heard Wu Xia to say to I am sorry, turn the head looks at Wu Xia to say: "Feel embarrassed, misunderstand you. "Wu Xia is laughing to say: "Do not have a thing, our two good still boudoir are sweet! " Zhang Wanqing is laughing to nod.

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