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Blame waiting for a leaf is cold after disappearing in the doorway thoroughly, shen Huan colour also does not hold to again, paralysis sits on sofa, the '' unreal that resembles Chi surprise wind and cloud no longer grinds side '' is helped advocate, and young like what be lovelorn woman student.

' ' help advocate, otherwise. . . You go taking a rest. ' ' dark night says cautiously. Evil spirit is low head dare not say, t南京梧桐网Ahis kind of circumstance need not want to also know Xie Fei is cold follow him to come to here.

Shen Huan colour did not talk, dark night and evil spirit are low head dare not say.

Passed a little while, does Shen Huan colour say rustily ' ' umbra how? Does Shen Huan colour say rustily ' ' umbra how??

'' shadow has南京桑拿梧桐论坛 done not have life danger. Say of '' dark night.

'' hum. Let her rest well. '' Shenyang smiles happily say to shut eye repose.

Evil spirit and dark night are right inspected, very tacit went out stealthily.

Xie Fei is cold those who say is true, he did not go really, stand outside the door.

======================In the evening 7:00=============================

Shen Huan colour did not think of he thinks the repose that close eye was asleep only, sit up, press with the hand temporal.

Dark night just came back from the be punished in the side at this moment, see Shen Huan colour woke, say ' ' side advocate. . . ' '

Look at dark night this appearance, shen Huan colour knows dark night wants what to say to oneself, but fear again oneself appearance, ' ' say, what thing? What thing??

' ' Xie Shao. . . Still stand outside. ' ' the say with dark cautious night.

Shen Huan colour hears the word of dark night, brows is knitted, stand up to look outside beside the window, if really see Xie Fei is cold still stand outside, and outside still raining heavily. See this, what brows of Shen Huan colour knits is closer, say to dark night ' ' he. . . How long 南京梧桐龙凤论坛is the station here? ' '

' ' after Xie南京桑拿梧桐论坛 Shaozi goes out, stand over all the南京场子全部关闭2020 time, move did not move. ' ' dark night tells Shen Huan colour what he sees on monitoring.

Shen Huan colour hears, brows knits can place a fly dead.

Passed a little while, shen Huan colour says ' ' you go driving away him. ' '

' ' be. ' ' say, dark night took an umbrella to go.

Shen Huan colour still stands in window edge to look at Xie Fei cold, do you want me after all how? You can let me cannot bear so the heart is right you such.

Xie Fei is cold see the door is opened, one happy event, but see those who come out is not the person that he want to see, restore again so in that way.

Dark night goes by cold to Xie Fei to say ' ' Xie Shao, you go, help advocate do not interview you. ' '

. . . .

Dark night looks at such leaf blame is cold, visit the place that Shen Huan colour is standing again, say ' ' Xie Shao. . . It is better to I persuade you or leave. ' '

. . . .

' ' hey! "Dark night sees Xie Fei is cold and do not have the consciousness that wants, can sigh to turn back at a heat only.

' ' help advocate, xie Shaota. . . ' ' dark night embarrasses.

' ' travel, I knew, you go down! "Shen Huan colour looks at Xie Fei cold, say.

' ' help advocate you still rest, your this body. . . ' ' dark night has not said, shen Huan colour is interrupted ' ' I know my body, you go down to rest. ' '

Look at Shen Huan colour, dark night knows how he says again trashy can shake his head only, went.

Shen Huan colour looks at Xie Fei cold, what the eye can'ts help is red, cold, you know not to know you such, I will be aching. Look at look at, shen Huan colour cried.

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